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14 Emotional Melodrama Kdramas That Tugged at My Heartstrings

Best melodrama kdrama to watch

When it comes to stirring emotions and captivating storytelling, Korean melodramas absolutely take the cake. 

The shows on this list will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and immerse you in a world of love and tragedy.

In this article, I have curated a list of the absolute best melodrama Kdramas that deserve a spot on your watchlist. 

Get ready to laugh, cry, and experience the full range of human emotions as I delve into these unforgettable dramas.

Here are some of the best melodrama Kdramas of all time: 

1. Call It Love

In this amazing melodrama Kdrama about revenge, life’s challenges weave a captivating tale of connection and growth.

Sim Woo Joo’s already fragile world crumbles after her father’s passing, thrusting her out of her home at the hands of his mistress. 

Fuelled by a desire for justice, she unexpectedly crosses paths with Han Dong Jin, the son of her father’s former lover.

And as their encounters multiply, an enchanting and ultimately exhausting bond forms, and love blossoms. 

On the other hand, Han Dong Jin, once trapped in a solitary existence, is forever changed by Sim Woo Joo’s entrance into his life, painting a vibrant new chapter of possibilities.

This might be because this is a 2023 release and I only watched it a couple of weeks ago, but this is one of my favorite melodramas at the moment. 

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2. Summer Strike

Lee Yeo Reum is a vibrant young woman thriving in her career and love life.

But, as stress creeps into her job, a double blow of misfortune strikes when her beloved mother tragically passes away, followed by a heart-wrenching breakup. 

Overwhelmed and drained, she takes a bold step, bidding farewell to her job and seeking solace by the seaside, craving a much-needed mental recharge.

It is in the charming village of Angok that she encounters An Dae Beom, a librarian with his own hidden past. 

This Kdrama adaptation of I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything by Joo Young Hyun is frankly the most beautiful thing, and a lot of people agree – I heard it got a lot of awards recently.

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3. The Best Moment To Quit Your Job

The Best Moment to Quit Your Job Kdrama

In this melodrama, four dynamic young women dive headfirst into the realm of work, romance, and the occasional fib.

With unwavering support and the solace of late-night haunts, they navigate the rollercoaster of life’s ups and downs together. 

And amid challenges and adventures, their unbreakable bond fuels their resilience and fuels their determination to conquer it all. 

Through laughter, tears, and the joys of shared experiences, these fierce friends discover that as long as they have each other and their favorite bars after hours, there’s no challenge they can’t conquer and no hurdle they can’t overcome. 

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4. When The Weather Is Fine

When The Weather Is Fine Kdrama

Hae Won is a remarkable woman blessed with a pure heart and a talent for the cello.

Though her musical gift once led her to connect with others, painful encounters left her wounded and wary of trust. 

Longing for solace, she bids farewell to Seoul and finds herself drawn to Bookhyun Village, where destiny intertwines her path with Eun Seob. 

As the proprietor of Goodnight Bookstore, Eun Seob’s simple routine transforms when he encounters Hae Won, setting in motion a captivating journey of rediscovery and profound connection.

5. A Piece Of Your Mind

Moon Ha Won is a trailblazer in the realm of artificial intelligence programming, celebrated for his groundbreaking work in the AI industry. 

As the mastermind behind the renowned M&H portal site, Ha Won’s name resonates far and wide. A perfectionist through and through, Ha Won is a paragon of virtue who never loses his cool.

But, when Han Seo Woo unexpectedly enters his world, his theory faces a profound test. 

Seo Woo, a resilient classical music recording engineer, has led a challenging life, wandering without a home or family. 

Yet, her unwavering optimism and belief in life’s purpose guide her steps. 

Destined to cross paths with Ha Won, their shared journey unfolds, teaching them that sometimes, two distinct halves can create a beautiful whole.

6. Encounter 

Cha Soo Hyun is constrained by her father’s political influence and unable to carve her own path.

After a loveless marriage for political gain, she finds herself divorced, yearning for change. 

Enter Kim Jin Hyuk, a pure-hearted soul who cherishes life’s simple pleasures, seeking steady employment.

Spontaneously embarking on a journey abroad, his path intersects with Cha Soo Hyun’s. 

What unfolds in this melodrama is a heartwarming exploration of love’s intricacies as these two souls from different worlds weave a unique and enchanting story together.

7. Lost

Lee Boo Jeong, at forty, finds herself adrift, yearning for purpose and feeling unfulfilled.

Despite her achievements, she can’t shake the sense of having fallen short. 

Meanwhile, Lee Kang Jae, at twenty-seven, stands at the precipice of adulthood, grappling with insecurities and fearing a life devoid of significance. 

This Korean drama paints a vivid portrait of ordinary individuals stepping towards illumination, only to realize the void they encounter along life’s downhill path, and it showcases the beauty of everyday existence, perched on the edge between darkness and light, where choices are anything but easy.

