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Best romantic Turkish drama about forced marriage to watch

10 Must-Watch Forced Marriage Turkish Dramas to Binge This Weekend

If you’re like me and you can’t resist a good love story with a twist that only draws the leads together eventually, Turkish dramas are where it’s at.

And, in this post, I’ve listed 10 Turkish dramas about forced marriage that I’m absolutely sure you’ll love. 

These dramas are big hits all around the world for a reason, and if you have a soft spot for heartwarming yet intense shows about couples pushed into marriages they never saw coming, these dramas will keep you hooked.

So, sit back and get ready to be thrilled! 

Here are the 10 best forced marriage Turkish dramas you need to watch ASAP: 

1. Room Number 309

After a wealthy man’s death, his video message promises his company share to the first grandchild who marries and has a child. 

So, the parents arrange blind dates for their kids to win the fortune.

Onur, compelled by his mother, meets Lale during one such date, and a wild night of drinking in a hotel room follows, but they part ways without memories. 

Later, Lale realizes she’s pregnant and marries Onur for the inheritance, planning to divorce after the birth. 

But, they fall in love, raise their son Emir, and stay together.

This is one of the most beautiful Turkish dramas about forced marriage because fate brought these two together in a marriage they ordinarily wouldn’t have chosen. 

2. Siyah Beyaz Aşk 

Doctor Aslı unintentionally aids a mafia leader and witnesses something she shouldn’t. 

Realizing her mistake, she discovers he intends to eliminate her, but when the mafia leader, Ferhat, learns she has a police officer brother, his plans shift. 

To avoid escalation, Ferhat presents Aslı with a choice: marry him and adopt his surname or face dire consequences.

Siyah Beyaz Aşk is arguably one of the most popular forced marriage Turkish dramas on this list, and it’s a wonderfully romantic mafia drama on its own – you’ll love it!

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3. Hayat Şarkısı

Hayat şarkısı

Bayram and his childhood friend Salih, raised in Işıklar Village, planned to unite their children Melek and Kerim, to mend a past conflict. 

Despite moving to different cities, they kept their promise, and when Kerim graduates, Bayram takes him to Salih, who now has two daughters. 

The families agree on the marriage, but Melek and Kerim have their own dreams, and though they find solutions, Hülya, Salih’s daughter, has other plans that catch everyone by surprise.

You’ll enjoy this Turkish drama with forced marriage if you’re in the mood for a drama that brings together love, family, and an unexpected romance.

4. The Promise

Hikmet brings his niece Reyhan to Istanbul to marry his son Emir, and reluctantly, Reyhan agrees due to Hikmet’s illness. 

Emir resents the marriage but later falls in love with Reyhan, but challenges arise, including Cemre’s manipulations and threats. 

Reyhan eventually takes a job and faces danger due to her pregnancy, and Cavidan’s schemes are exposed, leading to tragic events involving Cemre and Gulsum. 

Amid these various twists, Emir and Reyhan’s relationship evolves, and I genuinely loved how whipped they were for each other once they admitted their feelings. 

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5. Prisoner of Love

The stories of Ömer and Zehra, two contrasting personalities from different worlds, come together in an unlikely situation. 

In a bid to grant his dying sister’s last wish, Ömer agrees to marry Zehra, even though they are poles apart. 

Their unique journey unfolds through a temporary six-month contract marriage, where Ömer must pay Zehra the requested amount for her companionship.

This is yet another superb forced marriage Turkish drama about characters in a marriage that’s far from ordinary and that shows love can conquer even the trickiest situations. 

6. Fatmagul

Fatmagül Ketenci, a naive girl from a village, plans to marry her childhood love, Mustafa. 

But when a group of wealthy young men, including Kerim Ilgaz, come to her village for an engagement party, Fatmagül is gang-raped. 

Kerim marries her to protect his friends and Fatmagül’s family moves to Istanbul, and Fatmagül despises Kerim, believing he raped her, despite him not actually being involved. 

The story unfolds with complexities involving legal battles, harassment, and the evolving relationship between Fatmagül and Kerim.

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7. The Pigeon

This Turkish drama follows Zulf, trapped in a desolate well, who’s saved by Kinan, but his true identity shocks her. 

Kinan, once captivated by Zulf’s beauty, now faces a transformed reality, and a crime from fifteen years past resurfaces, affecting both families. 

The Pigeon is one of the best Turkish dramas about forced marriage to watch, and it’s also available on YouTube with full English subtitles.

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8. Yalı Çapkını 

Halis Agha, the head of the Korhanli family, builds a jewellery business from scratch, so he’s authoritarian and makes final decisions. 

Despite health issues, he lets his son Orhan take over but remains involved, and soon, Ferit, Halis Agha’s grandson, returns from the US after forced studies. 

Unlike his obedient brother Fuat and his father Orhan, Ferit is carefree, so Halis Agha arranges Ferit’s marriage to Suna. 

But Ferit falls for Seyran, Suna’s sister, and Kazim, Seyran’s dad, agrees. 

And while Suna worries about societal judgment, Seyran worries about her education. 

Either way, Kazim’s thrilled to be linked to the Korhanli family, and I can tell you for a fact that this forced marriage Turkish drama is just as good as it sounds. 

9. Love Makes You Cry

Ada’s life takes a harsh turn when her mother dies and she’s taken in by her mean uncle. 

A 19-year-old now, she serves her uncle and aunt while her wages support his greed, but things worsen when her purse with her mother’s letter is lost, and her uncle sells her to a gangster. 

A hitchhiker finds the purse, and his friend Yusuf, an orphan, returns the letter to Ada, and he persuades her to escape her uncle’s plans. 

With Yusuf’s help, Ada flees to Istanbul, experiencing new emotions like love and courage on her journey from village life to the city.

10. Perfect Groom

Melike is a young and clumsy girl from Turkey living in Germany. 

She moves to Istanbul to be a journalist but struggles with money, so she lies to her family about her job and a fake fiancé. 

Truth is that she has a crush on a doctor named Mehmet, and when a funny sequence of events presents an opportunity, she takes it – she blackmails Mehmet into agreeing to fake a relationship with her.

You can watch this funny and romantic Turkish drama about forced marriage on YouTube with complete English subtitles, and I just know that you’ll love it!

And, there you have it – I’ve just listed 10 of my favourite forced marriage Turkish series that will stun you.

Give them a try if you’re looking for a new Turkish drama to fall in love with that will keep you glued to your device for hours. 

Also, don’t forget to check out the related posts below if you want some more drama recommendations!

Happy watching!

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