Top 15 Enemies-to-Lovers Turkish Dramas You Need to See Now

I’ve been knee-deep in Turkish dramas for quite some time, and I have to say the best ones always feature a couple who absolutely hate each other and then come together at the end. 

These are the leads who literally can’t stand each other in the first few episodes, but by the end, they’re so lovey-dovey and sweet they could make your teeth ache. 

In this article, I’ve listed 15 enemies to lovers Turkish dramas where the leads hate each other at first, but they eventually fall in love and it’s intense as hell. 

Here are 15 enemies to lovers Turkish dramas that will keep you glued to your screen: 

1. Sen Çal Kapımı

Eda is a flower-loving young woman with dreams of studying in Italy. 

When her scholarship is canceled by Serkan Bolat, heir to a company, she’s left with only her passionate dislike for Serkan. 

Somehow, they end up cuffed together, and after Eda sees Serkan’s true colors, they strike a deal: she pretends to be his fiancée and he helps reinstate her scholarship. 

What follows is a complicated fake engagement that challenges them both, and it was so lovely watching the both of them surrender to the flames of love after hating each other intensely.

2. Siyah Beyaz Aşk

This is another amazing Enemies to lovers Turkish dramas that follows Ferhat, a tough hitman haunted by a tough past, and Aslı, a kind-hearted surgeon with big dreams. 

They’re like polar opposites, so they’re always at each other’s throat, and one day, fate brings them together when Aslı saves the life of a man Ferhat shot. 

To stay safe, Aslı ends up marrying Ferhat, even though they’re totally different, and as they navigate power struggles, they’ll have to find a way to get along. 

But Ferhat’s not used to a normal life, and the drama unfolds as we see what happens when a lifesaver like Aslı ends up with a guy who’s used to taking lives.

Siyah Beyaz Aşk is another beautiful Turkish drama with hate to love and it’s also super, super popular because of the passionate love story between the leads which is anything but ordinary. 

You can watch Siyah Beyaz Aşkz as well as other interesting Turkish dramas on YouTube with full English subtitles. 

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3. Yalı Çapkını

Halis Ağa owns a big jewelry business and heads the Korhan family, and he wants to find a good wife for his reckless grandson Ferit. 

Meanwhile, in Gaziantep, news of this surprises Kazım’s family, and they hope to get rich by marrying off their daughters, Suna and Seyran. 

Ifakat chooses Suna for Ferit, but Ferit falls for Seyran instead, and this choice leads to changes and challenges within the family.

4. Emanet

Emanet follows Yaman, a successful businessman who finds it hard to love due to his tough childhood. 

The only person he cares about is his young nephew, Yusuf, and when Yusuf’s mom passes away, his aunt Seher, a brave and beautiful woman, comes to look after him. 

At first, Yaman and Seher clash because of his distant attitude, but eventually, they both fall in love. 

And, Yaman starts dealing with his past and makes a surprising discovery – the cop investigating his family is actually his unknown half-brother.

I’m not kidding when I say Yaman and Seher hated themselves fiercely in this must-watch hate to love Turkish drama. 

One time, she managed to kidnap her nephew and he ordered them to find her dead or alive and bring in his nephew unharmed – intense or what??

5. Üvey Anne

Üvey Anne” is a story inspired by real events, and it follows Faruk Gencer who’s a single dad, looking after his kids after his wife passed away. 

He finds comfort in his assistant, Serap, who actually has her own plans, but she accepts the job to take care of Faruk’s kids, whom she knows well. 

As for Serap, she used to live nearby, and now she wonders why she can’t have a better life, so she sees Faruk as a chance to improve her situation. 

Even though she never thought about marrying a man with kids, she’s determined to win Faruk’s heart and become a part of his family despite their constant clashes. 

6. Baht Oyunu

Ada, a young girl, fears unhappiness like the women in her family if her first love abandons her. 

One day, she meets Rüzgar, a student facing deportation, and they fake a marriage to save him, and when they fall in love with each other, they start dating for real. 

Ada believes he’ll truly propose on their 3rd anniversary, but he leaves her, shattering her dreams. 

And, while looking for her first love so that she doesn’t miss out on her happiness like the woman in her family, she meets Bora, a work-focused, self-assured man who seems distant from love.

