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13 Heartrending Chinese Dramas That Will Leave You Sobbing

Saddesr Chinese drama to watch and cry with

Sometimes, letting out your big, ugly tears is the most cathartic moment, and there’s nothing that quite activates the tear ducts like sad Chinese dramas.

I mean, who doesn’t like a good cry now and then?

If this sounds like you, then I do believe you’ll enjoy the Chinese dramas that will make you cry that I’ve listed in this post.

These sad Chinese dramas either have the most tragic storyline, or they’re downright heartbreaking. 

So, sit back, get a pack of tissues, and I’m certain you’re going to love one (or all) of the dramas in this post.

Here are 13 must-watch sad Chinese dramas that will make you cry: 

1. Goodbye My Princess

In this tragic Chinese drama with a sad ending, the 9th Princess of Western Liang, Xiao Feng, journeys to the Central Plains for a political marriage with the Crown Prince. 

Their union is fraught with danger and memories yet to be revealed, as they navigate a world of deadly power plays and hidden emotions.

When I say the ending of this sad Cdrama broke me, I’m not kidding. 

I was crying, screaming, and shrieking by the time the credits rolled, and I’ll recommend this drama if you’re in the mood for a bittersweet Chinese with a sad ending. 

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2. The Taoism Grandmaster

Long ago, a prophecy spoke of impending doom, the apocalypse drawing near. 

Amidst the chaos, a lone Taoist grandmaster would rise as the saviour. 

To offer hope to humanity, immortal beings united a team of extraordinary souls, embarking on a quest to find the sacred shield. 

Their journey, though daunting, held the promise of love and sacrifice. 

3. My Dear Guardian

In this tale of duty and unexpected love, Xia Chu, a composed military surgeon, crosses paths with Liang Muze, a hardened officer known as the ‘ice mountain.’ 

As they fulfil their responsibilities together, love blossoms in the most unforeseen circumstances. 

Perhaps it was the rescue from bandits or simply the constant proximity that ignited their hearts. Xia Chu’s calm demeanor in life-and-death situations contrasts with Liang Muze’s shielded heart, scarred by painful memories. 

Yet, destiny has a way of weaving romance into their lives, and I believe this is a perfect pick if you’re looking for an interesting Chinese drama that will make you cry.  

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4. The Promise of Chang’An

In the fictional realm of Sheng, He Lan Ming Yu and the 9th Prince, Xiao Cheng Xu, fall in love. 

But, fate forces Ming Yu to marry Cheng Xu’s jealous older brother, King Xiao Cheng Rui. 

After a series of events, Cheng Xu aims to take revenge and seize the throne. 

Yet, Cheng Rui’s death leads to his son, Xiao Qi Yuan, becoming the new ruler. 

All this plays out while Cheng Xu strives to help Qi Yuan and mend his relationship with Ming Yu amidst challenges and deep-seated resentment.

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5. Ashes Of Love

The Flower Deity, Zi Fen, dies after giving birth to Jin Mi, and fearing a fatal love trial, Zi Fen gives her an ‘Unfeeling Pill’ to prevent romantic feelings. 

Locked within the Flower Realm, Jin Mi grows up longing to explore the outside world. 

And when she meets Xu Feng, the Fire Deity, her adventure and love trial begin as they journey through realms, encountering immortals and demons.

While the ending of this tearjerker Cdrama was more tragic rather than sad, it still delivered some moments that had me full-on bawling my eyes out. 

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6. The Little Nyonya

In the enchanting backdrop of 1930s Malacca, this heartbreaking Chinese drama unfolds over generations of a wealthy Straits-born Chinese family. 

Amidst bitter feuds, a resilient Nyonya named Yue Niang defies her lowborn status, embarking on a journey to shape her own fate. 

Her unwavering determination leads her to triumph as a successful businesswoman. 

This captivating tale is a poignant remake of the beloved Singaporean TV series The Little Nyonya, and it’s really as good as it sounds. 

7. Legend Of Fuyao

Fu Yao’s life began as an orphan, destined to serve as a slave for the Xuan Yuan sect. 

