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Romantic Turkish series to watch

27 Absolutely Stunning Turkish Series for Romance Lovers

If you are a fan of romance, comedy, and drama, then you’re definitely going to love the twenty-seven romantic Turkish series in this post. 

And, if you’re keen on exploring their diverse and beautiful culture, history, and nature, these amazing series are going to have you in your feels from the very first episode. 

As someone who only started watching Turkish dramas this year, I can tell you for a fact that they’re just as good as everyone says, and once you start, you’re going to get hooked!

Here are the most romantic Turkish series you should watch right now:

1. Hercai

In a bid to get vengeance for the murder of his Parents, Miran Aslanbey seduces and tricks Reyyan Şadoğlu (the daughter of his enemies) into marrying him.

While Reyyan is hesitant at first, she gives in because she has come to love and trust Miran. 

What follows is a build-up of passion and love as Miran unexpectedly falls in love with Reyyan, and suddenly he finds himself being tugged in two directions — between his blooming feelings for Reyyan and his deep hatred for her family. 

2. Kara Sevda

Nihan and Kemal’s story will make you believe in love – the unending kind (this is the English translation haha).

When they initially met, they were at completely different stations in life – he was a poor boy trying to make it and she was a carefree artist from a rich family. 

Their lives got entangled by pure luck and their romantic relationship started.

But, through a disastrous stroke of fate, Nihan traded her relationship with Kemal for her brother’s freedom, and the two parted ways in the saddest way possible. 

They then reunited years later, and, boy, they were still just as in love with each other.

If you want a romantic Turkish drama that will make you feel the power of love in all your crevices, then this is it. 

3. The Promise

This was one of the first Turkish series available on YouTube I watched and I loved it. 

In this series, Reyyan a sweet and calm girl is brought from her little hometown to the city by her late mother’s friend, Hikmet, who had been diagnosed with a fatal illness, and his last wish for Reyyan was for her to act as a glue in his family, and she would only be able to do this if she married his reckless son. 

Emir, Hikmet’s son didn’t care for the agreement and his mother downright abhorred Reyyan, so they tried all they could to push her out of the house.

The story unfolded as Emir and Reyyan navigated a relationship they wouldn’t have picked for each other and still managed to grow to love each other. 

4. Sefirin Kızı

This is one of the romantic Turkish dramas which, while long, I gobbled up in a few hours. Just like Kara Sevda which I mentioned earlier, Sefirin Kızı or The Ambassador’s Daughter chronicles the relationship between two people from different stations in life falling in love with each other.

Nare, played by the beautiful Neslihan Atagül, is the titular Ambassador’s Daughter who comes on vacation to a small island where she meets Sancar (Engin Akyürek), and they fell in love.

They fought every step of the way for their happiness and it culminated in a marriage that was, unfortunately, short-lived as Nare had to leave on their wedding night. 

She had been raped by her foster brother, but Sancar, whom she loved and thought she knew, didn’t believe her and claimed she had been unfaithful. 

They then met again years later under very unfortunate circumstances and let me tell you, it was so explosive. This is one drama you absolutely have to watch. 

5. Adini Sen Koy

In this romantic Turkish series about a fake relationship, Ömer Kervancıo (Erkan Meriç), a wealthy businessman hires Zehra Kaya Kervancıoğlu (Hazal Subaşı) a poor woman to enter into a contract relationship with him in order to appease his sister whom he cares about a lot. 

Jaded from previous relationships and his strenuous relationship with his mother, he doesn’t trust women, so he’s befuddled when he finds himself caring more about Zehra every day. 

6. Kazara Ask

This Turkish series had me laughing a couple of times, and I can confirm for you that it’s great. Şimal and Civan, the female and male leads respectively, come from different backgrounds and have different plans but they have one goal  – to make their family respect and acknowledge them. 

So, when they’re thrust into each other’s paths by a sheer stroke of luck, they decide to heat it up by faking a relationship so that everyone takes them seriously.

I won’t lie, this drama made me wheeze an uncomfortable number of times. It’s that good.

7. Strawberry Smell

I don’t want to tell you much, but Asli and Burak’s relationship practically redefined the enemies-to-lovers trope in Turkish series.

If you’re in the mood for a Turkish series featuring fierce personalities who clash about any and everything, then you’re going to love this. 

The way their love bloomed was amazing and there was a healthy dose of twists in this drama. While they were evidently different people with very different personalities, they found a way to make it work and it was as if fate was connecting them.

They disliked each other fiercely, but what actually set the ball rolling was when Burak begged her to get into a fake relationship with his cousin to save face with his girlfriend.  

With a vibrant set of side characters and romance that’s equal parts cuddly and endearing, Strawberry Smell is one of those absolutely romantic Turkish series you absolutely do not want to miss. 

8. Love Out Of Spite

This is an office drama with the enemies-to-lovers trope where Defne and Yalim meet after the most bizarre encounter in the company parking lot. Their connection is intense and their attraction was almost palpable. 