Initially, everything about them is fractious and they didn’t get along, but they soon fell in love, and this is genuinely one of the sweetest and most romantic enemies-to-lovers Turkish dramas you can watch right now. 

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7. Aşk Yeniden

Two young people from different backgrounds meet on a flight to Istanbul, and they decide to help each other out by pretending to be married.

Fatih wants Zeynep to act as his wife to avoid an arranged marriage, and Zeynep wants time to tell her family about her baby. 

They team up to support each other in their tricky situations, even though they don’t particularly like each other. 

8. Guneşi Beklerken

Zeynep is a strong teenage girl who moves from a small town to a big city with her mom. 

She starts a new school, makes friends, and stands up for herself, and even gets into a fight with a guy named Kerem, the owner’s son. 

Zeynep catches the attention of her PE teacher, who used to be her mom’s crush, but things get tricky when a girl named Melis, who’s not happy about her dad’s attention to Zeynep, teams up with Kerem to make Zeynep’s school life a nightmare.

9. Bizim Hikaye

Bizim Hikaye is about Filiz, a strong sister caring for her younger siblings after their mom leaves, and they face challenges, including their dad’s drinking. 

A guy named Barış enters their lives, falling for Filiz, but she’s unsure about love, and complications arise from a police officer’s feelings for Filiz. 

This enemies to lovers Turkish series follows their struggles, love, and family dynamics, and I absolutely recommend it if you’re looking for something interesting to watch. 

10. Vatanim Sensin

Wounded Love is about a really sad hero from the past who couldn’t save his family from falling apart. 

There’s also a woman who had to pick between her family and being herself, and the story shows how a nation gets a fresh start.

11. The Promise

Reyhan, a simple and caring country girl, agrees to marry Emir, the son of her family friend Hikmet, who’s worried about his son’s reckless behavior. 

Emir, a rebel who likes taking risks, plans to make Reyhan’s life miserable to prove a point to his father. 

But as he sees Reyhan suffering, he starts to question his plan and realizes he wants to punish his father instead. 

Along the way, Reyhan discovers Emir’s softer side, and they both develop feelings for each other.

Reyhan and Emir absolutely loathed each other so much in this Turkish series about hate to love, and I can tell you for a fact that it’s really as good as it sounds – don’t miss it!

12. Strawberry Smell

Asli, a talented cake maker, has a cake mishap with a guy named Burak, a rich playboy. 

She then loses her job, but her friend offers a job in Bodrum, and they find a hotel job, not realizing Burak owns it. 

I like to say that Asli and Burak literally invented this genre, and I don’t think I’m wrong – their dislike for each other was so fierce and I loved watching them fall in love. 

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13. Aşkin Tarifi

Fırat, a kebab restaurant chef, faces a life-changing moment after a TV advice from Doctor Love. 

Seeking revenge, he goes to a French restaurant, rekindling his passion for cooking and finding love with Naz, the owner. 

And, as he mixes Oriental and Western flavors, he discovers that love can’t be found in a cookbook. 

14. Love Out Of Spite

Defne, a successful recent graduate, joins Arass Technology as a computer engineer, and gets into a mishap with her boss on her very first day. 

On the morning of her first day, she argued with her brother over her outfit, so she had to change her outfit in the parking area.

That’s where she meets the CEO, Yalin, who pretends not to be, and to prove herself after being late, Defne solves a code problem but later resigns upon realizing Yalin’s identity. 

Yalin apologizes but is caught by her brother, and their disagreements just kept on piling up in this absolutely amazing enemies to lovers Turkish dramas. 

15. Senden Daha Guzel

In Senden Daha Güzel, Efsun’s life shifts when her absent mother Pervin returns, pulling her from a quiet village to bustling Istanbul. 

As a kind soul, Efsun grapples with city life until love and presently growth changes her while she  adapts to plastic surgery and falls for Kaan, her coworker. 

Their passionate relationship transforms her city perspective. Efsun learns about the diverse struggles of urban life and forms a close bond with her colleagues, creating a supportive city family.

And, that’s a wrap!

These are some of the most amazing romantic enemies to lovers Turkish dramas that you absolutely need to watch right now – I’m certain you’ll love them!

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Happy watching! 

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