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Kdramas like bo ra deborah

5 Heartwarming Romantic Kdramas Like Bo Ra! Deborah You’ll Adore

I’ve been in the Kdrama-verse for quite some time, and I can say for a fact that I’ve never been as thrilled as I am with the new releases and ongoing dramas so far in 2023. 

This year, we’ve gotten some solid enemies-to-lovers dramas, historical romance that’s just simply brilliant, and an ongoing makjang that has me glued to my seat every weekend (The Real Has Come). But, of all these, the rom-coms are definitely taking the cake. 

Bo Ra! Deborah or True To Love is just one of the many beautiful new rom-com Kdramas released in 2023, and I absolutely loved it – and I don’t say this easily. The leads, storyline, and everything were flawless and I think I’ve found a new show to scream about. 

If you aren’t in the know, picture this: a love coach with an impeccable track record in matters of the heart and a publishing planner who’s as skeptical as a cat in water.

Sparks fly, witty banter ensues, and I was left with the feeling that love can truly conquer all – even the most stubborn of hearts.

If you loved Bo Ra! Deborah even as half as I did, I just know you’ll enjoy the gems on this list. This one is for the romance lovers, the romance skeptics, and everyone who falls in the middle. 

Here are the best Kdramas like Bo Ra! Deborah:

1. Dinner Mate

At the heart of it, Bo Ra! Deborah is a Kdrama about healing from heartbreak and reshaping our definitions of happiness and self, and Dinner Mate also features the same theme. 

In fact, while watching, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between Bo Ra and Do Hee’s relationships and how they eventually grew into themselves. 

After meeting Hae Kyung at Jeju Island after going through a devastating heartbreak, the two decide to explore their mutual passion for exploring diverse culinary delights. 

Like how Bo Ra and Soo Hyuk spent an inordinate amount of time together working on her book and eventually grew close, Hae Kyung and Do Hee agreed to remain anonymous while going on their gastronomic adventures back in Seoul, and freestyling the many peculiar coincidences that always seemed to dog them. 

You’ll love this Kdrama if you enjoyed the themes of heartbreak and an annoying ex that just seems to pop out of nowhere that were present in Bo Ra! Deborah.

And, just like Bo Ra! Deborah, regretful exes were popping up like frogs here and there and it was simply marvelous. 

2. Love To Hate You

Truth is that Bo Ra and Soo Hyuk in True To Love start out as enemies.

Understandably, they’re quite skeptical of each other and with some choice words being whispered that somehow got to the other, it was rightly chaotic. 

If you haven’t watched Love To Hate You, then you’ve probably heard about it, and that means you’ve probably seen firsthand exactly how different Mi Ran and Kang Ho are.

The both had very different characters and after a few quirky first-meetings and a misunderstanding that spiraled into this whole thing, they eventually realized that they had much more in common. 

You’ll love this Kdrama if you’re in the mood for an enemies-to-lovers Kdrama that will set your spirit revving – I know I was literally on auto-pilot while watching and that’s how I ended up bingeing the entire series in one night – and a fake relationship that eventually blossoms into the real thing.  

And, fans of Bo Ra! Deborah will enjoy watching this unlikely couple – who will put you in mind of Bo Ra and Soo Hyuk eventually fall in love with each other. It was just really so beautiful.

3. Oh My Venus

Just like Bo Ra! Deborah, Oh My Venus is another Kdrama that goes into what transpires after an ugly breakup and features the leads navigating those treacherous waters that always try to bring you down. 

Kang Joo Eun, the female lead in this drama, was once regarded by everyone as an extremely attractive woman, but the years took a toll and she gained some weight and started living an unhealthy lifestyle.

To make things worse, her boyfriend of 15 years breaks up with her, and this is when she decides to go hard or go home. 

She enlists Kim Yeong Ho’s help – he’s a personal trainer – and starts her journey to embracing a healthy and balanced lifestyle all while healing from heartbreak and years of shunning from all the people around her.

And, together, they heal each other’s emotional wounds and find love in the process. 

On the face of it, there might not be many similarities between the both, but if you love the theme of unexpected love and the lead growing into their own over the course of the drama, you’re going to enjoy this.

Oh My Venus reminded me of Bo Ra! Deborah in many ways, and chief among them was the stellar character development of every person involved.

4. Kiss Sixth Sense

Some might argue that the ex-comes-back trope is overused and to them, id say: not in my opinion, though.

This trope is one of those undying ones that just never feels too much or too little – it’s just perfect if executed properly. 

Just like Bo Ra! Deborah, Kiss Sixth Sense features two colleagues slowly warming up to each other after many frosty encounters, but it puts a lovely spin on it – the female lead can see the future and this has affected all her relationships. 

One thing I’ll say is that the leads in this Kdrama also had a fair bit of character development with backstories that just about brought tears to my heart.

Ye Sool – the lead in this drama – slowly by surely realized her definition of love and an ideal future crystallized before her when she started getting serious with Min Hoo. 

If you enjoyed the banter between Bo Ra and Soo Hyuk, then you’re going to love seeing Ye Sool and Min Hoo get it in.

These two were literally setting everywhere ablaze with their words, and their skinship will go down in history as one of the best.

5. Ga Doo Ri’s Sushi Restaurant

This is another webdrama like Bo Ra! Deborah that delves into heartbreak and what comes after. It’s chock-full of moments that reflect Doo Ri’s growth and development, and it was just beautiful to see. 

After her heart is shattered by the man of her dreams, Doo Ri decides to take charge of her life and not let heartbreak define her, She then opens a sushi restaurant that gives delicious food and dispenses expert dating wisdom. 

I don’t think there’s any way you’d watch this Kdrama and you won’t be immediately reminded of Bo Ra.

With that trademark sassy behaviour and their strong but curious personalities, I just know you’ll enjoy this Kdrama if you liked Bo Ra! Deborah or True To Love. 

And, that’s a wrap!

If you haven’t guessed by now, I really did love Bo Ra! Deborah and I feel it’s just such a precious drama.

I cried a couple of times in the first episode and by the end, her growth and maturity were so evident on the face of it, and this might even fall into the category of my essential dramas.

So, if you enjoyed Bo Ra! Deborah and you’re looking for similar shows that will make you feel every single thing, ii can’t recommend the ones on this list more – they’re that good.

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