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Halfway Recap: 8 Amazing Episodes Of Delightfully Deceitful

I usually avoid revenge dramas with a big cast, especially ones where a “good guy” accidentally gets involved and decides to stick around.

But “Delightfully Deceitful” is changing my mind (obviously, in a very good way).

Just in case you don’t know, this new Kdrama follows an empathic man and an emotionless woman, who, together with a team of brilliant characters, do what they can to bring justice (and revenge), all the while investigating a secret that had been kept for decades. 

The main male character, Han Moo Young, is a stereotypical male lead with a troubled past and lots of good qualities.

The “extra” of his personality is then his hyper-empathy which makes him feel deeply for others (to the extent of even experiencing physical pain when someone around him is distressed).

Already, I know this is going to be a trope (“Does he care or is it just his illness?”), and I’m here for it. 

The real standout of this Kdrama, though, is Lee Ro Um, the female lead. 

Guys, she’s not likable at all, and this only makes her all the more intriguing. She’s selfish, unfeeling, ruthless to the core, and treats people like tools, but I can’t help but find her fascinating.

I’m curious to see how she’ll redeem herself later in the series (I’m currently on Episode 8), and just know that I shall stand with her between the heavens and earth. 

Compared to “My Perfect Stranger,” Delightfully Deceitful is tamer in terms of the thriller aspect, which is surprising because it has a faster pace, but it’s still understandable.

If you’ve watched both dramas, you’ll probably have noticed a difference in the quality of the two scripts, and that’s not quite a bad thing – Dong Wook still bodies his role to perfection. 

The mystery about the owner of the foundation where Ro Um and the rest of the gang were fostered is certainly a “thing”, but I’m not quite concerned about that. 

The chemistry between the two leads is fire, and for some reason, it’s making me think about Hyena.

There’s a marked similarity between the way the leads in both shows can throw each other into the line of fire that’s equal parts exhilarating and addictive. 

Another person I’m really impressed with is Park So Jin (Lee Yu Jung from “Bo Ra! Deborah“) this year. It’s a shame I’m only noticing her now in Kdramas, but she’s quite a fantastic actress.

She stunned in Bo Ra! Deborah (which is a rom-com) and Alchemy of Souls (she was the ahjumma at the Gisaeng house in this fantasy drama), and I’m keen to see what her character gets up to in this show.

Overall, I’m super excited about this drama that’s shaping up to be amazing. The fact that I’m writing this halfway review shows how much it has grabbed my attention.

I’m worried, though, that the momentum might be lost in those final episodes, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. 

Let me know if you’re enjoying this show or if there’s another ongoing drama that you’re loving right now.

I’m currently watching See You In My 19th Life, Once Again, The Real Has Come, and King the Land, and I would love to discuss them, too.

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