8. My Liberation Notes

Nestled in Sanpo Village, where departures outnumber those who stay, the Yeom siblings, Chang Hee, Mi Jung, and Ki Jung, yearn for an escape from their uncertain existence. 

In their longing, an enigmatic figure arrives in their neighborhood—Mr. Goo, a burdened soul with a penchant for solitude and an air of mystery. Whispers and speculation follow his every move. 

Taking a leap of courage, the timid Mi Jung, the youngest of the Yeom siblings, bravely approaches him, setting in motion a captivating encounter that promises to unravel secrets and forge unexpected connections.

9. Something In The Rain

Yoon Jin Ah is a spirited woman in her mid-30s, still awaiting the enchantment of romantic love.

Her past experiences have left her heartbroken, repeatedly dumped for being perceived as clumsy and unappealing. 

Just when she thought her luck couldn’t get any worse, along comes Joon Hee, radiating warmth and charm like a refreshing beverage on a summer’s day.

Joon Hee, once her childhood friend’s younger brother, resurfaces as a striking and confident man. 

Jin Ah, taken aback by his transformation, senses a stirring within, a gut feeling that whispers of a genuine love blossoming before her eyes.

If you’re in the mood for an absolutely stunning Korean melodrama to watch, then I can’t recommend this more. 

10. Chocolate

In this heartwarming tale of unexpected paths, Lee Kang is a talented neurosurgeon whose childhood dream was to be a chef.

During his youth, he crossed paths with Moon Cha Young at a humble seaside eatery, where his culinary skills left an indelible mark on her. 

Inspired by that encounter, Cha Young embarked on a remarkable journey to become a renowned chef.

Years later, fate reunites them in a hospice ward, where they discover solace and healing as they cook meals for the patients, mending their own emotional wounds along the way. 

Together, they rediscover the power of food and love’s transformative touch.

11. My Mister

Park Dong Hoon is a middle-aged engineer who is married to attorney Kang Yoon Hee. But, his happiness is clouded by the burden of supporting his unemployed brothers, Sang Hoon and Gi Hoon. 

Adding to his troubles, his wife is having a secret affair with CEO Do Joon Yeong, his boss and former junior.

One day, Dong Hoon unexpectedly finds himself caught in a bribe incident, witnessed by Lee Ji An, a young part-time worker burdened by debt and the responsibility of caring for her ailing grandmother.

As Dong Hoon navigates his brothers’ struggle and internal company rivalries, little does he know of Joon Yeong’s ulterior motives and Ji An’s connection to him. 

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12. I Have Not Done My Best

In this bold and lighthearted melodrama Kdrama adapted from a manga, Nam Geum Pil is a man in his 40s navigating life with his father and daughter.

Seemingly out of the blue, he takes the daring step to quit his job, shrugging off the criticism from his family. 

Along the way, Geum Pil discovers a male neighbor who appears unemployed but is actually a successful webcomic writer, raking in substantial earnings. 

Inspired by this revelation, Geum Pil sets his sights on becoming a comic writer himself, embarking on an exciting new chapter filled with creative aspirations.

This amazing Korean drama is an adaptation of Shunju Aono’s manga series, Ore Wa Mada Honki Dashitenai Dake.

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13. The Interest Of Love

The 99th anniversary of Nara Bank’s Yeongpo branch is celebrated while a scandalous office romance eats away at the fringes.

Ha Sang Soo, the charismatic senior head of the comprehensive consultation team, is admired for his looks and resilience. 

Ahn Soo Young, the fourth-year chief bank teller, yearns for progress. Park Mi Kyung, from a wealthy background, faces relationship challenges.

Meanwhile, Jung Jong Hyun studies to become a police officer, fueled by determination.

14. My Prettiest Moment

Oh Ye Ji, a hopeful ceramic artist, radiates pure-hearted optimism.

In her pursuit of ordinary happiness, she finds herself entangled in a captivating love triangle with two brothers: Seo Hwan, a passionate architectural designer instantly smitten with her, and Seo Jin, a cool and driven race car driver. 

Sparks fly as their destinies intertwine at their father’s workshop. Meanwhile, Carry Jung, Seo Jin’s enigmatic ex-girlfriend and business partner, battles with jealousy and an unwillingness to let go.

Brace yourself for a tale of love, ambition, and tangled emotions that will keep you hooked.

And, that’s a wrap!

If you’re looking for where to immerse yourself in intense emotions with dramas featuring some of the most stellar and captivating storytelling, then I couldn’t recommend this drama more. 

So, grab your tissues, prepare for an emotional journey, and get ready for these melodrama Kdramas to touch your heart and soul.

And if you’re in the mood for some more recommendations, there’s plenty more where that came from. Check out the related posts below for some more awesome recs.