They were kind of at odds with each other at the beginning even though their mutual hidden like was evident, and the story evolved as they dodged office politics, family interference, and their own humane weaknesses.

9. Dolunay

Ferit Aslan is a perfect and picky businessman who hires Nazli Pinar, a spunky chef student, to cook for him. They clash at first, but then they flirt, and you know how that goes. 

Nazli also adores Bulut, Ferit’s nephew, but Ferit has to fight for his custody with his evil sister-in-law Demet and her husband Hakan.

Nazli’s sister Asuman makes Ferit lose custody when she colludes with Demet, and Nazli feels bad but can’t tell Ferit. 

He’s mad when he eventually finds out, but they fake a marriage to help him get Bulut back.

Things get messy when Deniz, a musician and Ferit’s brother-in-law, falls for Nazli and Demet tries to use him against Ferit. 

10. New Bride 

Bella is a rich, educated girl who dreams of a fairy tale prince. She meets one at university: a Turkish tribal heir. So, she marries him and goes to his home, ignoring her parents’ fears. 

She expects a happy life, but she gets a rude shock when she realizes that as the new bride – which is official speak for ‘lowest in the family’ – she has to be a maid and follow orders. She is the New Bride, the lowest in the family. But Bella is smart and independent. 

11. Kalp Yarası

When Ferit catches his fiancée kissing his best friend, he high-tails it to town where he meets Ayse.

Soon, he manages to talk her into a sham marriage, and they agree to act like a happy couple for six months and then divorce. 

They get married amid the shock and opposition of both families and Azade, Ferit’s mother, disowns Ayse, and Hande, his ex-fiancee won’t back down. 

12. Mr. Wrong. 

After dumping her cheating boyfriend, Ezgi needs a new place to stay, so she moves in with her cousin and finds out that her neighbor is Ozgur, a handsome and wealthy guy who lives in the same building.

He helps her out when she gets drunk one night, and they strike up a unique friendship full of banters.

But Ozgur is not the prince charming that Ezgi dreams of. He is a notorious womanizer who doesn’t believe in love or marriage, so Ezgi’s friends tell her to stay away from him and focus on finding a good man.

Ozgur has other plans, though. He proposes a deal to Ezgi: he will teach her how to attract men and she will act as his fake girlfriend to keep his mom off his back, and the drama unfolds as they navigate a fake relationship and learn more about each other. 

13. Kan Çiçekleri

Dilan and Baran are trapped in a forced marriage to end an old feud. Dilan lost her dreams and hopes, while Baran had to give up his freedom.

His uncle, who covets his fortune, plots to reignite the conflict. 

Can they overcome their differences and find love in this stormy relationship? Or will they remain prisoners of their fate?

14. Bir Ada Masali

Haziran, a fast-paced city girl, and Poyraz, a hardworking man who enjoys the simple things in life, star in the enchanting Turkish romcom, Sandal Agaci. 

When Haziran visits her ancestral island for business, she encounters her long-lost relatives and the handsome Poyraz.

And as co-owners of a hotel, the pair learns to work together and appreciate each other’s talents and strengths. 

Along the way, they face challenges and personal growth, navigating the constantly changing tides of life and relationships. 

15. Siyah Beyaz Aşk

In this lovely romantic Turkish series, we follow the story of Dr. Asli, a dedicated and caring doctor who finds herself in a dangerous situation after inadvertently helping a mafia leader, Ferhat. 

Ferhat initially wants to kill her but changes his mind upon learning that Asli’s brother is a police officer. He offers her a choice: marry him and take his last name or die.

Asli finds herself in a toxic family, but she keeps her calm and tries to navigate her way through the marriage. As she gets to know Ferhat, she discovers his wounds are not on the outside, and she falls in love with his real self.

16. Kalp Atişi

Eylul is an 18-year-old rebel who can’t seem to catch a break. She’s been kicked out of school after school for her aggressive behavior and can’t find compassion from her parents.

But when Eylul moves in with her grandmother in a small town, everything changes. 

She meets Ali, a teacher who also happens to be a successful doctor, and he transforms her from a troubled teen to a compassionate doctor.

Eylul’s dream is to become a doctor like her grandmother, but when tragedy strikes, she sets out to find out what went wrong. 

17. Poison Ivy

Macide, is a young woman who’s a psychology graduate and works at a private company. She lives with her mother, who has a gambling addiction, causing some problems between them.

Despite this, Macide tries her best to maintain a good relationship with her mother. 

However, she isn’t happy with her job and wants to become a healer like her father.

So, she takes the brave step of quitting her job and heads to Istanbul for a healing training course to discover if she has healing power.

On her journey, she meets Ahmet, a wealthy young man who falls in love with her at first sight, but Macide is not interested. 

18. Recipe of Love

Firat is a successful chef who lives a happy life until his fiancée abandons him on their wedding day after seeking advice from “Dr. Love,” a manipulative TV host. 

