Beta Reading Services

Do you need a professional beta reader?

Hi there, my name is Preye and I love working with authors behind the scenes to develop their stories, make their books more reader-friendly, and have it presented in the most tip-top shape.

I am a professional beta reader and developmental editor with strong knowledge of the market, a proven track record of delivering useful feedback, and I would love to bring this expertise to your project!

Over the course of my career, I have worked with first-time authors as an on-demand consultant, helped authors in developing their queries, and given valuable feedback on finished drafts and works-in-progress(WIPs).

I have worked with both independent authors and those that chose to go the traditional route, so it’s safe to say that I have a great sense of what’s working and what needs to be tweaked in a story.

I deliver honest, constructive feedback nested in a series of actionable steps, and I don’t skimp on details when critiquing a draft.

I understand how important feedback is for authors, and I make it a priority to always deliver on an assignment. In this way, whether you need a chapter-by-chapter assessment of your work, or a reader to take the eagle-eyed approach and analyse the readability of your completed draft, you can be sure that I will come up with the goods.

I read across the genres, so don’t hesitate to pitch your book to me! Fill the form below and we can hop on a quick call or have a chat to determine my suitability for your project, and share any other pertinent information.


1. Spotting plot holes and inconsistencies.
2. Gauging the readability of the manuscript from the viewpoint of an everyday reader.
3. Critique of word choice, use of literary devices, and the consistency of your tone and voice.
4. Assessment of world-building, pacing, flow, sequence, and character development.
5. Flagging stilted/unnatural dialogue.
6. A quick turnaround time.
7. Determining your manuscript’s suitability for the supplied genre and providing useful comp titles.


  1. Annotated manuscript only: For this option, I’ll provide in-line comments and suggestions directly on your manuscript.
  2. Report only: This option includes a comprehensive critique of your story or chapter-by-chapter feedback.
  3. Questionnaire only: This option includes 40+ questions to help you understand your story’s strengths and weaknesses.
  4. A mix of two options: This is if you want a combination of the annotated manuscript and report, or the report and questionnaire.
  5. All three deliverables: If you want all three deliverables.

Note on the questionnaire: Some writers choose to give me their own set of questions, but you’ll find that my dossier is pretty comprehensive, and, together with the written report I will submit at the end of the process, every aspect of your book will be covered.

Do you want to see a sample of my report? Please send an email to, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

All the best,
Preye 🙂

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