15 Medical K-Dramas With Romance That Are Perfect For A Night In

Needless to say, I’m a complete sucker for Chinese medical dramas. 

What’s not to love about complex doctor-patient relationships, a tension-filled workplace, many heartwarming moments, intricate plotlines, and the chemistry and camaraderie between the memorable cast members – you see my point? 

In this post, I’ve rounded up 15 of my all-time favorite Chinese medical dramas. These are the ones that stole my heart, and I just know you’ll enjoy them.  

So, get ready to find a new (and good!) recommendation – I promise you’ll love one or all of the dramas on this list!

1. Sweet Teeth

Sweet teeth cdrama

In the delightful Chinese romantic comedy medical drama adapted from A Speck Amid the Dust of the World by Mu Fu Sheng, Zeng Li, a university librarian is initially prejudiced against the handsome dentist, Ai Jing Chu, due to a misunderstanding. 

However, as fate would have it, Zeng Li ends up becoming his patient and discovers that he is not only professional but also caring, leading her to develop feelings for him. 

Alongside Zeng Li’s journey, her best friends, Ma Yi Yi and Wu Ying, also experience life-altering changes due to their encounters with Deng Hao Ran and Liu Yu Cheng, respectively.

2. My Dear Guardian

Xia Chu, a calm, kind, and experienced military medic, and Liang Muze, a stoic, battle-hardened officer with a guarded heart, find their lives intertwined, perhaps sparked by a rescue or their shared living situation, proving that love has a way of entering when least expected.

This romantic medical Chinese drama was genuinely the sweetest thing. I’ll forever recommend it to anyone who wants an interesting romantic medical Cdrama to watch. 

3. You Are My Hero

When Doctor Mi Ka unknowingly meets Special Forces Captain Xing Ke Lei during a jewelry store heist, their paths intertwine but his identity remains unknown to her. 

Years later, as Mi Ka participates in a joint emergency rescue training exercise, fate brings them together once again, leading to a blossoming relationship as they navigate military and medical challenges together.

This sweet Cdrama had me on edge a good number of times, and it’s super interesting.

You’ll enjoy this if you fancy a nice, slow medical drama of two unlikely souls finding happiness with each other. 

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4. Medical Examiner Dr. Qin

When Qin Ming’s assistant resigns due to his difficult temperament, Li Da Bao is reluctantly assigned to join the team. 

Despite Qin’s initial distrust, he discovers that Li Da Bao possesses remarkable reasoning, observation, and a keen sense of smell, leading him to embrace her as a valuable member. 

Together with detective friend Lin Tao, Qin and Li Da Bao embark on unraveling a series of peculiar cases.

5. Prodigy Healer

A royal from the sacred Shen Mu Tribe combines ancient healing practices with modern medicine to cure the sick and save lives. 

When he meets Ye Yun Shang, a young woman from a family of doctors, they embark on a journey together, overcoming challenges and finding love while he becomes a Master of Medicine.

6. Have A Crush On You

Ruan Liu Zheng, a neurosurgeon returning to her hometown after seven years, unexpectedly reunites with her ex-husband, Ning Zhi Qian, who happens to be the most experienced neurosurgeon at Bei Ya Hospital. 

Despite their past, Ning Zhi Qian volunteers to mentor Ruan Liu Zheng as a way to apologize, leading to clashes and collaboration in their work. 

As they embark on a medical relief mission in Africa, a life-threatening incident brings them closer, teaching them valuable lessons and paving the way for a renewed relationship.

This medical Chinese drama with a doctor male lead gave me the thrills, feels, and intrigue I really needed.

Have A Crush On You is one of the best Cdramas out there about ex-lovers finding their way back to each other, and I really think you’ll enjoy it. 

7. Surgeons 

Cardiothoracic surgeon Zhuang Su returns to China after 30 years, and with the help of fellow surgeon Chen Xi, he has plans to uncover various truths.

