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23 New Romance Books Coming Out In September 2023 To Dive Into ASAP

Best September 2023 new romance book releases to read ASAP

September is about to serve up a delightful batch of romance novels that’ll make you smile, swoon, and maybe even shed a tear or two.

This new month’s romance releases promise heartwarming tales, ranging from sweet beginnings to sweeping love sagas, and you really do not want to miss them!

In this post, I’ve listed 23 new romance novels coming out in September 2023 that you need to add to your to-be-read pile. 

So, whether you’re a die-hard romantic or just looking for a feel-good read, these stories are sure to hit you right in the feels. 

Here are 23 new September 2023 romance book releases to read ASAP: 

1. Full Moon Over Freedom by Angelina M. Lopez – 5th September

In a small town, Gillian, once a perfect wife and mother, returns to break a curse and escape her past. 

She plans to embrace her wild side, aided by Nicky, an artist who’s been secretly in love with her. 

Despite their deep connection, Nicky won’t risk losing her again by giving in to their desires, creating a summer filled with longing and forbidden romance.

2. A Shot In The Dark by Victoria Lee – 5th September

Elisheva, a woman scarred by her past, returns to Brooklyn seeking redemption. 

But her life takes an unexpected turn when she has a passionate one-night stand with a mysterious man who turns out to be her enigmatic photography teacher, Wyatt. 

Both battling inner demons, their undeniable chemistry ignites a forbidden love that challenges societal norms in this heartfelt romance by bestselling author Victoria Lee.

This is one of the most anticipated new romance books being released in 2023, and it promises to be just as swoony as its didactic. 

3. The Long Game by Elena Armas – 5th September

Adalyn Reyes’ well-structured life takes an unexpected turn when a viral video lands her in rural North Carolina, tasked with transforming a quirky kids’ soccer team to redeem herself in the eyes of her father, the team’s owner. 

Amidst tutus, pet goats, and a mysterious goalkeeping prodigy named Cameron, Adalyn faces challenges and budding romance as she embarks on a journey of personal growth and redemption.

Now, she is determined to make the children’s team shine with or without Cam’s assistance, and I just know this one is going to be super fun. 

4. Witches Get Stuff Done by Molly Harper – 5th September

When Riley inherits a haunted Victorian house in Starfall Point, she seeks out a coven for support, but what surprises her is her growing attraction to the town’s head librarian, Edison Held. 

He’s drawn to Riley’s fiery spirit and wants to explore the mysterious Shaddow House with her. 

Together, they’ll uncover the secrets of magic and love in this enchanting tale of romance and discovery.

5. Fly with Me by Andie Burke – 5th September

In “Fly with Me” by Andie Burke, flying-phobic nurse Olive saves a life during an in-flight emergency and ends up stranded at an airport. 

Co-pilot Stella offers her a ride, and they spend a magical day together. 

And, when Olive’s viral video helps Stella’s career, they decide to fake a relationship, but as their connection deepens, it becomes a real, romantic adventure in the skies.

6. The Summer I Saved You by Elizabeth O’Roark – 7th September

Caleb sought solitude by the lake to heal, but he didn’t expect to find a grown-up Lucie, the girl who always felt a connection to him.

Lucie’s determined to rescue him, even amidst life’s challenges, because she’s convinced he’s meant to be hers. 

Their shared history and unspoken connection make it impossible to deny the romantic sparks that still flicker between them.

This is another fantastic September 2023 romance book release that will absolutely have you flipping the pages faster than you can imagine (all with a smile on your face).

7. Body Check by Teagan Hunter – 7th September

Reed Hutchinson’s sole ambitions are captaining the Seattle Serpents and maintaining a single life, but then Auden Sinclair unexpectedly enters his world. 

After a chance encounter during an emergency plane landing, their one-night pact evolves into an irresistible connection, with Auden disrupting Reed’s plans with her wit, intelligence, and an irresistible closeness. 

Despite the forbidden nature of their attraction, Reed finds himself tempted to break the rules for her, setting the stage for a battle he might not resist.

