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17 Captivating Korean Movies to Add to Your Netflix Queue in 2023

Korean cinema is known for its unique blend of heart, humor, and humanity. And nowhere is this more evident than in the incredible selection of Korean movies available on Netflix.

And, if you’re looking for a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between, then you absolutely need to check out some of the best Korean movies on Netflix. Trust me – you won’t be disappointed. 

From romantic comedies to thrilling action flicks, my top picks will thrill and delight you!

Here are some of the best Korean movies available to stream on Netflix in 2023: 

1. Love And Leashes

In the bustling workplace, Jung Ji Hoo shines as a capable and beloved employee. But everything takes an unexpected turn when a mix-up occurs. Enter Jung Ji Woo, who stumbles upon Ji Hoo’s package, which contains a sizable dog-collar and leash. 

Brace yourself for a whimsical journey as these two individuals, with contrasting personalities and preferences, embark on an intriguing and playful exploration of a BDSM romance. 

And, get ready to witness the delightful and provocative escapades of this unlikely pair as they navigate the complexities of their newfound relationship.

2. Tune In For Love

In 1994, as Yoo Yeol takes the mic on the popular radio show ‘Music Album,’ fate intervenes when Mi Soo, a college girl working at a bakery, encounters Hyun Woo.

Like the melodies flowing from the radio, their connection slowly harmonizes. Through a series of serendipitous events, the show intertwines their lives, but the bitter truth eventually drives them apart. 

Fast forward to 1997, amidst the IMF crisis, where they reunite, sharing stories on the airwaves. Love ignites once again, but the timing remains elusive.

This romantic Korean melodrama movie available on Netflix narrates the tale of Hyun Woo’s optimism and Mi Soo’s determination as their paths cross repeatedly, yet destiny plays its unpredictable tune.

3. 20th Century Girl

Bo Ra is a high school student with a kind heart, a black belt in taekwondo, and a passion for broadcasting. When her best friend, Yeon Du, develops a crush on the popular Hyun Jin and leaves for the U.S. to undergo heart surgery, Bo Ra takes it upon herself to keep tabs on him. 

As she gets to know him better, she finds herself falling for him. By the end of this movie, I was in tears, so without spoiling it for you, this drama is amazingly, beautifully, and delightfully nostalgic in all the ways that matter. 

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4. Sweet And Sour

Jang Hyuk is a man who wants it all: love and career success. He’s in a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend, Da Eun, but when he meets Bo Young in a new city, his heart is torn. 

As Jang Hyuk struggles with his feelings for both women, the trio navigates the ups and downs of love and life.

This romantic comedy offers a refreshing take on the complexities of relationships and the emotions that come with them.

5. Wish You

Kang In Soo is a passionate singer who spends his days performing on the streets and dreaming of a successful music career.

But, his talent doesn’t go unnoticed as Yoon Sang Yi, a keyboardist from a renowned record company, discovers his videos and offers him a spot in their rookie discovery project. 

In Soo jumps at the chance and moves in with Sang Yi, but as they spend more time together, they realize their feelings are more than just professional.

This is a beautiful selection if you’re in the mood for a BL Korean movie to watch on Netflix. 

6. Kill Bok Soon

Gil Bok Soon is a single mother with a secret profession: contract killer. She works for M.K. Ent, run by Cha Min Kyu, who trained her to be a lethal assassin. Despite their mutual respect, Bok Soon knows he’s a dangerous person who could ruin her life.

Meanwhile, Min Kyu’s stoic sister, Cha Min Hee, works as an executive at the company, and Han Hee Sung is another skilled killer who goes unnoticed.

When Bok Soon decides to forgo her contract renewal, a life-or-death situation arises, and getting home to her teen daughter will prove incredibly difficult. 

7. Along With The Gods

Kim Ja Hong is a hero who sacrificed himself and entered the afterlife with guidance from his three guardians: Kang Rim, Hae Won Maek, and Deok Choon. 

However, their journey through hell becomes complicated when a vengeful spirit begins causing chaos in the real world.

Ja Hong and his guardians must navigate through the seven trials of the afterlife in 49 days to clear his name and earn a chance to meet his deceased mother again. 

Along the way, they delve into Ja Hong’s past, face challenges, and find meaning and purpose in their quest.

8. Steel Rain

In the not-so-distant future, a military coup unfolds in North Korea, prompting the country’s leader and Eom Chul Woo to seek refuge in South Korea. 

