Will Love In Spring Episode 2 Recap & Review: What Happened To Zhou Yu Tong?

Will Love In Spring Episode 2 Review
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Will Love in Spring is currently airing on both the  WeTV platform and their Tencent YouTube channel, so if this is a drama you’ve been wanting to check out, make sure you do so you can engage in the conversation.

For context, Will Love in Spring is a small-town romantic Chinese drama about two scarred individuals who have a history but then meet years later when they both come back to their hometown, and they eventually fall in love.

This drama is perfect if you like a blended family, a small-town romance, and a story about healing that might make you cry several times. Each episode is less than an hour, so it’s very bingeable and promises to be interesting.

Will Love In Spring C-Drama Episode 2 Recap

Okay, if you aren’t watching the drama and you are only reading the recaps, before you read this recap, you need to read the recap of the first episode because even though I will explain certain things and give context, you might not understand it fully.

In episode 1, we learn that our new lead’s grandmother, Granny Chen, has been hammering him to get a girlfriend and get married, but this is not something that he’s ready for at the moment, so he has sort of been rebuffing her attempts. But then she meets our female lead, Zhuang Jie, who teaches her about online dating, and she decides to dive in immediately.

This episode opens up with our male lead, Li Xian, thinking about what went down several days before. So we learned that his grandmother had tricked him into coming out to the pier for an afternoon date, but when he got there, he found out that he had been hoodwinked, and his grandmother had actually arranged a date with somebody.

Now, this lady is very beautiful and she is smart, but the more she talks, the more you can see Li Xian sort of sinking into his chair because he is genuinely tired and bored, and the fact that he and the girl are so different is something that he clearly can’t be patient with, but he’s never rude to her.

Needless to say, the date ends prematurely, and then we get back to the point we left off in the first episode. So, the first episode ended with our female lead, Zhou Yu Tong, when she was invited to sit after making a delivery, and then she spotted him up front, and then she went to meet him, and she sat down beside him.

He then tells her that that is his grandmother’s seat and she thinks he’s lying until his grandmother actually appears, and then she realises that this is the grandmother she gave some dating tips to earlier. We learn that granny Chen had actually been encouraging Li Xian to date the young pretty girl she met earlier.

They talk a bit, and this ‘talking’ actually comprises of his grandmother trying to sell him like an animal because she kept listing his best attributes, and our male lead was a little embarrassed, so he just made up an excuse for the girls to leave, and our female lead is very intelligent, so she picked up on it immediately and said her goodbyes.

In this episode, we learn that both of them have had very traumatic things happen to them in the past; him more legal issues while she had a terrible accident that made her lose one of her legs.

When he tells his grandmother this, she is shocked at first, but she immediately recovers herself and tells him in no uncertain terms that Yu Tong’s amputation does not change her impression of the girl, and she still wants Li Xian to date the girl.

Later on, our female lead and her family are having breakfast, I believe, when her brother – Zhuang Yan played by Wu Jun Ting – walks in, and he is every bit as eccentric as you would expect.

He comes with a goose, which he introduces to the rest of the family, and his mother is livid because she feels that there has to be something wrong with him. Eventually, on another day while they are eating, her brother drops a bomb on them and tells them that he has decided to quit school to chase his artistic passions.

Again, we are treated to our male lead, Li Xian, working hard at his job because it’s in this episode that he corrects one of his part-time employees and attends a farewell party for an ex-employee who is leaving them, and he talks a lot, which sort of informs us that he’s incredibly dedicated to his job.

All in all, his grandmother is still very dedicated in her matchmaking efforts because she even visits her friend who is sort of like a card reader to tell her whether the both of them are suited.

She actually steals the medical file of her grandson and takes it to her friend together with the female lead’s information, and this is when her friend tells her that even though our female lead might smile a lot, she is still hiding a lot of pain.

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The episode ends with a montage of how our female lead lives her life when she takes off her prosthetic leg.

Will Love In Spring C-Drama Episode 2 Review

I usually don’t say this for Chinese dramas because the more I watch them alongside Korean dramas, I see that certain things aren’t just a priority for the Chinese.

But on top of the list is the way soundtracks are included. But I do have to say that the outro song of this particular episode was hauntingly beautiful and made me cry a little.

Another thing that really stands out to me at this point is the attraction between our female lead and our male lead. Right now, they haven’t had any type of physical touch (no skinship), and I can already tell that this is going to be the slowest burn romance drama of my life, so it keeps me up at night praying for more. You can really tell that they are so well-suited.

Our female lead is still the most adorable and talented person ever, and I’m really enjoying her story arc. It seems that the drama will delve deeper into her character as the layers are revealed, which is both sad and good for the story development.

I feel like it’s great that our female lead is a person living with a disability because it’s not something I see a lot on screen, especially in Chinese dramas. I love that the focus of the drama isn’t so much on her disability but rather on her growth as a person. This feels like a breath of fresh air and makes the whole thing less dreary.

Our grandma is still hard at it when it comes to matchmaking and that’s lovely no matter how I look at it. In this episode, as I said earlier, she actually goes to her friend to read the cards to determine whether her grandson and our female lead are well-suited, and I felt like that was adorable. I also really enjoyed seeing the friendship between our grandmother and her friend.

As I said in the recap, towards the end, our male lead attends a send-off dinner for his ex-employee, and they all say a lot of things, primarily around how dedicated they are to their jobs.

The ex-employee even goes on to say that the dead bodies she works with is much like a friend to her, which was a bit odd to hear. Then again, it makes sense based on the amount of time they spend with the body and how much research and detail goes into the preparation.

Finally, what this episode has shown us is the somewhat rocky relationship between our female lead’s mother and her brother. When her brother drops the truth on them that he wants to quit college, things get out of hand quickly. His mother tries to lunge at him, and chaos ensues.

The subject of mother-son relationships in drama is something I like to see because I enjoy witnessing dynamics between family members. I’m curious to see how this turns out. My prediction is that his mother will eventually realise that she’s been too hard on him and slowly come around to his way of thinking.

Will Love in Spring is shaping up to be one of my favorite watches of the year. For those who don’t know, I have been in the biggest Chinese drama slump in a long time. 

And being that my livelihood depends on how many dramas I can watch, you can imagine how much of a hassle it has been. I am slowly getting back into the hang of things though, and Will Love in Spring is definitely working its magic on me. 

It feels healing, it’s very atmospheric, and I love how everything feels calm and subdued. It’s the perfect drama to watch if you need something light and funny that will keep you busy.

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Let me know in the comment section if you are watching this drama or if you plan to watch it sometime in the future. If your thoughts are any different from mine, let me know in the comments.

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