8. Fall of Ruin and Wrath by Jennifer L. Armentrout – 12th September

In a post-apocalyptic world ruled by pleasure-seeking royalty, Calista hides her intuitive talents as a courtesan for the Baron of Archwood. 

When she saves a troubled prince, her instincts warn of both danger and love. 

As the city faces rebellion, she must choose between following her intuition to safety or her heart to potential downfall.

This captivating slow-burn fantasy romance book coming out in September 2023 is really going to be the best of the best, and I just know that this could be an easy fave. 

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9. This Spells Disaster by Tori Anne Martin – 12th September

Potion maker Morgan Greenwood reluctantly agrees to fake date her dream woman, Rory Sandler, at a magical festival. 

What started as a charade begins to feel real, and Morgan fears she may have accidentally given Rory a love potion. 

To break the spell, she must keep pretending and prove their incompatibility, but with each passing day, Morgan finds herself falling for Rory.

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10. Salt Kiss By Sierra Simone – 12th September

In this super-steamy September 2023 romance release, Tristan, a former soldier, is adrift until he becomes the bodyguard of Mark, the enigmatic owner of an exclusive club. 

Despite Mark’s dark and amoral nature, Tristan is irresistibly drawn to him. 

When asked to guard Mark’s bride-to-be, Isolde, on a journey from Ireland, Tristan discovers a fascinating connection with her, leading to a forbidden romance that unfolds amidst the complexities of Mark’s world.

11. Thank You for Sharing by Rachel Runya Katz – 12th September

Daniel and Liyah’s feud from their childhood camp rekindles during an unexpected plane encounter. 

When Daniel’s job brings him to Liyah’s workplace, sparks fly as they navigate career pressures and rediscover their shared Jewish heritage. 

Amidst tension and camaraderie, their unresolved feelings resurface, hinting at a possible romantic connection in Rachel Runya Katz’s enchanting debut, “Thank You For Sharing.”

This new romance book coming out in September 2023 promises to be sweet and dizzying, and I have a good feeling that Runya Katz would absolutely deliver on that promise. 

12. Witch of Wild Things by Raquel Vasquez Gilliland – 12th September

Sage Flores returns to her hometown, haunted by her family’s magical curse, and partners with her high school heartbreak, Tennessee Reyes, in a botanical quest. 

Despite her resistance, old sparks rekindle as they hunt for rare plants. 

Their love blooms like a summer storm, both electrifying and unstoppable amidst the enchanting world of flora.

13. The Name Drop by Susan Lee – 12th September

In the heart of New York City, Elijah and Jessica, two interns with a shared Korean name, decide to switch identities for the summer. 

As they navigate mistaken identities and corporate challenges, their connection deepens into a passionate romance, risking everything for love and a chance at happiness in the bustling city. 

Will their secret stay hidden, or will their futures be forever changed by this whirlwind summer affair?

14. Cleat Cute by Meryl Wilsner – 19th September

When star athlete Grace Henderson gets sidelined by an injury, she unexpectedly forms a passionate “friends with benefits” connection with Phoebe Matthews, her lively rival. 

Phoebe idolizes Grace and soon realizes there’s more to their connection than just teammates. 

As they strive to play together and not just compete, sparks fly on and off the field, leading them to question if their bond means more than making the roster for the upcoming World Cup.

Cleat Cute is yet another fantastic new sapphic romance book release for September 2023 that I just know will be amaze-balls. 

15. Tempt Our Fate by Kat Singleton – 21st September

Pippa, a small-town baker, meets the arrogant city billionaire, Camden, who opens an art gallery next to her bakery. 

To help her town, she strikes a deal: she’ll cater his grand opening, and he’ll spend a day as a local. 

Unexpectedly, they both discover new sides to each other, igniting a forbidden attraction that leaves them wondering if love can bridge their worlds despite the risky allure of their connection.

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16. Three Holidays and a Wedding by Uzma Jalaluddin and Marissa Stapley – 23rd September

As strangers on a turbulent flight to Toronto, Maryam and Anna unexpectedly open up about their hopes and fears. 

