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15 Mature Chinese Dramas With Steamy Skinship & Kissing To Watch ASAP

I won’t lie, my blanket and the walls of my flat (and probably my neighbors) are already familiar with my intermittent shrieking whenever I get into a drama.

I’m sure we’ve all felt it at least once – Really, there’s no way you’ve watched more than two romantic Chinese dramas and you haven’t gotten that “butterflies in the stomach” kind of moment.

When the chemistry between the leads in any romantic Chinese drama feels genuine, it makes the drama 10x more appealing, and at that moment, I could definitely sell my soul to be a fly in their room. 

So now, I’ve listed 15 absolutely spicy Chinese dramas – you know those dramas with scenes that you literally couldn’t watch or the ones you were anticipating for the longest time?

1. The Love By Hypnotic

Princess Li Ming Yue and Prince Li Qian were pushed into an arranged marriage, and at first, they didn’t get along. 

But then, Ming Yue’s actions made Qian remember things he’d forgotten, so he asked for her help to get his memories back. 

I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but suffice it to say that the chemistry between the leads in this drama was quite literally electric, and the OST was fabulous as well.

This is a perfect choice if you’ve been looking for a sweet and interesting Chinese drama that has lots of skinship and so many kissing scenes, while maintaining an intriguing storyline that completely swept me away. 

2. The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Chen Xiao Qian is a writer who sells her TV show script, but the main actor doesn’t want the part. 

So, she changes the story and takes a nap, but suddenly, she’s in her own story as Princess Chen Qian Qian and knows she’ll die soon. 

She then tries to stay alive and go back home, and you best believe that while she’s there she gets into very steamy shenanigans, and the skinship and kissing scenes had me feeling so warm inside.

And, it also felt good that the leads were the right side of adorable and there were some solidly funny scenes that had me gasping for breath – I 100% recommend!

3. Hidden Love

Sang Zhi starts liking Duan Jia Xu, a guy who used to hang out in her brother’s room for games. 

They lose contact but meet again at university, and spending time together makes them fall in love. 

This 2023 romantic Chinese drama is adapted from the web novel Secretly, Secretly; But Unable to Hide It by Zhu Yi, and it’s so, so good.

Guys, the romance between the leads was stellar and I felt like their chemistry could have singed because it was so, so charged. 

And, I’m not even kidding when I say this Chinese drama had so many kissing scenes and the skinship felt like a hot compress, and it literally felt like a blessing from the Cdrama Gods. 

4. First Romance

In high school, Yan Ke was secretly a fan of Yi Fan, and now in college, he’s popular, charming, and good at playing the piano, but he feels like something’s missing in his life. 

Fate brings him back together with Xiong Yi Fan, and she develops feelings for him in this adaptation of a novel by Wei Mian Jun.

This is yet another soothing romantic Chinese drama that had a decent amount of skinship, and I was thoroughly satisfied. 

I’ll absolutely recommend this Cdrama if you’re in the mood for a modern Chinese drama with lots of kisses and skinship, and you like when the leads have strong chemistry. 

5. My Little Happiness

Cong Rong wants to be a lawyer, but her mom wants her to study finance abroad, so she pretends to leaves but instead becomes a secret legal intern instead, and then meets her childhood friend, Shao Qing, who’s a surgeon and her new neighbor. 

They try to avoid getting closer but end up becoming close, and now they’ll have to try their best to not give in to their feelings. 

My Little Happiness absolutely delivered on the sizzling romantic chemistry, and I have a good feeling you’ll enjoy its provocative and intense scenes if you like Cdramas with plenty of smooching.

6. My Dear Lady

After getting divorced, Ling Xun Xun wants to enjoy her new freedom, but things get complicated when she has a small accident and ends up owing a lot of money for the damage. 

To pay the debt and get back her son, she goes to work for Cheng Li, the person whose car she hit, and, even though there are difficulties and Cheng Li tries to annoy her, Xun Xun’s strong resolve impresses him, and he falls in love with her. 

But, Xun Xun is hesitant because she’s a divorced mom and there’s an age difference, and the drama develops as she tries to find out if their sweet and wholesome love is up to the many challenges.

This time around, we have an older woman and a younger man, but don’t let that make you feel this Chinese drama doesn’t have mature romance complete with very spicy scenes.

7. Sunshine of My Life

Tang Ming Xuan is a hardworking manager of a fashion group, and he meets Mo Fei, who loves embroidery and wants to study in Europe. 

