Top 10 Heartwarming Thai Dramas To Binge-Watch Right Now

Thai dramas or lakorns are easily some of the most popular and enjoyable shows in the world, and it’s easy to see why. 

These amazing dramas always manage to deliver on everything from romance to comedy to even the action, and catchy music, and the actors literally always make my heart skip a beat. 

In this post, I’ve listed 10 romantic Thai dramas/lakorns you can watch anytime and anywhere – you’ll be amazed at how fun they are. 

You’ll love these dramas if you love Asian dramas in particular and you’re in the mood for something different than Will keep you glued to your screens. 

Here are 10 of the most romantic Thai Lakorns that will melt your heart: 

1. Bad Buddy

Since they were kids, Pran and Pat’s families had a big rivalry, always trying to do better than each other. 

This rivalry even affected their sons, with both families comparing their achievements in school and other activities. 

The boys grew up as rivals too, until they got tired and became close friends, but because their families still didn’t get along, they had to keep their friendship a secret. 

This led to a hidden journey of friendship, and a hidden romance in this beautiful romantic BL Thai drama that made my smile a little too much. 

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2. Together With Me

Childhood pals Korn and Knock meet up again in college, and things get tricky when they have intimate moments one night. 

Knock has a girlfriend and conflicting emotions for Korn, while Korn cares for Knock’s happiness and hides his love. 

In order to become a couple, they must figure out their true feelings and decide if they can handle society’s reactions to their relationship. 

3. TharnType

In this BL romantic Thai lakorn drama, Thiwat, a handsome freshman who loves soccer and spicy food, dislikes gay people due to a past incident. 

His life changes when he meets his new roommate, Tharn, a charismatic, openly gay music major. 

Thiwat wants Tharn to move out because he’s homophobic, but Tharn refuses to give in. 

Now, they must share a small space for the year, leading to an uncertain outcome, but rest assured this drama has a happy ending that will make you smile all through. 

4. Fish Upon The Sky

Pi has a big crush on a popular student but feels insecure about his looks. 

With the help of Duean and friends, he gets a makeover for confidence, and he’s ready to approach his crush, but meets a rival named Mork. 

Pi competes with Mork to win Nan’s attention, but ends up having mixed feelings for Mork instead, making things tricky.

This is also another popular must-watch romantic Thai drama that felt like a big, big hug and I absolutely recommend that you give it a chance. 

5. Secret Crush On You

This romantic Thai lakorn drama follows Toh, a nerdy guy who falls for an older student. 

Since he can’t reach his dream, he watches from afar, and his friends have different opinions, but he considers himself a beginner at stalking. 

One day, fate gives him a chance to reveal his feelings to Neua, his crush, and this creates chaos for him and his friends. 

Now, Toh must decide whether to hide his love or take a bold step, and he soon realizes that finding love isn’t simple, and the heart will always face a tough choice.

6. Sapai Import

Lisa, a rich girl from England, came home to find her parents in debt, and to help, she started working. 

Don, a farm owner’s grandson, had to marry and have a child in a year to inherit the farm, and Don’s mom liked Lisa and wanted them to marry. 

They said no, but when Don’s mom got sick, Lisa agreed to marry Don as thanks, and even though they didn’t love each other, they pretended to be married for 6 months.

7. Boys Over Flowers

Gorya is a simple girl working at a flower shop, and she aces an exam and joins a posh school for rich kids, run by a cool group called F4 who are spoiled boys. 

Gorya stands up to their bullying, amazing them, especially Thyme, their leader, and Thyme falls for her, but Gorya likes his friend Ren. 

Problem is, Ren loves Mira, and amid school drama, Gorya starts liking Thyme because he’s kind to her family and changes for the better.

This is also another must-watch romantic Thai lakorn that’s widely popular and with good reason – the love was dynamite in this one, and I have no doubt you’ll enjoy it. 

8. Marn Bang Jai

Fuenglada is a pretty high school senior who’s close to her dad, but he dies on her school’s sports day while on his way to meet her. 

Taen is a rich widower with a daughter, and he lives with his brother Tai, and unfortunately, he had been the one to cause the death of Fuenglada’s father. 

Later on, he proposes to marry Fuenglada after learning her stepmom Soithong wants to use her to pay off debts, but their journey to love isn’t easy, as they must overcome many challenges for a shot at true happiness.

9. My Forever Sunshine

This romantic Thai lakorn drama follows Paeng, a girl with a sad life. 

She lost her dad and had to live with Artit, and to stay there, she had to be with him. 

Unexpectedly, her being close to Artit almost made him die, and he started hating her a lot, and she was sent far away for six years. 

Eventually, they meet again, but time didn’t make Artit’s hate go away, and he still hates her, even more now. But she needs to keep her promise to Artit’s dad, so she has to bear it.

10. Love At First Hate

In this tale of opposites, the smart but sharp-tongued Dr. Pup crossed paths with the attractive superstar Kluay. 

Despite disliking each other initially, circumstances forced them to share a living space, and as time passed, Dr. Pup found himself unexpectedly drawn to Kluay, though he had once insisted she wasn’t his type.

The story unfolds whether they remain adversaries or transform into something more – lovers. 

I’m not kidding when I say this enemies-to-lovers romantic Thai drama almost made me giddy with excitement – it was so good!

And, that’s a wrap on this article.

Take it from me: there’s always a chance to try something new, so if this is your first foray into Thai lakorns, you’re in good hands.

But, if you watch Thai lakorns consistently, then you probably don’t even need my encouragement as I’m sure you already know how good they can be.

Please check our the related posts below for even more awesome recommendations, and let me know your favorite Thai lakorn in the comments. 

Happy Watching!

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