Top 20 Amazing Slice of Life Chinese Dramas to Binge-Watch Right Now

If you like watching Chinese dramas that can make you smile, cry, and happy enough to celebrate the simple joys of life, then you’re probably going to enjoy the slice-of-life genre.

And, if you’re a fan already, get ready because I have some solid recommendations for you. 

Slice of life dramas are amazing because they feature ordinary people living ordinary lives and facing ordinary challenges.

While these ones admittedly have a slower pace than other dramas, most slice-of-life dramas feature the most stellar character development without any exaggerated elements. 

From exploring bustling city streets to immersing yourself in the peaceful countryside, these dramas will quite literally make you feel like you’re living a fictional character’s life and you’re going to emerge from the fog longing for more – trust me on this!

So, sit back, relax, and find your next obsession! The slice of life Chinese dramas on this list have strong storytelling, relatable characters, and the depictions of everyday life are nothing short of amazing. 

Here are 20 realistic and inspiring slice of life Chinese dramas that will keep you hooked:

1. Be Yourself

This amazing Chinese drama follows four women with completely different personalities who enter university and embark on a transformative journey.

If you enjoy Cdramas about female friendships in the slice-of-life genre, then you don’t want to miss this one.   

Xia Lang Lang, a logical tomboy, discovers her softer side and the possibility of romance; Huang Fu Shu Min, known for acting cute and dependent, realizes that university could grant her independence; Fan Xiao Yu, an intelligent beauty, seeks freedom and romance as she ventures into the business world; and Yang Jia Qian, appearing mature beyond her years, reveals her hidden thoughts and feelings now that she’s free from her family’s watchful eye.

2. The Coolest World 

Teng Xiao Xiao has always dreamt of winning the prestigious Pulitzer Prize.

Working tirelessly at a magazine, she poured her heart into her writing, but when the magazine gets bought out, her efforts are overlooked, and she’s left as a mere intern. 

Starting from scratch, Xiao Xiao faces the daunting task of rebuilding her career.

Alongside dedicated colleagues Duan Chong and Lu Mang, they navigate a rapidly changing industry, blending new and traditional media.

With unwavering determination, they strive to make their dreams a reality.

3. Go Ahead

Three troubled youths form an unbreakable bond, creating their own family as they navigate through life’s challenges.

Ling Xiao, He Zi Qiu, and Li Jian Jian find solace in each other, offering the love and support they lack at home. 

Despite graduating and returning to their original families, they reunite after nine years, but the scars of their past still haunt them.

I loved this amazing slice of life Chinese drama because the nuanced character development quite literally had me teary at the end, and I absolutely think you’ll enjoy it as well. 

4. Children’s Hospital Pediatrician 

In the captivating tale of two doctors, Tang Yujia and Shen He, love blossoms amidst secrecy.

Married but unable to reveal their relationship, they face a predicament when Tang Yujia’s father sets her up on a blind date with Yu Xi. 

Determined to be honest, Tang Yujia confides in her father about her connection with Shen He, but only as dating partners.

Unfortunately, her father insists on their separation.

Amidst the challenges of love, life, and family, they’ll have to brave the odds in order to stay together or their love story will end. 

5. To Fly With You

In this sports Cdrama, Shen Zheng Yi, a passionate ice-skater, defies her mother and joins the Zhu Feng Sports Club to pursue professional short-track speed skating.

Despite lacking experience, she faces physical and mental challenges, eventually earning a spot in the club.

Yet, new obstacles emerge: mastering techniques, teamwork, and her mother’s opposition.

Uncovering a past incident involving Zheng Yi, her mother, and coach Zhuang Yue adds further complexity.

With support from her friend Shao Beisheng, she overcomes hurdles, gains her team’s trust, and becomes a surprising contender in the competition.

And, a profound bond forms with Zhuang Yue as two generations of speed skaters fiercely pursue their dreams.

6. Youth

In their shared house, five college students embark on a journey of life and love.

Han Yi Tong, Ni Jin, Chen Chen Chen, Lin Xiao Chun, and Zhang Sheng Nan form a close-knit group as they navigate university together.

