New Books To Add to Your Shelves This July!!

New Book Releases July 2022

There are so many new book releases to watch out for in July 2022! From cozy mysteries to women fiction and even salacious contemporary romance novels, there’s something for everybody!

1. Six Ways to Write a Love Letter by Jackson Pearce – 5th July, 2022

2. The Summer of Christmas by Juliet Giglio & Keith Giglio – 05th July, 2022

3. Should I Tell You? by Jill Mansell – 05th July, 2022

4. Witch and Famous by Angela M. Sanders – 26th July, 2022

5. Countdown to a Killing by Tom Vaughan MacAulay – 07th July, 2022

6. Three Little Wishes by Paul Cornell – 12th July, 2022

What do you think? Are you looking forward to any book on this list?

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My name is Preye and I am a time-travelling 15th-century scholar moonlighting as a law student. I'm just kidding—obviously. When I'm neither making boring dad-jokes nor reading, I'm probably watching Korean dramas, and daydreaming. I read across the genres, and, as far as I'm concerned, the only activity marginally better than reading is talking about books.

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