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Book Review: Do Over by Serena Bell

Do Over by Serena Bell
Book Information

Title: Do Over

Author: Serena Bell

Publisher: Jelsba media house

Publishing date: 30th January 2018

Language: English

Tags: Friends to lovers, Single dad, Second chances, and Close proximity

Rating: 4/5

Book Synopsis (Via Goodreads)

I’ve gotten a do over… And I’m determined not to screw it up.

I’m a tough guy. I’m a whiz with power tools, earned my hard hat and work boots the legit way, and can throw a football spiral that makes pro quarterbacks weep. But when Maddie, the mother of my son, shows up on my doorstep in tears, I have zero defenses. I can’t say no to my kid. Or his mom. Never have been able to.

That’s how I make two big impulsive decisions: giving Maddie a bed to sleep in… and climbing in with her. Now I’ve got my kid and his mom living under my too-small roof, and I can’t put the attraction genie back in the bottle.

I always knew I wasn’t the guy anyone wanted as a dad or a husband, and nothing’s changed in that department. But I can’t deny that this time, something’s different.

I just hope that thing is me.

Serena Bell’s Do Over is a charming novel about second chances in love. As a first-time reader of Bell’s work, I was not disappointed with this book. The story moves smoothly from beginning to end, capturing the themes of love, family, and genuine friendship.

The plot follows Maddie, who returns home during spring break after a difficult breakup and reconnects with her childhood friend. They become involved in each other’s lives and begin co-parenting years later. 

When Maddie discovers her boyfriend cheating with her best friend, she is heartbroken and without a home. Her friend offers her a spare room, and their relationship deepens.

The characters are well-developed, and Bell’s writing style is simple yet warm and engaging. Jack’s character is exceptionally well-crafted, with his kindness and sincerity making him easy to root for. Watching him grow and overcome his fears is a highlight of the novel.

The dual perspectives of the characters add depth and allow the reader to experience the story from different angles. The book also features moments of wit and humor, making it an enjoyable read.

Overall, I recommend Do Over for anyone looking for a well-written love story with steamy moments and a child in the mix.

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