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Review: Below Zero by Ali Hazelwood

: Below Zero
AuthorAli Hazelwood
Publisher: Penguin Audio
Publishing date: 5th April, 2022
Language: English
Genre: Romance. Contemporary romance.
Tags: Second-chance romance. Miscommunication trope.
Rating: /5
Reviewer: Preye

Below Zero is the third installment in the Steminist Novellas series. The series follows three female friends in STEM as they navigate life and find their happily ever afters. Below Zero focuses on Hannah, the third member of the group, and Ian, her superior at work.

A quick recap: the first book in the series was a cohabitation romance and focused on Mara and Liam’s story, while the second, Sadie and Erik’s story, leaned heavily on the miscommunication trope and was rather underwhelming for me.

You know that saying about finishing last but then you blow it out of the ballpark? Yes, this is it. I loved this more than any other book in the series. It’s a nice medley of the second-chance romance, co-worker romance, and there’s lots and lots of pining.

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The first book, Under One Roof, was really sweet and all, but I couldn’t overlook how painfully oblivious the female protagonist was to everything happening around her; and, as for the second book, Stuck With You, it felt like the plot was sacrificed to the altar of the miscommunication trope.

This struck a healthy balance and I liked the funny, whip-smart, and totally unhinged female protagonist, Hannah.

Ian, the male protagonist, also had this very unique and refreshing brand of humour and was not too intense to be considered “brooding.” He was obviously smitten from the first time they met and his shyness was so adorable. I loved how the dynamics of their relationship played out and how the middle-ground looked comfy as hell.

Ian’s reminded me of Adam from The Love Hypothesis, so if you enjoyed that book, then you’re probably going to love this one as well. Definitely worth reading.

1. You love Ali Hazelwood.
2. You’ve been thinking about The Love Hypothesis.
3. Adam Carlson is one of your book-boyfriends.
4. You like whip-smart female leads.

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