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Review: Along For The Ride by Mimi Grace

Along For The Ride by Mimi Geace5

Title: Along For The Ride
Author: Mimi Grace
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Ebook
Source: Scribd
Rating: ☆☆☆☆/5



Former hot mess Jolene Baxter is committed to doing better. It’s why she offered to help her sister and brother-in-law move across the country. However, her goodwill is tested when last minute changes—mainly her father ditching her for an all-expenses paid vacation—forces her to make the journey with a man who is the human version of a pebble in her shoe.  

Jason Akana operates on lists and bitter coffee, but none of those things will help him on a sixteen-hour trip with the most infuriating woman. Maybe they can get along and forget their heated confrontation five years ago at his best friend’s wedding…when pigs fly.  

But the addition of vehicle problems, an unplanned pit stop in a small town, and chemistry that inconveniently tags along, shifts their perspectives. And once the dust settles after their trip, a tentative friendship emerges. 

Will these two stubborn people successfully navigate the unexpected feelings that follow close behind? Or will they hit a roadblock before reaching happily ever after?

Content Warning:
1. Deceased parent (died long before the start of the book)
2. Verbally pushy person who’s romantically interested in the heroine (NOT the hero)

One minute to appreciate another gorgeous cover. This was illustrated by Leni Kauffman and, as I said when I reviewed Lady August by Becky Michaels, having a beautiful cover is an important step in enticing readers.

Ordinarily,  I stay away from enemies-to-lovers because I find the execution tacky and the whole trope annoying. But, as I said on my Goodreads, my recent reads have been pleading their case. This book is sweet and sensuous and I loved how interconnected the leads were with each other.

Although oftentimes it seemed like the author focused on everything but the actual growth of the relationship, I understand that external events can be instrumental to growth as a person. And particularly influence how we approach our relationships.

The writing is simple, concise, and I especially loved that the characters weren’t so many I wasn’t able to keep up. Jason’s wry wit peppered across the pages made this even more entertaining. I have come to appreciate how this trope features the most open conversations between couples—no hiding, pretending,  or shaming. They come as they are and avoid the initial awkward madness.

I recommend this to anyone that wants a soft read or anyone that loves roadtrip romances.

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