Will Love In Spring Episodes 3 & 4 Recap & Review: Granny Chen Has Leveled Up Her Matchmaking Efforts

Will Love In Spring Episode 3 & 4 Review
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If you have been keeping up with the previous posts, then you know that I have been watching Will Love in Spring for the past few days, and I am absolutely in love.

Will Love in Spring is a small-town romance Chinese drama about a funeral parlour artist who meets his old flame, a disabled medical marketer, when she returns to town. They circle around each other for a while, but ultimately, they fall in love.

Our male and female leads are definitely the shining lights of this drama, and they are so well-suited; it definitely brings out everything that the screenwriters must have wanted.

Since this is a small-town romantic Chinese drama, you can expect everything from meddling neighbors to small-town lore and little squabbles here and there. 

You can watch Will Love in Spring either on the WeTV app or on the Tencent Video YouTube channel with complete subtitles in every language.

Will Love In Spring Episodes 3 and 4 Recap

Episodes 1 and 2 of Will Love in Spring were pretty good, but compared to episodes 3 and 4, we can now see that the story is picking up because a lot of things have happened.

In this recap, I won’t get into the nitty-gritty and mention every scene because not every scene is important, but I’ll do my best.

First off, at this point, Granny Chen is really intensifying her matchmaking efforts because episode 4 starts with her once again trying to convince Chen Mai Dong (Li Xian) and Zhou Yu Tong (Zhuang Jie) to date each other. She goes on and on about how well-suited they are, but then our female lead gently shuts her down.

In episode 5, she even gives our male lead, Zhuang Jie, an ultimatum – he either follows her for a check-up or courts our female lead, and he opts for the latter. It seems there will be much progress in their romance in the next episode.

In episode 4, we finally find out what actually happened and how her father’s friend ended up marrying her mother. It seems that between her father’s death and about three years after, her mother and her stepfather came together because they were both mourning and then they fell in love. That’s how she has her younger step-sister, He Niao Niao, played by Zhang Xi Wei. 

Her brother isn’t left out of the fun because he actually discovers a dead body, and he is shaken by that because he sort of realises the impermanence of life and how it could very well have been him and how he will leave this world one day, and nobody will remember him. Chen Mai Dong is immediately called to handle the dead body, and Zhou Yu Tong joins them after she’s called to handle her brother. Then they have a heartfelt talk where she encourages her brother to persevere no matter what happens and that if he can’t find a place to look at for inspiration, he should look at her.

In episode 4, Zhuang Jie’s mother also lets her know that she actually wants them all to move back to the town. We find out that her mother has actually bought her children a house, and that’s what she and their stepfather’s savings to practically nothing.

Towards the end of episode 4, Chen Mai Dong’s friends start ribbing him about his feelings for Zhuang Jie when he was in high school, and he immediately gets a little touchy. This is when we finally get a backstory that spills into episode 5.

We learn that Chen Mai Dong’s parents were very wealthy, and he was a bit of a rogue. But then his stubbornness and roguish attitude only intensified when his father cheated on his mother, and he lashed out at everyone and even got very physical with people. Coincidentally, this was around the period when she had her accident and had just resumed school. After one day when he snatched away her crutches to beat some people up and then returned them to her roughly without even saying thank you, they started bonding.

It was very sweet to see the way their relationship as kids would then mirror the events that happened in this episode because there was this vignette of him carrying her after school one day, and in the present time, he helped her when her leg was hurting her.

In episode 5, it’s almost as if Zhuang Jie has made up her mind to court him because she teases him to no end, and of course, you can see on his face that he is very flustered at her sudden extroverted nature. Chen Mai Dong even tells her this later on.

They are both invited to a meeting with other townspeople who have relocated to major areas of the province and after this meeting, they have a little squabble. This is when we realize that she is very much a realist, while he doesn’t agree with her opinions, but you can tell that even though he isn’t outrightly teasing her, he is having fun looking for trouble.

From episodes 4 to episodes 5, Zhuang Jie’s brother and sister start to suspect that there might be something going on between the both of them, and they make it their mission to stop whatever is happening while they are ahead. And as expected, all this is engineered by her younger sister, Niao Niao, who is very much a firecracker, and her younger brother, Zhuang Yan, just goes along with it.

Another important thing that happens in these two episodes is that Granny Chen talks to her friend, Granny Lin, about growing up and about how old age has made her feel a little useless. This is primarily predicated on the fact that before, she used to be the one always helping her grandson, but now it’s almost as if she needs assistance in everything. This is when we learn that her matchmaking efforts might just be a way to retain her relevance in his life. 

Will Love In Spring Episodes 3 & 4 Review

One thing I’m really enjoying about this drama is how assertive Granny Chen is in setting up Chen Mai Dong and Zhuang Jie. Earlier, I mentioned she gave him an ultimatum, and she was serious about it. But, there’s a sad twist to it, especially when you think about her earlier words of feeling a little useless in his life, and I hope this is something that will be addressed eventually.

I adore the fact that our female lead and our male lead had a wonderful relationship as teenagers. Even though they might not have been classified as friends, it felt like they were the only ones who could truly understand and help each other, and that was beautiful no matter how you look at it.

And of course, I have to give credit to Zhuang Jie’s sister and her brother, who went on what I would call a fool’s errand, but you can tell the deep affection they have for their elder sister. Episode 5 ends with all of them on the same bed, talking about life, love, growing up, and the pains they’ve experienced, which was sad but very heartwarming.

In my recap of the first episode, I mentioned that I didn’t really understand why she had to come back, and the time jump felt a little abrupt. But we finally get an explanation in these two episodes. We learn that Zhuang Jie had to undergo minor surgery, and while she was in the hospital, she experienced heartache because someone she liked did something to her. So, coming back to her hometown was an effort to rejuvenate and get back in the groove.

Another thing I really appreciate so far is the way Zhuang Jie’s pains are being communicated in the drama. Of course, her disability is a big part of her personality, but at the same time, it feels peripheral to her existence in a way that she doesn’t define herself by her disability.

I have always found those phrases about turning your disability into a superpower a little reductive, but for the first time, I can acknowledge that this person in this drama hasn’t exactly turned it into a superpower, but she has learned to detach it from her personality, and I think that’s great.

So far, we can see that Zhuan Jie and Chen Mai Dong’s love language is poking fun and trading jabs with each other, and I feel like this is the perfect setup for a romance between these two who are so fundamentally different. Even our male lead, who is much more reserved, gives as good as he gets from our female lead, and she’s never afraid to say whatever is on her mind.

The chemistry is also off the charts. I’ve talked about it in the recaps of episodes 1 and 2, but now that the romance is really picking up, it’s becoming even more obvious, and I love that a lot because that’s what we’re here for anyway.

I’m really, really enjoying this drama, and at this point, the final episode has just been released, so I’m racing against time so that I can engage in all the meaningful conversations around me.

As I said earlier, you can join the fun by watching Will Love in Spring on Tencent Video YouTube or the official WeTV app completely free of charge, and once you do, please come here and let me know what you think about everything you’ve seen.

I’ll be recapping the entire series in twos now, so check them out if you’d like to see what I think about what I’ve watched, and we can talk. I’ll be on the lookout for your comments, but until then, happy watching.

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