And, soon, she embarked on a quest across vast lands to break the curse that plagued her existence. 

Along this arduous path, fate intertwined her heart with the Crown Prince of Tianquan, Zhang Sun Wu Ji, kindling a love that defied all odds. 

United, they confronted political turmoil in the five kingdoms and unravelled the hidden truths of her mysterious birth.

8. Love and Redemption

Love and redemption cdrama

In a world of ancient battles between demons and the heavens, the Star of Mosha and the God of War are sent to Earth for redemption. 

Chu Xuan Ji, deprived of her senses, befriends Yu Si Feng, a skilled disciple. 

Four years later, their paths reunite, triggering memories and revealing secrets that shake the three realms – demon, heavenly, and mortal. 

Now, their love and fate hang in the balance, and I really can’t stress how much this super sad Chinese drama impacted me. 

While the ending is bittersweet but still as tragic, I felt utterly blown away by this emotional Chinese drama and I don’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants a good and romantic Xianxia drama. 

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9. Eternal Love

Mo Lian Cheng, the 8th prince, is forced to marry Qu Tan Er, who loves his brother. 

Before the wedding, Qu Tan Er tries to end her life but wakes up with another soul in her body, and she soon finds that they switch control based on lies and unconsciousness. 

Mo Lian Cheng falls in love with the new soul, Xiao Tan, who tries to return to her time without success. 

And what unfolds is a bittersweet tale of love and longing in this adaptation of the novel Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your Divorce by Fan Que.

My primary issue with body-swap romance and transmigration is that the ending is almost never satisfactory, and the same applies here. 

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10. Journey of Flower

In this sorrowful and emotional Chinese drama filled with love and loss, Hua Qian Gu faces the tragic deaths of her parents. 

Possessing a unique ability to attract demons, she seeks help at the Chiang Lu sect, where she meets Bai Zi Hua, a gentle yet cold-hearted man who becomes her teacher and lover. 

Along the way, she encounters other romantic interests, Dong Fang Yu Qing and Sha Qian Mo, adding twists to her destiny.

I’ll be honest: Journey Of Flower is the perfect Chinese drama to watch if you want a good cry, and it’s genuinely one of the most super sad dramas I’ve watched to date. 

The ending quite literally gutted me, and I just know you’ll enjoy this heartbreaking Chinese drama if you want something that’s tragically beautiful. 

11. Princess Silver

Princess Rong Le loses her memory and meets Prince Wu You who doesn’t want to marry her at first, but they eventually fall in love without knowing she’s a princess. 

She pretends to be someone else while searching for important books, but she’s forced to marry someone else, and they face many challenges along the way. 

Despite all the difficulties, their love keeps them connected and hopeful, and this drama had me dirty sobbing intermittently. 

12. One And Only

Amidst political turmoil and tragic events, Zhou Sheng Chen and Cui Shi Yi find solace in each other’s company. 

He, a battle-hardened general, accepts her as his disciple to mend the royal family’s broken ties with the Cui family. 

And despite their differences, they form a strong bond, but their principles and responsibilities keep them apart. 

The ongoing power struggle in the palace constantly threatens to entangle them once more, adding to the sadness of their unfulfilled romance.

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13. Love You Like Oceans and Mountains

Xia Rui Ning is a confident student studying ancient art at Xiling University. 

She becomes friends with two brothers, Ye Lin and Ye Miao, who have a family collection of ancient scrolls and artefacts. 

Rui Ning also meets Shen Zhen, the spoiled daughter of her former nanny, who is interested in the brothers’ art collection. 

As they work together to restore ancient paintings, complicated relationships and emotions arise. 

Now, Rui Ning faces a tough choice between her friends and someone she’s falling for, and this is another legit interesting and sad Chinese drama you don’t want to miss. 

And, that’s a wrap!

The dramas on this list are sweet but they leave an almost painful bite once you’re done watching – proceed with caution and make sure to check out the trigger warnings. 

Do check out the related posts below and let me know what you’re thinking in the comment section.

Happy watching!

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