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Book Review: Beguiling The Duke by Darcy Burke (Lords in Love #1)

Beguiling the Duke by Darcy Burke book review

I was instantly drawn to Sadie, the female protagonist in the story. She had such a strong presence, and I knew right away that she and the Duke would make an incredible pair. I admired how she didn’t tolerate nonsense and had a tough exterior, yet she still had a vibrant spirit that Lawford, who seemed clueless and stern, desperately needed.

I couldn’t help but smile as he got so riled up on her behalf when her family didn’t show her the care she deserved, but couldn’t stand up to his butler. Their interactions were so entertaining, and I couldn’t get enough.

I love how the initial misunderstanding between Sadie and Lawford wasn’t dragged out, and they resolved it quickly. Their dynamic was so intriguing, with a playful back-and-forth from the moment they met, which gradually gave way to a deep and genuine love.

I particularly enjoyed how it was clear that they had mutual respect for each other. Even though it took Sadie a short time to see past Lawford’s arrogance, she recognized his good qualities right from the start.

Throughout the book, I found myself completely absorbed by the wonderful conversations between Sadie and Lawford. The way they connected and came together, forging a friendship based on mutual respect, was nothing short of amazing, and I couldn’t help but feel a sense of warmth and joy while reading their interactions.

One aspect that gave me pause was the supposed “fake relationship,” which felt like a rather unnecessary addition, especially since the characters openly discussed their arrangement with anyone that cared to listen. It almost seemed like they entertained the idea of keeping up the pretense (or lack thereof) for the sake of drama, and I strongly feel there was a perfect opportunity here for further development. However, this minor flaw didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the story.

The third-act drama, while somewhat predictable, did not detract from the high quality of the book. The fast pace of the story made it somewhat expected, but the way it was handled was skillful, and it did not disrupt the narrative flow. In fact, it added an additional layer of drama and depth to the story, which I appreciated.

Lawford’s decision to split his time between the town and Merrywell felt like a conscientious decision, and I was happy that he and Sadie could come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

In conclusion, this was an excellent historical romance that I thoroughly enjoyed. The captivating characters, well-written dialogue, and engaging plot made for a truly delightful reading experience. The relationships between the characters were beautifully developed, and the conflicts they faced were both relatable and interesting.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a short, satisfying, light-hearted read.

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