Park Bo Young’s New Drama, NK Boys Jailed, & Other K-Drama News For 23/02/24

I’ve compiled the best Kdrama news from all around the web, and everything you need to stay updated with the latest Kdrama-related news. 

1. Park Bo Young confirmed to star in new webtoon K-drama by Moving writer – Hindustan Times 

“This upcoming drama brings together Park Bo Young’s charm with the fantastical storytelling of the acclaimed writer Kang Full, promising a spellbinding blend of mystery, romance, and a touch of the supernatural.”

Bo Young is one of the most fantastic actors of this generation and I’m so, so pumped for this new drama.

Also, Moving was epic and whatever comes from our writer-nim is definitely going to be amazing!

2. Yeon Woo Jin Is An Ace Detective In Upcoming Mystery Thriller Drama – Soompi

“Yeon Woo Jin will play Kim Tae Heon, a stubborn detective in the Violent Crimes unit. Kim Tae Heon, who once loved Seo Jung Won (Kim Ha Neul) passionately in the past, reunites with his ex-girlfriend due to a mysterious murder case and winds up going through a whirlwind of emotions.”

If you watched Daily Dose of Sunshine, Judge v. Judge, Queen For Seven Days, or Introverted Boss, you probably know how amazing this lovely actor is and I’m so pumped to watch this drama. 

3. Netizens Voice Their “Disappointment” At A Clip From K-Drama “Marry My Husband” For The Most Unexpected Reason – Korea Boo

I haven’t caught up with the latest episode, but apparently, there was a rather unwanted transition just when we were about to get Na In Woo’s visuals. 

Lord knows I’ll be just as pissed if this happens, but I’ll wait and see haha. 

4. North Korea: Rare footage shows teens sentenced to hard labour over K-Drama – BBC

Welp! I hope they’re okay and that they’re released soon – watching Kdramas shouldn’t be a sin!

Apparently, they had been watching Korean dramas and if you watch the video in the link, whoever is in the background is condemning them 🙁

Check back tomorrow to see the latest news and don’t forget to get one or two new Kdrama recommendations. 

Happy watching!

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