First, he must find out more about a malpractice case that caused a patient’s death, resulting in his mother’s resignation, his sister’s disappearance, and his mother’s suicide, while still facing threats of demotion for challenging the hospital director.

Ultimately, he’s keen on taking his revenge and there’s nothing on earth that will stop him.

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8. The Centimeter of Love

Dr. Xu Qing Feng and pilot Guan Yu Qing, skilled professionals facing demanding parents, find solace in their arduous work schedules. 

However, their lives take a turn when they meet, fall in love, and discover that together they can confront their challenges instead of facing them alone. 

Yet, their path to happiness won’t be easy, as their families oppose their relationship. This is another beautiful romantic medical Chinese drama that kept me hooked from start to finish. 

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9. From Survivor to Healer

Psychiatrist Yan Shu Ren and Psychologist Sun Shu’s love story begins in school, but life pulls them apart. 

After five years, they reunite at Si Kang Hospital, but Sun Shu is initially distant. 

However, when Sun Shu’s mother falls ill, they reconnect, and Sun Shu supports Shu Ren as he copes with guilt over his mother’s death.

10. Youth Unprescribed

A group of medical students at Southeast Medical University navigate their university life, forging deep connections while pursuing their dreams of becoming doctors. 

As they encounter personal challenges and discover the fragility of life through a young girl’s presence, their determination to uphold the Hippocratic oath strengthens, solidifying their bond and shared journey.

Youth Unprescribed really stole my heart, and it’s one of my first points of reference whenever the topic of coming-of-age medical Chinese dramas is mentioned – nostalgic and sweet in all the ways that matter, I just really loved this Cdrama. 

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11. Healer of Children

Jiao Jia Ren, saved by pediatrician Gu Li Feng in her childhood, follows his footsteps and joins the top children’s hospital as a registrar. 

Working alongside talented colleagues Deng Ziang, Gu Jia Ren, and Wang Hang, they face challenges both in the clinic and life, learning, growing, and becoming competent specialists dedicated to protecting and serving children with all their hearts.

12. The Listener

Ming Chuan is a genius forensic doctor known for solving cases through corpses, but he’s got a mysterious past even he can’t figure out. 

Along comes Luo Bi Xin, a gorgeous and talented policewoman who becomes suspicious of Ming when she sees his picture at a crime scene, leading her to investigate. 

As they tackle captivating cases together, their paths intertwine, bringing them closer and closer.

This thriller Chinese drama meshes perfectly with the medical aspects, and it was simply amazing to watch – I was on the edge of my seat in anticipation (would wholeheartedly recommend it). 

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13. Wonderful Hand

In the early 20th century, Dr. Lin Hao, a skilled and brave doctor, runs a medical hall with his boss Wu Ren Yao and nurse Wu Ruo Lan in Hui Zhou Town. 

When a mysterious case connected to the death of Lin Hao’s parents emerges, he teams up with his friends Zeng Fan and He Xin Xin to solve the puzzle, only to discover that the culprit is someone close to him.

14. May I Love You

Jiang Han, a gentle and attractive male nurse, leads a double life as a bar singer, and when Xia Tian, a bold and drunk girl, kisses him during a performance, their paths intertwine as she shows up as the new intern at the hospital the next day.

May I Love You is another utterly romantic medical Cdrama with endearing characters that stick to you long after you’re done watching. 

15. The Young Doctor

Three unlikely friends embark on an internship at a big hospital’s emergency clinic, following young doctors around. 

Together, they discover the true essence of life, not just their own, but also the lives of those around them.

So, that’s the scoop!

What did you think? 

There’s nothing quite like a medical Chinese drama to set the mood right, and the incredible shows on this list are so perfect for a binge-watch!

Do you have any more recommendations? I’ll love to hear them – please let me know in the comments below. 

And, if you’re in the mood for some more recommendations, please check out the related posts below.

Happy watching!

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