As both nations teeter on the brink of crisis, Chul Woo and South Korean government official Kwak Chul Woo embark on a covert mission to avert a devastating Korean war. 

With stakes higher than ever, they work together behind the scenes, navigating the shadows to preserve peace and prevent a catastrophic conflict.

9. The 8th Night

In this chilling Korean thriller movie available to watch on Netflix, an ancient spirit is revived and begins causing mysterious deaths as it seeks a physical form.

With only eight days to prevent the end of the world, a group of strangers must band together to stop it. 

Among them is a former exorcist who must face the challenge of stopping the resurrection of two malevolent beings who had been sealed away for 2,500 years. 

10. Night In Paradise 

Tae-gu, a mobster, seeks refuge on Jeju Island after losing his sister and niece to revenge killings.

He meets Jae-yeon, a woman battling her own demons, and her arms dealer uncle, Kuto. 

Together, they form a bond, and Tae-gu finds himself falling for Jae-yeon despite her condition.

However, his past catches up with him when his enemies discover his location, and he must fight for his life and the safety of those he cares about.

11. #Alive

In an unexpected turn of events, Jun Woo wakes up to a city in chaos as a mysterious virus ravages Seoul.

The outbreak quickly spirals out of control, leaving survivors stranded in their apartments, cut off from the world with no means of communication. 

With no cellular data, Wi-Fi, or phone calls, Jun Woo and Yu Bin find themselves fighting for survival in an isolated apartment complex, surrounded by the infected.

Together, they must navigate this harrowing situation, relying on their wits and courage to stay alive amidst the chaos and uncertainty.

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12. High Society

The lives of three individuals intertwined by their desires and love are explored in this drama portraying high society.

Tae Joon, a university professor running for the National Assembly, and his wife Soo Yeon, a gallery assistant curator, are at the top of the social ladder. 

Ji Ho, an artist, becomes involved in their lives and a complex love triangle forms, revealing the secrets and conflicts of those who live in the upper echelons of society.

13. Unlocked

Lee Na-Mi, a hardworking marketer at a start-up, leads an ordinary life until she loses her phone and encounters Oh Jun-Yeong, who installs spyware on her device. Unbeknownst to Na-Mi, Jun-Yeong monitors her every move, causing havoc in her personal and professional life. 

As Detective Woo Ji-Man investigates a murder case, he discovers clues pointing to Jun-Yeong’s involvement.

In a shocking twist, Na-Mi and her father find themselves in a fight for survival while Detective Woo Ji-Man uncovers the truth. Brace yourself for an intense and suspenseful journey as secrets unravel and lives hang in the balance.

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14. The Call

Returning home after a lengthy absence, Seo Yeon stumbles upon an old phone and strikes up a conversation with a stranger named Yeong Sook.

Surprisingly, they discover that they live in the same house, but their ages are two decades apart. 

Forming an unlikely friendship, Seo Yeon and Yeong Sook embark on a transformative journey together.

As they navigate their shared time and experiences, a pivotal moment arises, presenting them with a seemingly insignificant choice that holds the power to reshape their lives forever. 

15. Forgotten

Upon settling into their new home, a shocking event unfolds before the eyes of Jin Seok, as his older brother, Yoo Seok, is snatched away.

However, after 19 agonizing days, Yoo Seok miraculously returns but exhibits a puzzling change in behavior. 

Fueled by suspicion, Jin Seok embarks on a quest to uncover the enigmatic truth behind his brother’s abduction and the mysteries that unfolded during those haunting 19 days. 

16. Carter

Amidst a devastating pandemic and a post-apocalyptic world plagued by a violent virus, Carter awakens in a blood-soaked motel room, with no memory of his past.

With armed CIA agents on his heels, he must uncover his identity and locate Dr. Jung Byung-ho, while guided by a mysterious voice named Han Jung-hee. 

Escaping to North Korea, Carter’s mission becomes clear: save his infected daughter, Ha-na, and secure a vital vaccine. Betrayals, fights, and unexpected revelations follow as Carter battles to reunite his family and confront the ruthless General Kim Jong-hyeok. With a daring escape and a perilous train journey, their hope for survival hangs in the balance.

There’s no denying the impact that Korean cinema has had on the world of film. 

And thanks to Netflix, these incredible movies are more accessible than ever before. 

So why not take advantage of this incredible opportunity and discover the best Korean movies available to stream right now?

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