When Do We Get Eun Ho & Hee Yeon’s Story? | Marry My Husband Chronicles #1

I’m done with this week’s episode, but one thing still bothers me: the romance between Hee Yeon and Eun Ho hasn’t started yet.

As far as we know, the series is supposed to have only 16 episodes, but we’re now at episode 10, and they haven’t even had a personal conversation.

There was one night when she went to his restaurant to pick up Yoo Ji Hyuk, her drunk brother, and she mentioned later about him driving them home, but we didn’t see this drive, and there’s been no hint of anything happening between them.

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I understand that Korean dramas often change plots when adapted from webtoons, but removing a whole romantic storyline is unusual.

Given the screen time they’ve had, I still expect a romance between them, but it might not be fully explored before the end.

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I’m excited to see what happens because they seem well-suited and could be a great pair.

With everything that has happened, I can’t even imagine Min Hwan and Su Min being the second leads, so it’s likely Eun Ho and Hee Yeon will be the second main couple – It’s rare in Korean dramas to not have a second lead couple.

I mean, where else have we seen a boy who likes cooking and a girl who likes eating not end up together? I’m excited to see what happens between them.

What do you think? Are Eun Ho and Hee Yeon a good match, or would you prefer if their storyline is scrapped?

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