11 Romantic Comedy Chinese Drama Gems You Need To Watch ASAP

Love and plenty of laughs are the perfect combo, and I’ll probably defend this position till the end of time. 

I live for heart-fluttering romance and side-splitting comedy, so you best believe that Chinese romantic comedy dramas are the magical sweet spot. 

Think cute meet-cutes, funny twists, witty banter, and adorable love stories – sounds good, right? I’m sure it does. 

In this article, I’ve rounded up 11 of my favorite Chinese romantic comedy dramas that will absolutely make your heart go pitter-patter. 

Here are 11 heartwarming Chinese romantic comedy dramas that will make you feel warm all over: 

1. Accidentally In Love

Chen Qing Qing, a wealthy heiress, runs away from an arranged marriage on her wedding day. 

She then enrolls in her parents’ college to learn about their deaths, and to keep her identity secret, she changes her appearance and mingles with classmates. 

Her deskmate turns out to be Si Tu Feng, a famous singer, and this leads to frequent arguments that are on the right side of hilarious. 

Soon enough, they were falling in love slowly while Qing Qing kept working hard to find out the truth about her parents’ deaths. 

This is easily one of the most enchanting Chinese rom-com dramas that you’ll ever come across, and I just know you’ll love it. 

2. First Romance

Years ago, Yan Ke and Xiong Yi Fan were schoolmates, and Yan secretly admired Xiong from afar, but he never revealed his feelings. 

Now, Yan is popular in college and known for his charm and talent as a pianist, but he still feels empty. 

Then, their paths cross again, and Xiong falls for Yan, and that’s where the romance in this feel-good rom-com Cdrama kicks off.

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3. Moonlight

Chu Li finished university and landed her dream job at Yuan Yue Publishing House. 

But things get tough as she realizes the publishing industry has changed a lot. 

She then meets author Zhou Chuan, who seems nice but isn’t, and they clash, but Zhou Chuan later realizes Chu Li is his online friend, Monkey.

If you don’t take any of my other recommendations, this one is a must – the romance in Moonlight is as sweet as candy and it will definitely sweep you off your feet. 

4. Perfect and Casual 

This Chinese drama follows two people: Professor Zhang Si Nian, who’s very serious, and Yun Shu, who’s super cheerful. 

After a fractious meeting and an even more annoying encounter, Yun Shu was just about done with Si Nian, until she found out her cousin duped her and she was now homeless and poor (she gave her cousin all the money). 

To make things worse, the house her cousin transferred to her name actually belonged to Si Nian, and living together was completely out of the question.

With Si Nian’s grandfather breathing down his neck for a grandchild and the arrival of Yun Shu’s sister imminent, they decided to go into a fake marriage. 

Soon enough, they had absolutely fallen in love with each other and I loved every single moment of this rom-com Chinese drama. 

5. Go Go Squid!

Han Shang Yan is a former esports champ who now has his own gaming club, K&K, where he trains kids. 

When his team loses, he visits an internet cafe and meets Tong Nian, a computer genius who likes him instantly. 

She’s shy around him even though she’s outgoing online, and they get closer due to coincidences and misunderstandings, and Han Shang Yan becomes kinder. 

Tong Nian then joins K&K and learns why he quit esports, and their story mixes love, gaming, and discovering the past.

6. I Cannot Hug You

The Chinese drama is about a vampire girl who doesn’t care about much until a germaphobe moves in next door. 

They feel drawn to each other and start a romantic relationship, and the girl, who used to be distant, now wants to be near him. 

If you’ve read this summary, then you already know that this concept is always, always a banger and that’s not a joke.

This is the perfect choice if you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy Chinese drama that will leave you with a permanent smile. 

7. Meteor Garden

An average girl named Shan Cai gets into a super fancy school where the F4, a group of rich and handsome boys, rules. Shan Cai’s poor, F4’s rich. 

She argues with them, especially a mean guy named Dao Ming Si, and despite their mean pranks, she’s tough and she handles them. 

Another guy, Hua Ze Lei, helps her, and while the F4 slowly starts to see Shan Cai’s strong personality, she also finds good in them too. 

This is another fantastic youth comedy and romance Chinese drama that’s just as lovely as it is hilarious – you’ll enjoy it. 

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8. Flipped

Shuang Shuang rebels due to her strict dad, and then she meets Qi Xun, a talented but cold guy. 

They really like each other, and it’s like the world brightens up when they see each other, just like the saying goes.

And, I really cannot emphasize how straight-up sweet everything in this rom-com Cdrama was. 

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9. Hello Mr. Gu

Gu Nan Zhou, a CEO who dislikes crowds, and Zhou Jian Qing, a poor heiress, enter a contract marriage. 

At first, they clash due to their different personalities, but as time passes, they become close friends. 

Despite their flaws, they support and heal each other, eventually falling in love.

10. The Secret of Love

Su Yi loses her memory due to a fire accident, and while trying to find her lost memories, she meets Li Jia Cheng, who has strong connections to the incident. 

He comes from a wealthy, cold-hearted family, destined to take over their business. 

Initially, they clash, but later become equal partners, and Su Yi changes his perspective, helping him overcome obstacles for true love.

The Secret of Love is yet another romantic comedy Chinese drama that’s chock-full of swoony, heartwarming moments and adorable characters. 

11. My Little Happiness

My little happiness cdrama

Cong Rong dreams of being a lawyer, but her mom wants her to study finance abroad.

Against her wishes, Cong Rong pretends to leave but secretly returns to work as a legal intern. 

She then meets her childhood friend Wen Shao Qing, now a surgeon, who is also her landlord. 

Despite trying to resist, they grow closer due to fate, and I really loved seeing their connection blossom.

And, that’s a wrap! I’ve just listed 11 of the best Chinese rom-com dramas that you absolutely need to see right now if you want all the warm fuzzies.

If you’re in the mood for some stellar recommendations, please check out the related posts below and let me know what you think in the comments.

Until then, happy watching!

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