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Book Review: The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close

The Hopefuls by Jennifer Close

Book Information

Title: The Hopefuls

Author: Jennifer Close

Publisher: Knopf

Publishing date: May 30th 2017

Language: English

Tags: Political fiction

Ratings: 3/5

Jennifer Close’s The Hopefuls tells the story of Beth Kelly, a young woman who is married to a highly ambitious political figure. In 2009, after a grueling election campaign, Beth’s husband secures a job in Washington D.C., and she must leave behind her beloved family and home to accompany him, despite her strong dislike for the city.

The author does an excellent job detailing the intricacies of an election campaign and how personal ambition can take a toll on relationships. The book explores themes of friendship, ambition, and personal identity, mostly through the perspective of Beth. However, I would have appreciated hearing the thoughts of other characters, particularly Ashleigh.

What I enjoyed most about the book was its exploration of the complexities of personal relationships. Beth’s relationship with her husband is constantly tested by his ambition, while her friendship with Ashleigh is strained by jealousy and competition. The book also provides insight into the high-pressure world of politics, where personal ambition often comes at a cost to personal relationships.

One thing that some readers may find off-putting is Beth’s unlikable nature. She is often critical of others for things she is guilty of herself, which can be frustrating. Additionally, the book is character-driven, and those looking for a fast-paced plot may find it slow-moving.

Overall, The Hopefuls is a well-written book that provides valuable insight into the world of politics and personal relationships. Though it may not be for everyone, readers who appreciate character-driven stories and complex relationships will find it to be a compelling read.

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