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Best ocn drama to watch today

22 OCN Dramas You Need to Add to Your Watchlist ASAP

If you’ve been in the Kdrama-verse for long, then you’ve probably heard about OCN, or, at least, heard some variation of “Korea Number-One Channel” in your circles.

And, even if you haven’t heard of OCN but you love thrillers, chances are you’ve watched some of their shows. 

OCN – short for Orion Cinema Network – has become synonymous with the best of the best when it comes to Korean thrillers.

With a reputation for delivering complex characters, intricate plots, and plenty of suspense, OCN has become a network that thriller fans will never be able to ignore. 

In this article, I’ll list some of the best and most interesting OCN dramas that will have you on the edge of your seat – and absolutely leave you with a whole lot of questions.

Here are some of the best OCN Korean dramas that will keep you up all night: 

1. Tunnel

In 1986, Park Gwang Ho is a top-notch detective. One day, while investigating a serial homicide case, he’s transported through time to modern-day Seoul. 

There, he teams up with Kim Sun Jae, an eccentric but highly skilled detective, and together they enlist the help of Shin Jae Yi, a psychology professor.

The trio works tirelessly to solve crimes while navigating the challenges of time travel.

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2. Bad Guys

To tackle a surge in violent crimes, the Police Chief enlists Detective Oh Goo Tak’s help to form a unique team of criminals.

Despite being suspended from the force for using excessive force, Detective Oh Goo Tak assembles a group including a gangster, a young serial killer with exceptional intellect, and a contract killer. 

And, to help keep the team in line, Police Inspector Yoo Mi Young joins the squad. She uses both rational and emotional tactics to encourage the group to work together effectively.

3. The Guest

The Guest Kdrama

Yoon Hwa Pyung, a young psychic from a shaman family, discovers the existence of a powerful demon known as “Son” (Guest).

This demon can control others and lead them to possess weak individuals, causing them to become violent and self-destructive. 

Hwa Pyung, along with Choi Yoon and Kang Kil Yeong, both orphaned by demon attacks, meet again twenty years later when the killings resume.

Hwa Pyung now uses his powers to help those possessed, while Yoon is a skilled exorcist and Kil Yeong is a skeptical detective. Together, they reunite to defeat “Son” once and for all.

This is one of the best thriller Korean dramas that will absolutely leave you breathless.

If you’re in the mood for an OCN drama that will keep you engaged from start to finish, I can’t recommend this more. 

4. Strangers From Hell

Strangers from Hell kdrama

Yoon Jong Woo, a young man in his 20s, moves to Seoul after his friend Jae Ho offers him a job.

He finds himself living in Eden Gosiwon, a budget hostel with shared amenities and eccentric neighbors, including Seo Moon Jo, a charismatic dentist. 

Despite the less-than-ideal conditions, Jong Woo plans to stay for six months until he can afford a better place. However, strange occurrences begin to take place, causing him to grow uneasy around his neighbors.

As tension builds and mysteries unravel, Jong Woo becomes increasingly fearful of the apartment’s residents.

5. Kill It

Kim Soo Hyun is a skilled veterinarian who secretly works as a professional assassin, taking on dangerous contracts for large sums of money.

He’s a lonely figure, with only animals for companionship and a deep longing for human connection. 

But when a client offers him information about his mysterious past in exchange for a hit, Kim finds himself on the radar of Detective Do Hyun Jin.

Though Hyun Jin may seem cold and stern, she trusts her instincts and is determined to catch the serial killer she believes Kim to be. As they investigate, they uncover a surprising connection that dates back years.

6. The Uncanny Counter

The Uncanny Counter Kdrama

The Counters, demon hunters disguised as noodle restaurant workers, fight evil spirits seeking eternal life on Earth. So Moon, the youngest, becomes a key player after a car accident in his childhood.

Do Ha Na senses evil spirit locations, reads memories through touch, and works with So Moon to eliminate them. 

Ga Mo Tak, a former police officer with amnesia, has incredible strength and mentors So Moon. Chu Mae Ok is the restaurant chef and the Counters’ emotional support, using her healing abilities.

Choi Jang Mool, the oldest Counter, handles expenses and is a legendary figure among Korean Counters.

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7. Train

Train Kdrama

Seo Do Won is haunted by his father’s sin and works as a detective to escape his guilt. Han Seo Kyung is a prosecutor who is still looking for her father’s killer.

They both get involved in a serial murder case that leads to an old, abandoned train station. 

As they investigate, they discover that the train is a portal between parallel universes, and they must travel to the other world to track the serial killer.

However, the case takes a strange turn when a dead victim turns up alive, and Seo Kyung is killed, leading Do Won to work with another Seo Kyung to catch the killer.

8. Life On Mars

In this time-travel Kdrama, Han Tae Joo is a successful crime investigation team leader who wakes up in 1988 as a detective in a small town after a strange accident. 

With no explanation, he finds himself investigating a serial murder case in a different time period.

Despite being out of his element, Han Tae Joo uses his modern-day expertise to solve the case and return to his present day.

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9. Voice

Moo Jin Hyuk, a well-known detective, is tormented by the death of his wife. Meanwhile, Kang Kwon Joo, an expert voice profiler, is investigating her father’s murder. 

Soon, they team up to solve a new case involving a serial killer who has targeted their loved ones.

Working together, they hope to bring the culprit to justice and find closure for their personal losses.

10. Duel

Jang Deuk Cheon, a determined detective cop, faces a heart-wrenching situation when his daughter is kidnapped. With time running out, he sets out to solve the mystery and rescue his child. 

Armed with a single clue, two men with identical faces present at the crime scene, Jang Deuk Cheon launches a desperate hunt for the suspect.

This is a must-watch OCN Kdrama for fans of Korean crime thrillers that I would vouch for over and over again.