Facing various challenges, they must rely on each other to overcome obstacles and thrive. 

Youth is another slice of life Chinese drama with an ensemble cast that manages to capture the beauty of everyday life with many thought-provoking scenes and sub-plots that address social issues. 

7. Timeless Love

Cheng Feng, a bookshop owner, relinquishes her dancing dreams after an accident.

Along her path, she encounters Jiang Dian, a seemingly cold-hearted young man burdened by family expectations.

Despite their individual struggles, they find solace in one another, supporting each other’s growth and healing. 

Based on He Zhong’s web novelZhui Guang“, this heartfelt story explores the transformative power of friendship and the resilience of the human spirit.

8. I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You 

In a captivating twist, high school student Li Jin Bu finds herself transported 20 years back in time to meet her own mother in her younger days.

The inseparable duo, Li Jin Bu and Li Qing Tong, quickly form a deep bond and embark on a heartwarming journey together. 

Despite their generational and personality differences, they encounter amusing and endearing situations.

Through this extraordinary experience, Li Jin Bu gains a profound understanding of her mother’s resilience and courage, forging an unbreakable connection that transcends time.

This slice of life Cdrama definitely delivered on everything from the comedic elements to the beautiful cinematography while showcasing the personal growth of every single character. I honestly cannot recommend this drama more. 

9. Standing In The Time

Li Xiao’s journey in the publishing world intertwines with her quest for love.

Despite starting in the wrong department, Li Xiao impresses her boss, Qian Wen Feng, who assures her a chance to transfer to the editorial team.

Facing the intense workload and high expectations, Li Xiao’s optimistic attitude helps her navigate the challenges. 

Along the way, she meets writer Zhou Zi Mo, and their connection blossoms into a romantic relationship.

Li Xiao’s pursuit of her career and love intertwine in this captivating story.

10. Second Time Is A Charm

A divorced mom and a single dad’s lives intertwine, creating a heartwarming story of two families coming together.

An An, a resilient and bubbly young mom, faces life’s challenges head-on as she strives to achieve her dreams.

Xu Lang, a talented lawyer in his thirties, unexpectedly becomes a single dad after a car accident. 

Their paths cross, disrupting their once-peaceful lives.

Through misunderstandings and shared experiences, these two families learn from each other, nurture one another, and ultimately find love in the process.

11. Love Is Sweet

Love is sweet cdrama

Jiang Jun, a young woman allergic to tears with dual degrees in economics and psychology, strives to fulfill her father’s dying wish by working in a top investment company.

In this competitive environment, she reunites with her childhood friend Yuan Shu Ai, who is now her rival.

Amid plots and challenges, Jiang Jun’s kind nature, attention to detail, high emotional intelligence, and judgment pave the way for success in her career and love life.

12. If Time Flows Back

Bai Zhi Yong, Huang Jiu Heng, and Lan Tian Yu, three men scarred by heartbreak, embark on an invigorating quest for healing.

Determined to leave their failed marriages behind, they converge upon a bustling city, brimming with possibility. 

There, amidst the bustling streets, they chance upon the enigmatic Jiang Xiao Mei. Bound by shared pain, their connection deepens, forging an unbreakable bond.

Together, they traverse the tumultuous tides of life, lending unwavering support in times of turmoil.

13. Just Take A Nibble

In the realm of youthful dreams, Hao Yuan, a spirited dancer, and Xia Chu, a culinary virtuoso, form an alliance at school.

Hao Yuan, brimming with cheerfulness, has nurtured her dance aspirations since childhood, even undergoing a rigorous diet to perfect her craft. Xia Chu, a top student, excels in the culinary arts. 

United by their love for food, they study together with a group of energetic peers and gradually forge lasting friendships.

Their journey unfolds with passion and unity, celebrating the diverse flavors of life.

This is another amazing slice of life Chinese drama with a narrative bent you’ll love if you enjoy romantic Cdramas with strong leads, many relatable themes, and chock-full of heartwarming moments. 

