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Thoughts On Soo Min’s Fake Pregnancy | Marry My Husband Chronicles #3

With everything that happened in episode 10 of Marry My Husband, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say episode 11 might literally make the entire planet shake.

For those who haven’t watched the previous episode and for those who have, let’s refresh our memory. 

Towards the end of episode 10, everything concerning Su Min and Min Hwan starts unravelling. Our Girl Ji Won was simply looking at everything, and even though some things she hadn’t planned, everything was sort of working in her favour, and it was amazing to see.

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There was the whole thing about the news getting out that both of them had been having an affair behind her back. So, basically, because it disturbed the workplace and all that, both of them were punished – Michael was demoted while Jessica was fired from the company.

What actually shocked me at the end of episode 10 was how Su Min and Min Hwan’s past mistakes came back to bite them. If you remember in episode 9 or 10, they had been told to handle an event at one of their shopping malls, a food-tasting event, but then they got sidetracked and went to a storage room to talk. 

Things got out of hand, and they forgot to put up the banner that states the allergies and what people should be aware of. Unfortunately, a customer then took one of their products and had a severe allergic reaction.

In true fashion, both of them were upset that the patient was disturbing their good time, but when they went to the hospital, they decided to settle it without reporting back to the office about what had happened.

I thought this was going to stay hidden forever, and that the producers had put this in as just a moment for them to bond in their mutual wickedness, but we finally saw that the secret came out, and the castigation became even worse.

With both of them being forced out of their workplace, Su Min was clearly spiralling and didn’t know what to do. If you remember from the earlier episode, we learned that Su Min is very good at mimicking Ji Won’s handwriting, and that’s exactly what she did when she was cornered. 

She quickly created a fake account with Ji Won’s name and then wrote a letter basically saying that everything they were accusing Su Min and Min Hwan of was wrong and that the incident about the allergic patient was just a money grab.

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The patient wasn’t having it because they had actually let it slide on the grounds that Min Hwan and Su Min had already paid them some compensation. 

So when they came to U&K to confront the poster, they asked for Ji Won and slapped her the moment they met. When she saw the letter, she immediately knew that this was Su Min’s handiwork.

Luckily, at this moment, Su Min was just carrying a box with all her belongings and leaving the premises, so Diana just went and grabbed her and made her apologise to the couple.

But while she was on the ground, she started doing that fake baby cute thing to try to make Ji Won forgive her, and then she basically blurted out that she was pregnant.

We don’t actually see what happens at that moment, but I assume that Ji Won just simply leaves her there on the ground, and later Su Min just considers the way she can’t believe that Ji Won would have left her. 

Because ordinarily, even if the whole world was against her for doing something weird or something negative, Ji Won had always stood by her back. So at this point, she knows that it’s very, very serious.

If you guys remember in episode 9 or 10, Su Min tried to have a conversation with Min Hwan about what they will do with the future. That was when the issue about Min Hwan’s cheating had just come out, and she tried to tell him, “Well, you know, it happens, we fall in love, we can move on, it happens like that.” 

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But Min Hwan wasn’t having any of it, and he basically told her to her face that she wasn’t marriage material and how the hell did she ever think he would want to marry her.

So at the moment when Su Min told Ji Won that she was pregnant, Min Hwan was somewhere watching everything go down. Remember that he needs the money from his mother in order to settle his debts and his mother had promised to give them money if they get married, so to him, the pregnancy changes everything, and now he feels like he can now move ahead and get married because now it seems he has a good chance of turning his luck for the better.

What is really mind-puzzling about this is later on, Ji Won is thinking, and then she thinks about what Su Min’s game is because as far as she knows, Min Hwan has a condition that prevents him from ever having children, although at this point he isn’t aware of it. So that means Su Min must have an ulterior motive for lying about her pregnancy.

From the preview of the next episode, we see Su Min trying to buy a pregnancy test online, and then basically, she’s gloating on her wedding day about how she has everything that Ji Won owned or owns. But then we still see that she looks incredibly miserable, and that’s just pathetic.

Anyway, I genuinely feel that Su Min is approaching maniac levels of wickedness because the plotting, the fake pregnancy, and the water incident on Ji Won’s birthday — I really can’t think of a way the writers will try to redeem this character. And I know they will try because this is a Korean drama after all. 

I really think there’s something to Su Min’s obsession with Ji Won, though, and hopefully we can find out more about it soon. Even as a villain, I like that she’s very much focused on Ji Won, because there are always entirely too many men-focused female villains out there. 

I genuinely think that the conversation Ji Won had with Ji Hyuk, where Ji Hyuk basically told her that she feels bad whenever she stands up to Su Min because she isn’t the kind of person who would watch something bad happen to some other person. I genuinely feel this is foreshadowing that she might then intervene to stop the bad fate from happening to Su Min.

Anyway, this is all conjecture on my part, but my brain is literally buzzing, and I really want to know what you guys think about Su Min right now. Do you think there’s a chance she might change? What do you guys think is her reason for doing all this craziness? I saw a few theories flying in the comments of a TikTok edit, but there’s a whole LOT to go through. 

So, guys, let me know what you think in the comment section below, and if you’ve read the webtoon, you can send me a private message because I don’t think there’s a way you can blur it in the comment section. But let me know if there’s something we are missing here.

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