9 Most Romantic Chinese Military Dramas You Have To Watch ASAP

Love and war is a combination that has been explored in countless romantic Chinese dramas, and I’ve handpicked the best of the best.

That’s to say, in this post, I’ve listed the finest Chinese military romance dramas that will make you believe in the power of love, even in the toughest of times.

These heartwarming military romance dramas are not only filled with action but also heartfelt moments that will leave you smiling, and they are sure to become your new favorites. 

Here are 9 unforgettable Chinese military romance dramas you can watch right now: 

1. Arsenal Military Academy

In the early 1900s, Chinese soldiers battled the Imperial Japanese army. 

Xie Xiang, disguised as a man, excels in the army and enters a top military academy. 

She then befriends Gu Yan Zheng and Shen Jun San, and as they train and plot against invaders, but love for Xie Xiang complicates things. 

This is one of the most highly recommended military romance Chinese dramas, and I have no doubt you’ll love it if you want both the thrills and the feels. 

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2. The Indomitable Mission

During the Chinese Civil War, a Kuomintang officer named Zhao Yunfei switched sides after being inspired by Communist beliefs. 

He then becomes a secret intelligence agent under Li Kenong’s leadership, infiltrating the Kuomintang as a spy. 

Zhao accomplishes important tasks, intercepting military intelligence and identifying enemy agents with the help of the Public Security Bureau.

This is yet another one of the best Chinese military romance dramas to watch, and I believe you’ll gobble it up if you’re in the mood for a war-themed love story. 

3. My Dear Guardian

This Chinese military romance drama follows the journey of Xia Chu, a calm surgeon, and Liang Muze, a hardened military officer.

As they carry out their duties, they unexpectedly fall in love, and it was undoubtedly the sweetest thing ever. 

Their paths crossed amidst rescues and shared space, bringing love into their lives when least anticipated. 

In a way, Xia Chu’s composed demeanor in life-and-death situations contrasts with Liang Muze’s guarded heart, scarred by past pain.

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4. Ace Troops

Two recruits, Gao Liang and Gu Yi Ye, join the same unit and immediately face action. 

Despite their differing backgrounds and personalities, they’re brave comrades-in-arms. 

And as they progress through challenges over decades, they navigate rivalries and difficult choices, eventually becoming the heroic Ace Troops.

5. Advance Bravely 

Xia Yao comes from a prestigious background and has changed his ways from being a player. 

Yuan Zong, an ex-soldier, now runs a bodyguard training company. 

Yuan Ru, Xia Yao’s sister, tries to win Xia Yao’s heart but fails, so she asks Yuan Zong for help. 

Even though this military romance Chinese drama doesn’t take place on the battlefield, I do believe it deserves a spot on this list because of the veteran cast who made this drama shine.

6. Kungfu Cop

Captain Zhang Lan leads a small response team that fights terrorism, maintaining city peace. 

They recruit three skilled martial arts students: fighter Xin Xiao Jing, smart Cheng Tang, and parkour enthusiast Bai Daqing (Yang Shan). 

Guided by psychologist Chen Cheng, the police form a rapid response unit, and the students infiltrate a criminal organization for secret arrests, undergoing tough training. 

They transform, becoming disciplined, better individuals devoted to serving the people.

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7. You Are My Hero

Fresh graduate Dr. Mi Ka crosses paths with Special Forces Captain Xing Ke Lei during a jewelry store heist. 

Xing helps resolve the crisis, but his appearance remains a mystery to Mi Ka. 

Years later, as Mi Ka advances in her medical career, she unknowingly reunites with Xing during a joint emergency training. 

Their bond deepens as they navigate military and medical challenges together, fostering a growing relationship.

You Are My Hero is a military romance Chinese drama about a soldier and a doctor and I know you absolutely do not want to miss it – you’ll love it!

8. Destined To Love You

This Chinese drama revolves around a professor who has an accident and is thought to be dead. 

Qian Bao Bao then pretends to be her to escape debt, and she starts attending the military academy where the professor works, leading to funny situations and romantic involvement with two male instructors.

Trust me, once you start watching this military romance Chinese drama, you’re going to be absolutely hooked! 

The character development was stellar, and there’s just too much beauty in this drama to put into words. 

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9. Airborne Blade

Set in a time of military reform, paratroopers in a special team named Guo Gai Tou train through real battles to improve their fighting skills. 

Led by Zhang Qi and Qi Xiao Tian, they aim to build a competitive air force. 

The team faces challenges, fights wars, and becomes experts in the field, with some members even becoming aces in other teams.

If you’re in the mood for an action-packed military Chinese drama with romance, then this is one of the best dramas you’ll want to give a chance. 

And, that’s a wrap!

These thrilling Chinese military romance dramas will definitely tug at your heartstrings and leave you rooting for their love and bravery.

If you want some more recommendations, check out the related posts below!

You can let me know in the comments below if you think I missed any drama – I’m always on the hunt for new recommendations. 

Happy watching!

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