14. Love Is Not For Sale

In the bustling world of Qunxing Supermarket, Xia Duoduo shines as an intern clerk with her brilliant intellect.

Though her EQ may be a work in progress, she remains determined to rise above and secure a well-deserved promotion. 

With the supermarket facing tough times, Xia Duoduo joins forces with store manager Wang Qiang and intern store manager Zheng Mo on an exhilarating adventure to save the day.

Alongside her loyal best friend Si Si, they encounter hilarious misunderstandings and unexpected attractions.

As sparks fly between Xia Duoduo and the charming Zheng Mo, a lively sibling rivalry adds a pinch of excitement to the mix.

Get ready for a whirlwind of laughter, love, and career dreams in this captivating tale!

15. There Will Be Fireworks

Ling Xiao, Tan Yue, Rao Shikai, Ning Xue, Ning Yu, and their friends embark on their respective career paths, encountering unexpected love along the way.

Ling Xiao defies his father’s opposition to pursue his dreams, while Tan Yue sparks a secret romance with Chen Hao. 

Zhao Xiaonan’s return from studying abroad ignites a newfound understanding of love.

With determination and resilience, these spirited individuals carve their paths to success, love, and ultimate happiness.

16. Under The Sun 

Bai Can Lan, a fearless HR executive, navigates her job with precision, while embracing the role of a young and loving wife with her own set of rules.

Zhao Yang Guang, an IT genius with irresistible looks and sharp intellect, brings his all-around charm and occasional stubbornness to the mix.

In this slice of life Cdrama, this married couple tackle the joys and challenges of everyday existence while on an exhilarating journey filled with heartfelt moments, genuine friendships, and the pursuit of success. 

17. With You

Geng Geng is a high school student on a quest for self-discovery, and amidst adjusting to a new family, she tackles school challenges and battles loneliness.

On her first day, she meets a cute boy Yu Huai, becoming fast friends. Even rebellious Lu Xing He confesses his love. 

With each day, school becomes more enjoyable. But when it ends, will she choose her longtime crush or the one who was always there for her?

This heartwarming high-school Chinese drama is adapted from the web novel “With You” by Ba Yue Chang An, where love and friendship intertwine in unforgettable ways.

18. Ode To Joy

Ode to Joy follows five remarkable women who reside on the 22nd floor of a Shanghai apartment complex.

With their diverse backgrounds, personalities, and careers, they initially clash but soon become close friends and neighbors. 

Together, they navigate the thrilling ups and downs of their professional and romantic lives, supporting each other through challenges and fostering personal growth.

This slice-of-life Chinese drama is filled with excitement, laughter, and many inspiring moments.

19. The First Half Of My Life

Zi Jun is a thirty-seven-year-old housewife living a peaceful life who is unaware of the cracks in her marriage until her husband unexpectedly asks for a divorce, and she is caught off guard. 

Despite her efforts to save their relationship, she finds herself at a crossroads.

With the support of her best friend Tang Jing and Tang Jing’s boyfriend He Han, Zi Jun decides to reenter the workforce.

Tang Jing, a career-focused woman, adds a unique dynamic as she navigates He Han’s romantic affection for Zi Jun. 

20. Ten Years Late

This Chinese drama follows the lives of six young individuals with different backgrounds and outlooks as they navigate the challenges of building a life in a big city. 

Jin Ran leaves a high-paying job abroad to pursue love and his dreams as the Chief Operating Officer of a tourism company, reuniting with his first love, Yuan Lai.

Career-driven Xu Xin Yi’s path crosses with professional gamer Ding Ang, leading to unexpected twists.

Lawyer Zhao Cheng Zhi clashes with intern Shen Shuang Shuang, bringing excitement to his routine.

So, if you need a dose of heartwarming entertainment that will leave you feeling inspired and uplifted, look no further than the Chinese dramas on this list, and let yourself be carried away by their charm.

If you’re in the mood for some more Chinese dramas, check out the related posts below.

I have it on good authority that you’ll love one (or all) of the dramas in these recommendation posts, so go wild!

Happy watching!

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