If you like stunning plots and whiplash-inducing twists, I can tell you for sure that you’ll enjoy this drama. 

11. Local Hero 

Baek Shi-Yoon, an ex-secret agent and skilled fighter, conceals his past and becomes the owner of a bar called Neighborhood.

Through his interactions with the regulars, he forms a deep connection with them. 

When he meets a young man with aspirations to become a police officer, Shi-Yoon takes him under his wing and trains him as a secret agent. Together, they combat injustice and fight against evil.

12. Rugal

Kang Ki Beom is an elite police officer who lost his wife and both his eyes while trying to bring down a criminal organization called Argos, and one day he wakes up in the hospital, accused of murdering his family. 

The NIS offers him a chance to join Rugal, a special team with biotechnology that grants him new abilities.

With his new artificial eyes, Kang Ki Beom sets out with Rugal to eliminate Argos and bring them to justice.

13. Trap

Trap Kdrama

As a renowned anchor at a broadcasting station, Kang Woo Hyun is living a seemingly perfect life with his loving family.

He is even offered the opportunity to enter politics. However, tragedy strikes during a family trip, leaving his life shattered. 

Enter Go Dong Kook, a seasoned detective who takes on Kang Woo Hyun’s case and begins investigating the circumstances surrounding the tragedy.

Trap is one of the best OCN dramas of the past decade that honestly deserves more recognition. If you want thrills, chills, and twists, then this is a perfect pick for you. 

14. Watcher

Fifteen years ago, a dramatic incident changed the lives of senior detective Do Chi Kwang, former prosecutor Han Tae Joo, and young policeman Kim Young Koon. 

Now, they work together in an internal affairs investigation team to expose corruption and injustice within the police force, and they are very determined to uncover the truth and bring justice to those who have been wronged.

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15. The Virus

In this drama, Lee Myung Hyun leads a team of scientists at the Special Infectious Disease Crisis Response Team to investigate a deadly virus with a 100% fatality rate.

As they delve deeper into the case, they confront the harsh truth and must stand up against the forces of evil to save lives. 

16. My Secret Romance

My Secret Romance Kdrama

Cha Jin Wook is the charming son of a wealthy family who prefers short-term flings. That is, until he crosses paths with Lee Yoo Mi, a sweet girl who’s never been in a relationship. Despite their one-night stand, fate brings them back together three years later. 

As they navigate a world of fleeting connections, they embark on a shaky, push-pull romance that keeps them on their toes.

While OCN is almost exclusively focused on thrillers, this romance pick was simply delightful.

If you have enjoyed OCN thrillers in the past, then this OCN romance drama is going to warm your heart. 

17. Vampire Detective

Yoon San is a private detective who finds himself turned into a vampire overnight, but that doesn’t stop him from solving cases for his clients.

Using his newfound abilities, he tackles various mysteries while keeping his secret identity under wraps. 

As he delves deeper into his own transformation, Yoon San must balance his supernatural nature with his dedication to justice.

Follow along as he navigates this thrilling world of crime and the supernatural.

18. Chimera

In 1984, a potential serial killer terrorized the city with a deadly explosion.

Now, in 2019, a copycat emerges, forcing Detective Jae Hwan, Profiler Yoo Jin, and Surgeon Dr. Joong Yeob to solve both the cold and current cases. 

Their prime suspect is known as “Chimera”, named after the legendary beast with a lion’s head, goat’s body, and serpent’s tail.

To catch the culprit, the team must unravel the secrets connecting the two crimes across decades. 

19. Longing Heart

Longing Heart Kdrama

Shin Woo is haunted by the memory of letting his first love slip away due to a lack of courage.

But when he travels back in time, armed with the knowledge that she felt the same way, he sees a chance to make things right. 

He tries to coach his younger self on how to win her heart, but things get complicated when the girl falls for the older version of himself.

As Shin Woo unravels the mystery of their past separation, he must navigate a tricky love triangle and fight for the woman he loves.

This is another amazing OCN romance Kdrama about time-travel that you’ll love if you like high-school Kdramas with a slight twist.

Featuring a talented cast and beautiful cinematography, there’s just so much to love about this drama. 

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20. Yaksha

Amidst the murky political climate of the Joseon era, a young king struggles to secure his position in court.

Thankfully, he has the support of his childhood friend Baek Rok, who leads a secret military force known as the “Black Cloud Swords.” 

But when Baek Rok’s brother betrays him and leaves him for dead, he’s forced to flee and become a slave and gladiator.

Eventually, he returns to Joseon, fueled by a burning desire for revenge against his treacherous brother. 

21. A Superior Day

Lee Ho Cheol is a dedicated firefighter whose world is turned upside down when a serial killer terrorizes his town.

Things take a sinister turn when a stranger tells him that his neighbor, Kwon Shi Woo, is the prime suspect. Little does he know, this stranger is a contract killer. 

As Lee Ho Cheol is pulled deeper into the dangerous game of cat and mouse between the two, he must use all his skills to stay alive and protect those he loves.

22. Tell Me What You Saw

Oh Hyun Jae was a top criminal profiler until a serial killer’s explosion took away his fiancé.

Now he lives in isolation. Cha Soo Young, a police officer in the countryside, has a photographic memory that aids in her investigations. 

When they join forces to catch the Peppermint Killer, the same serial killer who devastated Hyun Jae’s life five years ago, they are an unstoppable duo.

As they dive deeper into the case, they begin to uncover secrets that lead them to a shocking discovery. 

With so many thrilling OCN dramas to choose from, it can be a little hard to know where to start.

But no matter which show you choose, I can assure you that you’ll be hooked from the very first episode. 

So, grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready for some heart-pumping entertainment. And don’t forget to explore the related posts below for even amazing more Korean drama recommendations.