10 Historical Chinese Dramas Based On True Life Events To Watch Now

The best feeling ever is finally discovering what inspired your favourite Chinese drama. 

And when it turns out to be based on real-life people who existed at one point in history or based on events that took place at one time or the other, shivers. 

In this article, I’ve listed 10 amazing historical Chinese dramas, which are all based on actual past events that were recorded. 

1. Story of Yanxi Palace

Set in 18th century Beijing, this drama revolves around Wei Ying Luo, a maid who investigates her sister’s death in the Forbidden City. 

As she rises through the ranks, she discovers many palace conspiracies while protecting Empress Fuca Rongyin.

This drama follows the life of Emperor Qianlong’s consorts and empresses through Lady Wei’s eyes and you’ll get to see the ups and downs of what goes on behind the scenes when a person transcends their societal level. 

2. Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace

Following the real life of Empress Hoifa-Nara, the second wife of Emperor Qianlong, this drama shows us her journey through the treacherous politics of the imperial harem, even after becoming empress.

3. Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan

This historical Cdrama is based Zhen Huan, a concubine of Emperor Yongzheng, who transforms from a kind-hearted girl to a power-hungry Empress Dowager who must survive candals and betrayals while maintaining her power. 

4. Scarlet Heart

In this drama, a modern woman time travels to the Qing dynasty and gets entangled in the succession dispute between the princes of Emperor Kangxi.

5. Rule the World

Merging two historical stories, this drama portrays the life of Borjigit Harjol, a Mongolian princess married to Huang Taiji, and the legend of the Old Maiden on the North Border.

6. The Empress of China

This historical drama based on true life events follows the life of Wu Zetian, the only female emperor in Chinese history.

She ruled during the Tang Dynasty, and it shows everything from when she enters the imperial harem to the many false accusations she had to endure while rising to power. 

7. Legend of Lu Zhen

Lu Zhen rises to become a female prime minister in the Northern Qi dynasty while navigating politics and a romance with Emperor Gao Zhan.

8. Sound of the Desert

Set in the Han dynasty, this historical Cdrama revolves around a love triangle between a female warrior, a general, and a prince and the aftermath of rejection.

9. The Imperial Doctress

This Chinese drama is based on the real life of Tan Yunxian, a female physician in the Ming dynasty who was the granddaughter of the famous doctor Tan Yanzhi, and her somewhat complex relationship with Emperor Zhu Qi Zhen and his brother.

10. Nirvana in Fire

This drama follows Mei Chang Su’s revenge plot after the unjust execution of his family in the Liang dynasty. 

With a changed appearance, he strategically aids Prince Jing in court politics, and you’re going to love just how thrilling this epic drama was.

Have you ever written anything that was based on actual events? Which of these historical Chinese dramas based on real life will you give a chance? Let me know in the comments.

The related posts section is filled with so many amazing Chinese dramas waiting to be watched, so don’t hesitate to make sure to check them out.

Happy watching!

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