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Book Review: Talon by Carian Cole (Ashes & Embers #4)

Talon by Carian Cole
Book Information

Title: Talon
Author: Carian Cole
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: Audiobook
Source: Scribd
Rating: 3/5

Book Synopsis (via Goodreads)

My best friend has a habit of trying to fix all my problems—whether I want her to or not. But when she approaches me with an application to join a marriage experiment, I think she’s finally gone too far.

She’s right, though—my heart (and other body parts)—have been woefully neglected during my three years of singlehood and endless bad dates. I love my cat, but at twenty-five years old, I’d like to settle down with a great guy and start a family.

After some serious soul-searching, I take the biggest leap of faith in my life and agree to marry a total stranger.

I asked for a stable, funny, smart, clean-cut, caring, family-oriented man. But when I get to the altar, I find a guy covered in tattoos with wild hair and a sexy, panty-melting grin waiting for me.

Talon Valentine. A rock star. A famous rock star.

I wanted to run. So did he.

But we stayed and said our vows, determined to commit to the experiment.

We fought. We laughed. We cried. We went from not being able to stand each other to not being able to keep our hands off each other. To our surprise, we fell in love.

But then tragedy struck, cracking our fragile foundation, leaving us wondering how this six-month marriage experiment would end.

Will one—or both of us—choose to get divorced, or will we finally get the happily ever after we both dreamed of?

I had the opportunity to listen to an audiobook on Scribd, but it was far from an enjoyable experience.

The male voice actor’s attempts at voicing female characters were grating and unconvincing, causing me to cringe every time they spoke.

Moreover, Talon, one of the main characters, proved to be quite vexing. His consistent irritation of Asia, the female protagonist, coupled with his reckless treatment of her, made for painful reading.

Talon’s behavior was characterized by petulance, inconsideration, and an overbearing nature that was hard to endure.

However, Asia also had her faults, including being self-centered, indolent, and impatient.

Despite her eagerness to push Talon into certain situations, she was unwilling to compromise with him.

Misunderstandings plagued them at every turn, and a stronger person might have given up on the book entirely.

The titular character’s “I-don’t-care” attitude quickly became tiresome, and I found myself increasingly annoyed with the way he handled his personal affairs.

The premise of the book was that both characters were desperately seeking a happily-ever-after and had signed up for a program to be matched with “the one.”

However, from the outset, Asia’s behavior was unpleasant and Talon was condescending, both feeling as if they had been misled into joining the experiment.

So, you’d think that when people are on a quest for love, they’d be willing to at least be civil to each other and try to find some common ground.

But, in this case, it was like trying to mix oil and water – these two just couldn’t get along! They bickered, fought, and hurled insults at each other non-stop. I swear, the only thing they didn’t do was spit on each other!

Now, I’ve read all the other books in this series, but I was hesitant to dive into this one because of its low rating. And, well, let’s just say that rating was spot-on!

This book was a real headache to get through with all the incessant arguing and toxic behavior.

But, despite this one rough patch, I still love the series overall. This rockstar family had me laughing, crying, and daydreaming like crazy! It’s been a wild ride, but I’m glad I stuck it out to the end.

To be completely honest, I didn’t really enjoy this book, so I can’t wholeheartedly recommend it to others.

I feel like I can only recommend books that I genuinely enjoyed and believe others would enjoy as well.

However, if you’re a fan of rockstar romance series or if you enjoy reading about tough and tattooed biker dudes falling head over heels in love, then go ahead and give this book a shot!

Who knows, maybe it’ll be right up your alley even if it wasn’t quite my cup of tea.

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