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Book Review: Captive by R. J. Lewis

Title: Captive
Author: R.Lewis
Publisher: R.Lewis
Publishing date: February 10th, 2020
Language: English
Tags: forced proximity,
Ratings: 4/5

Captive by R. Lewis is a dark and gripping introduction to the Captive series that will keep you turning the pages. The book explores the twisted relationship between Nixon and Victoria, two characters who are trapped in a dangerous web of lies and manipulation.

Nixon claims to be Victoria’s protector after she sees his crew commit a horrific crime. He vows to keep her safe from harm, but it soon becomes obvious that he has ulterior motives. The attraction between the two protagonists is intense, and their constant struggle was fascinating.

I especially liked the book’s original way of telling the story. That is, it starts in the middle of the story and slowly goes back to the beginning before reaching the end. I was on pins and needles, wondering what will happen next.

The book is mostly narrated by Victoria’s perspective, and her character is well-rounded throughout the story. The way the author has blended the crime element into the main romance is remarkable and I was completely immersed.

While there were some problems with Nixon’s actions towards the end of the book, such as invading Victoria’s home and touching her while she was asleep, the author dealt with it well and it only added to the depth of his character.

All in all, Captive is a brilliant novel that offers steamy scenes and adrenaline-filled moments. The ending is a cliffhanger, and I’m eager to read the next book in the series to see what happens next. If you’re looking for a dark and thrilling read, then Captive is the book for you! 

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