10 Anticipated Romance Novels Coming Out in April 2022

New releases! New releases!! New releases! Here’s a list of romance novels to watch out for in April, 2022! From your favourite young-adult romance authors, to debut authors, there are so many new books to read!

Hello there! Just wanted to let you know that I will get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. If you buy something through one of these links, you won’t pay a penny more, but I’ll get a small commission. This is how I sponsor my reading habit, xx

Below Zero

Book title: Below Zero
Author(s)Ali Hazelwood
Expected release date: 5th April, 2022
Genre: Adult contemporary romance

Impressions: This is the third and final installment in the Steminist series by Ali Hazelwood and, this time, we get the story of Hannah who has been working at the frosty terrain of the Arctic. I reviewed Under One Roof (4/5 stars) and Stuck With You (3/5 stars) and I am eager to read this!

She Gets The Girl

Book title: She Gets The Girl
Author(s): Rachael Lippincott and Alyson Derrick
Expected release date: 5th April, 2022
Genre: New adult romance | Sapphic romance

Impressions: The synopsis is super sweet and it gets better: the authors are married! You know a book is gonna be good when co-authors are in sync with each other. The protagonists team up to learn about love and it’s absolutely amazing! There’s the enemies-to-lovers trope, dual POV, and so many laugh-out-loud moments!

Part of Your World by Abby Jimenez

Book title: Part of Your World
Author(s): Abby Jimenez
Expected release date: 19th April, 2022
Genre: Contemporary romance

Impressions: Heaven knows I’m ready to read (and listen!) to anything involving a carpenter and a sophisticated city girl. Bring on the fireworks, people! To add the icing to the cake, it’s also an age-gap romance (woman older than man), set in a small town, and lots of spicy moments. You know you want to read this!!

The Romantic Agenda

Book title: The Romantic Agenda
Author(s): Claire Kann
Expected release date: 12th April, 2022
Genre: Contemporary romance

Impressions: the fake-relationship trope will always get to me. Always. Joy and Fox—the female and male protagonists respectively—team up to show Joy’s love interest what he’s missing. The protagonists discover that love has more than one definition, and while you might not recognise it immediately, you will know when you feel it.

To Marry And To Meddle

Book title: To Marry And To Meddle
Author(s): Martha Waters
Expected release date: 5th April, 2022
Genre: Historical romance

Impressions: “Martha Waters crafts another fresh romantic comedy that for fans of Julia Quinn and Evie Dunmore” – Goodreads synopsis. SOLD! Yes to Julia Quinn and yes to Evie Dunmore. A marriage-of-convinience between opposites occurs and you know ashes won’t be left in their waking.

Go Hex Yourself

Book title: Go Hex Yourself
Author(s): Jessica Clare
Expected release date: 19th April, 2022
Genre: Contemporary romance

Impressions: An enemies-to-lovers, grumpy and sunshine, and a meddling aunt, and…witches? Yes, please. That sound is not a police vehicle alarm. It’s just me squealing because I know this is going to be so so good!

Debating darcy

Book title: Debating Darcy
Author(s): Sayantani DasGupta
Expected release date: 19th April, 2022
Genre: Young-adult romance

Impressions: This is gearing up to be annother brilliant young-adult rivals-to-lovers retelling of Pride and Prejudice. Bonus points because it has Bengali-American rep!

Love from scratch

Book title: Love From Scratch
Author(s):  Kaitlyn Hill
Expected release date: 5th April, 2022
Genre: Adult contemporary romance | Small-town romance

Impressions: A sweet co-workers and rivals romance with lots of sugary fun. I like eating and like it even better when I read about food. Yes, sue me. Grab your copy and watch out for the release date of what promises to be an insane hell of a ride.

Flirting with fate

Book title: Flirting With Fate
Author(s):  Jennifer Cervantes
Expected release date: 19th April, 2022
Genre: Young-adult romance

Impressions: Mexican-American protagonists and a tale about family bonds, the strength of love, and fate sounds thoroughly engaging. I liked the bits about a generational blessing and can’t wait for release date!

With and Without You

Book title: With and Without You
Author(s):  Emily Wibberly and Austin Siegemund-Broka
Expected release date: 19th April, 2022
Genre: New-adult contemporary romance

Impressions: Always Never Yours is my all-time favourite young-adult novel and while I loved that one with all my heart, I’m definitely ready to accept a new book into my heart! I’m screaming for release date. This potentially fantastic novel tackles long-distance relationships and learning to love harder when it seems like love will no longer suffice.

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