Little do they know that fate will bring them together with Maryam’s love, Saif, and Anna’s holiday romance at Snow Falls Inn. 

Amidst snowbound adventures, Maryam finds the courage to embrace Saif, while Anna discovers unexpected love, making this the perfect holiday destination for their hearts.

17. Faking Christmas by Kerry Winfrey – 26th September

Laurel Grant, a city girl who manages social media, gets mistaken for a farm owner by her boss Gilbert. 

To keep her job, she pretends to be a rural expert and invites her nemesis Max to pose as her husband at a holiday dinner. 

As a snowstorm traps them together, Laurel must navigate this unexpected romantic twist while preserving her job and dignity, making it a Christmas filled with surprises and possibilities.

This Christmas romance novel is one of the best romance books coming out in September 2023, and I have a good feeling that it’s going to be super good. 

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18. Time to Shine by Rachel Reid – 26th September

Landon, a shy hockey goalie, is called up to the big league and shares a house with the charismatic superstar winger, Casey. 

Despite their differences, Casey’s warm nature melts Landon’s reserve, and they develop a close bond that turns into a sweet romance during the holiday season. 

But with Landon’s time in Calgary ticking away, their love faces an uncertain future.

19. The Christmas Wager by Holly Cassidy – 26th September

In the charming mountain town of Maple Falls, Bella’s goal is to buy a failing Christmas shop, but Jesse, the shop owner’s grandson, stands in her way.

They agree to compete in holiday games to decide the selling price, sparking a fiery rivalry. 

As the competition unfolds, their icy demeanor melts, leaving them wondering if it’s love or just part of the holiday game.

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20. Wrapped with a Beau by Lillie Vale – 26th September

Elisha, a determined film liaison, is set on revitalizing her hometown with a sequel to Sleighbells, even if it means pretending she has permission to film at the historic Christmas house. 

Ves, a reluctant homeowner with holiday baggage, never planned to stay, but Elisha’s charm starts melting his resistance. 

Despite their differences, their growing connection might be the perfect recipe for a heartwarming holiday romance in Piney Peaks.

This beautiful and heartwarming romance novel is set to be released in September 2023, and it really does feel like this author is going to go above and beyond our expectations. 

21. The Ex-Mas Holidays by Zoe Allison – 26th September

When Maya and Sam unexpectedly reunite while working in the Scottish Highlands over Christmas, their initial discomfort slowly melts away. 

As they uncover hidden truths about their past heartbreak, the snowy slopes become the backdrop for a second chance at love that neither saw coming. 

This festive tale of rediscovered feelings warms the wintry air with a hint of holiday magic, and if you love a swoony second-chance romance book, you absolutely need to check this September 2023 romance book release out. 

22. The Wake-Up Call by Beth O’Leary – 26th September

In the chaotic holiday season at Forest Manor Hotel, Izzy and Lucas, initially at odds, must work together to save their crumbling workplace. 

When Izzy finds a lost wedding ring and sparks a plan to rescue the hotel, their rivalry transforms into something deeper. 

As they strive to rescue the hotel and their jobs, they also find themselves entangled in a romantic journey, wondering if love is the true miracle they seek.

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23. Kiss And Spell by Celestine Martin – 26th September

In a magical town called Freya Grove, Ursula, a witch, dreams of a fairy tale ending. She’s selling crystals and telling fortunes while waiting for her lost magic to return. 

Then, she becomes friends with Prince Xavier, who’s cursed by the Faerie Queen. 

They team up to find a kiss that can break the curse, all while dealing with their strong attraction to each other.

And, there you have it – I’ve just listed 23 new romance novels coming out in September 2023.

If you like to be ahead of the fold and you’re keen on checking out any of the new romance offerings this month, these September 2023 romance book releases are the best place to start. 

Let me know in the comments if there’s something you’d like me to see, and check out the related posts below (or any of the links in this article) for more amazing book recommendations. 

Happy reading!

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