They like spending time together, but both have their own goals, and eventually, they get the opportunity to collaborate on a fashion project in Europe, which brings them closer.

Sunshine of My Life is another beautiful Cdrama with skinship which featured leads with steamy on-screen chemistry – it almost felt unreal, even. 

Without giving too much away, I’ll just tell you that the emotional scenes in this drama felt real-real-real, and the romance was above top-notch. 

8. Love Designer

Fashion designer Zhou Fang and Song Lin, forced to collaborate because of a lawsuit, start working together despite their contrasting styles. 

And as they compete and cooperate, their feelings for each other change, and they start to realise there’s a soft middle spot.

Love Designer is yet another interesting Chinese drama that has warm skinship and the leads kissed a whole lot, and the romantic scenes were so beautiful and meaningful.

9. You Are My Destiny

On a Bahamas cruise, Chen Jia Xin and Wang Xi Yi meet by chance, and a mix-up leads to a one-night stand, pregnancy, and a contract marriage. 

This drama also had a good number of scenes where the leads, who had great chemistry, were openly affectionate with each other and if you fancy this sort of thing, you might enjoy this Cdrama about a surprise baby. 

10. Perfect and Casual 

Zhang Si Nian and Yun Shu have a proper run-in when Yun Shu, a student studying statistics, is scammed by her cousin and ends up having to room with Si Nian, her irritable professor who just made her fail her final project in exchange for her meeting his grandfather. 

This leads to their unexpected bond, and it was really sweet watching them navigate their new feelings while living together.

Quite unexpectedly, Si Nian turned out to be quite a possessive man, and the skinship and kissing scenes in this Chinese drama absolutely had my blood singing – they were that sensual. 

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11. Love Unexpected 

After his mother’s tragic death three years ago, Xu Nuo became emotionally numb and disconnected, and he’s now an emotionless expert in corporate dealings, and needing protection, he hires Ke Si Yi, who triggers unfamiliar feelings. 

As they bond, Xu Nuo’s emotions return, and this raises the question of whether he can embrace his newfound affection for Si Yi.

This is also another Cdrama with skinship and kisses I’ll easily recommend, because from stolen gazes and all, their touches became more intimate and knowing, and trust me when I say the love scenes in this drama were so gentle and touching that they left an impression on me. 

12. Dear Herbal Lord

In this steamy xianxia Chinese drama, Song Lan wanted to become immortal by transforming herself, as she used to be a plant. 

But, she got eaten by the County Princess, and now, she wants to marry Chu Zhi Mo, who knows about herbs, so she can absorb his herbal power and still become immortal. 

Song Lan is determined to marry him, even though he doesn’t care and she’s failed before, and she gets some friends to help her impress Chu Zhi Mo.

Dear Herbal Lord is another sweet and heartwarming romantic historical Chinese drama that still had a decent amount of skinship scenes that made me so pleased. 

13. Love Is Sweet

Jiang Jun starts working in a charity after college but when her father has an accident, she joins a top investment company to fulfill his last wish.

In MH, she reunites with her childhood friend, Yuan Shuai, who has turned into her rival in a competitive environment. 

This is yet another fascinating modern romance drama with steamy scenes that gave me everything I needed and more – I loved it so much!

14. Mysterious Love

Quirky and adorable theatre actress Ruan Nian Chu meets Li Teng, a cold and arrogant guy who’s really smart and emotionally aware. 

Li Teng saves Ruan Nian Chu from danger, and they start liking each other, but go separate ways because of their different lives. 

Five years later, they meet again and their feelings return, but now they face new danger together as they try to stop the bad guy’s plans.

This story is based on the novel Ban Yin by Ni Shui Qian Liu, and this is a top-rated Chinese drama with skinship that you really don’t want to miss. 

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15. General And I

In a war-torn world, four powerful nations fight for control: Jin, Yan, Liang, and Qin. 

And amidst the chaos, Jin’s prince He Xia and strategist Bai Ping Ting escape – He Xia wants to get revenge, while Bai Ping Ting ends up with Jin’s skilled general and prince, Chu Bei Jie. 

Now, they have a complicated romance as they must balance their feelings with loyalty to their kingdoms.

This is another super sweet historical Chinese drama with skinship that had me rooting for the couple right from the beginning because I just felt the sweet gestures they exchanged were much more than special.

These romantic Chinese dramas with skinship are lovely in every way that counts, and trust me when I say you’re going to have a fun time with them.

If you want some more Chinese drama recommendations that will keep you glued to your screen for hours, make sure to check out the related posts below – there will definitely be something for you.

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