15 Swoony Cold Male Leads In Romantic Chinese Dramas We Love To See

I think we can all agree that cold male leads in Cdramas are undefeated – yes or yes?

There’s just something utterly romantic about watching a male lead thaw in real-time because of his bubbly princess, and if you get what I’m saying, the Chinese dramas on this list are going to interest you. 

With everything from mind-bending plot twists to sizzling on-screen chemistry, I’m absolutely sure you’re going to gobble up the dramas on this list.  

And, if you fancy getting your heart shattered, glued back together, and then shattered all over again, these romantic Chinese dramas starring cold male leads – although, “constipated” would definitely apply – will absolutely do the job. 

So, grab your favourite snacks and a strong support blanket, because these amazing Cdramas will leave you yelling at your screen for hours on end. 

Here are 15 beautiful Chinese dramas with cold male leads that redefine romance: 

1. Falling Into Your Smile

In the competitive world of e-sports, the talented ZGDX OPL team, adored by female fans, faces a challenge when one of their star players gets injured. 

Enter Tong Yao, a skilled amateur gamer who is recruited as the first female player, stirring mixed reactions within the team. 

As Tong Yao and the team’s captain, Lu Si Cheng, get to know each other, a potential bond begins to form in this adaptation of the web novel You’re Beautiful When You Smile.

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2. Gank Your Heart

This is a heartwarming love sports Cdrama between an e-sports gamer, Ji Xiang Kong, and a Tsundere live streamer, Qiu Ying. 

Initially, Qiu Ying wants to boost her own popularity by getting closer to Ji Xiang Kong, but things don’t go as planned. 

But, through their journey, she discovers Ji Xiang Kong’s hidden talent and finds her true calling. 

Adapted from the novel Accompany You to the Top of the World by Nan Ye Lin Er, this amazing Cdrama featuring a lovable cold male lead shows that love can blossom in unexpected ways.

3. Be My Princess

When part-time translator Ming Wei is chosen as the female lead in a drama alongside renowned actor Mu Ting Zhou, their on-screen love story becomes intertwined with reality. 

But when an accident erases Mu Ting Zhou’s memories, he only remembers Ming Wei as the princess from their drama.

This leads her to take on the role of caring for his life in hopes of helping him regain his lost memories, and their love grows from there. 

4. Always Have, Always Will

When Fang Li and Luo Yan reunite in college, their high school memories resurface, sparking a love-hate relationship filled with bickering. 

And as classmates in high school, Fang Li considered Luo Yan a nightmare. 

Now, three years later in university, Luo Yan doesn’t recall their past, but their journey of youth begins anew, with both rediscovering lost beauty and pursuing their dreams.

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5. Perfect And Casual

The paths of Zhang Si Nian, a cold, aloof, and perfectionist professor, and Yun Shu, a sweet and bubbly individual,  intertwine and the end result was the sweetest thing. 

Soon, they find themselves entering into a contractual marriage – she gets a house after being scammed by her cousin and he gets a wife to fulfil his grandfather’s wish. 

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6. Hello, Mr Gu

Gu Nan Zhou, a CEO who doesn’t like crowds marries Zhou Xian Qing, a poor heiress as part of a contract. 

They start off disagreeing because of their different personalities but eventually become close and help each other heal. 

And, they end up falling in love despite their imperfections. This is the perfect Cdrama with a cold male lead to watch if you like an icy but endearing lead. 

7. Be With You

Qi Nian, a young, female cartoonist with a straightforward personality, hopes that by interacting with Ji Yan Xin, she will gain inspiration and creative ideas for her comic plot. 

Coincidentally, Ji Yan Xin’s younger brother, Ji Si Qi, becomes Qi Nian’s assistant, which helps their relationship to grow and develop.

8. Miss Crow and Mr Lizard

Gu Chuan is a vibrant young man whose life takes a drastic turn after a traffic accident. 

He gets a heart transplant but can no longer do vigorous exercise or handle strong emotions. 

When Jiang Xiao Ning joins his company, her positivity starts to impact him, and they wonder if their connection could turn romantic despite his condition.

9. The Sword and the Brocade

Set in the Ming Dynasty, the story is about General Xu Ling Yi and Shi Yi Niang, who get married despite their different backgrounds. 

Shi Yi Niang, determined to break free from traditional roles, opens her own embroidery workshop. 

Xu Ling Yi supports her and works to improve his homeland, and together, they face challenges and support each other through thick and thin.

I really liked this drama for many things, but I especially cherished Ling Yi’s growth. If you’re in the mood for a historical Cdrama with a cold male lead, then I can’t recommend this more – you’ll love it. 

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10. My Dear Guardian

My Dear Guardian follows a military medic, Xia Chu, and an icy, enigmatic officer, Liang Muze, as they fulfil their duties and unexpectedly find love. 

Xia Chu remains calm in life-and-death situations, while Liang Muze’s heart is guarded by painful memories, and the way their love came out of nowhere was nothing short of fabulous. 

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11. Stop! Miss Hua

Sassy socialite Hua Ming Yue meets Qin Dong Hai, a former firefighter with a tough exterior but a lovable personality. 

Despite a rocky start, Qin Dong Hai becomes her advisor, aiming to help her change for the better.

This is another interesting Cdrama with a cold and reserved male lead that was so soothing to my soul. I absolutely loved it!

12. Warm On A Cold Night

Su Jiu Er, a talented and personable constable from the Qian Kingdom, meets Han Zheng, a member of the ruling family from the Qi Kingdom. 

They have opposite spirits – Su Jiu Er feels cold due to her rabbit-like spirit, while Han Zheng is warm with a wolf-like spirit. 

And as they investigate a murder case involving both kingdoms, their unique bond grows, and soon, the hate/love relationship between these two opposites blossoms into love. 

13. Timeless Love

This Chinese drama is adapted from the web novel Zhui Guang by He Zhong, and it follows Cheng Feng, a bookshop owner, who is forced to abandon her dream of becoming a dancer after an accident. 

One day, she meets Jiang Dian, a kind-hearted young person who seems distant because of family pressures. 

Despite their struggles, the two lost souls find comfort in each other’s company and gradually heal together.

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14. Your Sensibility, My Destiny 

Lin Chi, a quirky heroine from a strange world meets Mo Qing Chen, a lord who can’t feel emotions.

Their journey begins when she becomes the key to unlocking his feelings.

I’ll tell you for free that this Chinese drama with a cold male lead featured one of the most stellar character developments I’ve seen in dramas. 

15. A Love So Beautiful

A love so beautiful cdrama

The Cdrama revolves around high school classmates Chen Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen, who live next to each other. 

Xiao Xi is a cheerful girl with a crush on Jiang Chen, the cold, popular guy known for his looks and intelligence. 

They, along with their classmates Lu Yang, Jing Xiao, and Wu Bo Song, go through high school, college, and adulthood together.

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And, that’s it, drama fans! – My list of the best romantic Chinese dramas with cold male leads ends here. 

If you want some more recommendations, check out the related posts below, and I’m sure you’ll find something.

Happy watching!

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