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Book Review: Anyone But Him by Different Authors

Anyone But Him by Elouise Tynan, Stephanie Hazeltine, Alison Middleton, and Emma Mugglestone
Book Information

Title: Anyone but him

Authors:Elouise Tynan, Stephanie Hazeltine, Alison Middleton, and Emma Mugglestone

Publisher: Stephanie Hazeltine 

Publishing date: 10/10/2022

Tags:  Short stories, contemporary romance, enemies to lovers, fake relationships, and second chances.

Language: English 

Ratings: 3/5

Book Synopsis (via Goodreads)

Four unlikely couples.

All enemies-to-lovers.

A spicy story collection you need to read.


It’s easy to hate your brother’s best friend when he’s been c***blocking you since college. But when Reed and Jordie discover a scandalous secret about her brother’s girlfriend, they’re forced to put their snarky sniping aside to protect him from heartbreak. And learn just how thin the line is between enemies and lovers…

FIGHT OR FLIGHT by Stephanie Hazeltine

Last time high school enemies Blair and Levi saw each other was in a wedding party that ended in sabotage and pure humiliation. So what happens when they’re forced back together for another wedding ten years later?

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION by Alison Middleton

Being a kick-ass lawyer is tough enough. But what’s a woman to do when you have to work with the sexy college nemesis who broke your heart–and he’s handling your divorce from another man?

FINDING HOME by Emma Mugglestone

Andi Bishop didn’t come to Wyoming to save a horse and ride a cowboy. Which is handy considering prickly ranch foreman Jack Woodruff is determined to scare away the pretty New York waitress who threatens his future at Jawson Ranch. As the fight for ranch ownership heats up and so does their attraction, will they lose more than they bargained for?

Anyone but Him is a short story collection that delves into the enemies-to-lovers trope through the perspectives of four different couples, each written by a different author. 

The book offers a glimpse into the complicated dynamics that arise when two people who initially dislike each other begin to see each other in a new light.

Love Me Like You Mean It by Elouise Tynan

In Elouise Tynan’s story, we are introduced to Jordana and Reed, two individuals whose personalities and motivations couldn’t be more different. When Jordana’s brother brings his girlfriend home, Jordana’s immediate distaste for the woman prompts her to seek out Reed’s help to expose her.

Unfortunately, I found Jordana quite immature and irritating, especially since her dislike of the girlfriend seemed unwarranted and baseless.

Rather than having a genuine reason to dislike her, it appeared that Jordana was threatened by the seriousness of her brother’s relationship and feared that it would impede her ability to act irresponsibly while under her brother’s watchful eye.

The story’s ending left me feeling underwhelmed as well, as the chemistry between Jordana and Reed didn’t quite live up to my expectations. While Tynan’s writing is engaging and the plot is intriguing, I struggled to fully invest in the characters and their motivations.

Fight Or Flight by Stephanie Hazeltine

This story is a perfect blend of enemies-to-lovers and fake relationship tropes.

Blair and Levi have always despised each other, with Blair resenting Levi’s arrogant attitude due to her full-ride scholarship to an ivy league school and Levi being responsible for tampering with Blair’s sports equipment and almost causing her serious harm.

However, when they attend a destination wedding where Levi’s ex is trying to rekindle their romance, they find themselves having to pretend to be a couple. As they navigate the fake relationship, lines begin to blur, and they’re not sure what is genuine and what is just an act.

With a perfect mix of steamy moments and witty banter, this story will surely delight readers who love a good enemies-to-lovers tale with a twist.

Law of Attraction by Alison Middleton

This story really resonated with me. It all started fifteen years ago when Sage and Aiden first crossed paths in a coffee shop. Despite her initial animosity towards him, Sage was drawn to Aiden in a way she couldn’t explain.

Fast forward to the present day, and Sage is recovering from a painful divorce, determined never to let anyone hurt her again – especially not Aiden, who once betrayed her trust.

But when fate brings them back together at the same law firm, Aiden is still harboring feelings for Sage and is determined to win her heart.

Alison Middleton’s skillful storytelling weaves an enemies-to-lovers and second-chance romance that will leave you swooning.

Finding Home by Emma Mugglestone 

Andrea had always believed that her father was dead until a recent ancestry test revealed that her mother had been lying all along. Now, she is determined to meet him, even if it means getting her hands dirty and working at his ranch. 

Jack, who has been working at the Brooks ranch for years with the goal of becoming the manager, sees Andrea as a threat to his aspirations.

However, her determination to stay and uncover the truth about her father proves to be a hilarious challenge for Jack, who tries everything in his power to get her to leave. 

Despite their initial animosity, Andrea and Jack soon find themselves drawn to each other in unexpected ways.

With four different couples and a range of writing styles, you’re definitely going to find one story that you’re going to love.

Whether you’re a fan of steamy romance or witty banter, this collection has something for everyone. So if you’re looking for a fun and engaging read, I highly recommend giving Anyone but Him a chance.

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