Firat seeks revenge by trying to win the heart of Dr. Love’s fiancée by working at her French restaurant, despite their opposite approaches to life. This upbeat tale shows that sometimes there’s no recipe for love.

19. Sol Yanim

Serra is a responsible and beautiful architecture student who takes care of her mother and works part-time to support their living expenses.

One day, a misunderstanding leads her to cross paths with Selim, the most popular and wealthy student in school. 

Despite their initial conflicts and different backgrounds, they start studying together and discover each other’s good sides. However, their relationship creates disputes among their friends and families. 

If you’re in the mood for a romantic Turkish series that takes place in a university, then you’re going to love this one! Complete on YouTube with English subtitles, you’re in for a lengthy binge-watch once you’re ready!

20. Cati Kati Ask

Aysen, a fashion design student, is raised by a loving family after being abandoned as a baby.

When the family falls into financial difficulties, they must come together to overcome their challenges. 

Enter Ates and Yasemin, who must pretend to be a married couple to rent the family’s penthouse, leading to unexpected romances and personal growth. Will Aysen and Ates’ differences keep them apart or bring them together? 

21. Coban Yildizi

In this gripping tale, we follow Zuhre’s journey as she tries to escape a forced marriage to an older man in Cappadocia. Seyit, a young and honest stone master, becomes her ally and helps her flee from her father.

However, their escape is short-lived, and Zuhre is taken by the Karakaya family, the wealthiest and most feared family in the region. 

Despite her objections, Zuhre is made to marry the family’s patriarch, Fikret, who is much older than her. Zuhre’s wedding night takes a dark turn, leading to a series of events that put her and Seyit in grave danger.

The story takes us from Cappadocia to Istanbul as they try to evade the ruthless Zekkar, Fikret’s son and a powerful nightclub boss.

22. Ask Laftan Anlamaz

Hayat, a young and happy girl living in Istanbul, must find a good job to stay in the city.

During an interview for a multinational textile company, she is mistaken for someone else and lands the job as the assistant of the company’s heir, Murat. 

Despite their differences, they fall in love. This Turkish romantic comedy explores whether their relationship can survive once the truth about Hayat’s identity is revealed.

23. Kiralik Ask

Defne, a simple waitress who finds happiness in life’s little pleasures, faces a daunting challenge when her brother is taken by the mafia for debt repayment.

To save him, she must find a significant amount of money in a short time. 

Meanwhile, Omer, a wealthy but disciplined shoe store owner, seeks to escape an arranged date and kisses Defne to make his date think she is his girlfriend. 

When Omer’s aunt-in-law sees their scheme, she proposes a deal that will change Defne’s life: become Omer’s personal assistant, make him fall in love with her in six months, and save her brother.

24. Senden Daha Guzel

Efsun, a young dermatologist in a cozy village, is suddenly tasked with running her estranged mother’s beauty clinic in Istanbul for three months or lose her home. 

Despite clashing with arrogant surgeon Emir, Efsun tries to adjust to city life and the world of plastic surgery. 

25. Azize

Set in Antakya during the French occupation in 1934, Aziz Payidar, a successful carpet seller, faces a tragic incident that forces him to flee his hometown.

Two years later, he returns to find his life turned upside down. 

With his father gone, his possessions sold, and his lover engaged to another man, Aziz fights against injustice and cruelty to become a powerful man in the community.

The story explores his quest for forgiveness, truth, and justice, as he decides whether to cooperate with or fight against the French occupation.

26. Baht Oyunu

Ada is a young woman who believes in the superstition that she must marry her first love to be happy.

She falls in love with an Albanian student named Ruzgar and makes sacrifices to keep him in Turkey, but is eventually abandoned by him. 

After suffering a series of misfortunes, Ada starts working as Bora’s assistant and tries to win Ruzgar back.

This romantic story follows Ada’s romantic journey and her attempts to balance her love and faith.

27. Ask Mantik Intikam

Esra is a gorgeous girl with a practical goal: to marry a man with a steady income. She knows the pain of poverty too well from her father’s failed businesses.

She sets her sights on Ozan, a genius engineer and her longtime crush, who lives next door.

They wed and settle into a comfortable life until Ozan drops a bombshell: he quits his job. He has a passion to develop a groundbreaking software and build his own company.

Esra is devastated and terrified. She takes on multiple jobs to keep them afloat while Ozan struggles with setbacks.

Esra suffers a miscarriage from the stress and decides to end her marriage. She conceals her loss from Ozan and claims she never had feelings for him.

They go their separate ways. Esra moves back to her parent’s house and works as a waitress. Ozan secures funding for his software and launches Milenyum Soft, his dream company.

I hope I’ve been of help! Turkish series are genuinely so, so, so good, and I’ll forever sing this song from the top of the rooftops. 

If you’re looking for something different to watch that’s still going to give you all the feels, then you should pick one (or 20) of the dramas on this list. 

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