6 Korean Dramas To Watch If You Loved Pandora: Beneath The Paradise

If you were hooked by Pandora’s political plot, you’re not alone – I’m right here with you.

While I found the first two episodes a little slow, the rest of the drama was utterly captivating, and I’ve literally been singing its praises ever since. 

I don’t watch ongoing dramas because if I really, really like it, I’m going to be frustrated with the waiting, so I watched the two first episodes, didn’t like it that much, then gave it a second shot once the series rounded up – I don’t regret a second of this process. 

Everything from the intense action scenes to the suspenseful cliffhangers, and the somewhat dark cinematography was top-notch, and I just know you’re going to enjoy this drama. 

So, whether you’re a political junkie or you just love a good thriller, I have no doubt that these Korean dramas and movies like Pandora will keep you entertained and invested until the very end. 

Here are some amazing Korean dramas and movies like Pandora: Beneath The Paradise

1. Penthouse

Penthouse Kdrama

In this Kdrama, the residents of Hera Palace, a luxurious penthouse apartment, each have their own secrets and ambitions.

Among them are Sim Su Ryeon, Cheon Seo Jin, and Oh Yoon Hee, who each strive for the top spot as the queen of the penthouse. 

As the battle for wealth, power, and prestige heats up, viewers are taken on a wild ride through the cutthroat world of high society in Seoul.

The female lead in Penthouse is the same lead in Pandora and she was absolutely stunning in both roles.

Just like Pandora, Penthouse revolves around a select group of elites who have damning secrets and aren’t above using cutthroat methods to achieve their goals. 

2. Undercover 

Han Jung Hyun is a secret agent living a double life until he falls in love with and marries Choi Yeon Soo.

When Yeon Soo is nominated for a high-ranking government position, Jung Hyun’s past threatens to unravel his carefully constructed family. 

As Yeon Soo fights for justice and discovers the truth about her husband, the couple is forced into a fierce battle to protect their family and pursue justice.

While the duplicity of both leads in Pandora isn’t the same in this drama, the entire running around to prevent his real identity from being revealed totally reminded me of Pandora.

I really think you’ll like this drama if you’re keen to watch something like Pandora with lots of political subterfuge and hidden agendas. 

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3. Untouchable

Joon Seo’s life was shattered by the death of his wife Min Joo, but when a woman claiming to be her shows up, Joon Seo discovers that his wife’s identity and love were all lies. 

As he sets out to uncover the truth about her death, he learns of a dark family secret and must decide whether to punish or forgive those responsible.

Just like Pandora, this Kdrama involves complex relationships and difficult decisions that ultimately shape the characters’ lives.

For one, there’s a similar theme of a character’s past resurfacing and leading them to take action, and the lead is faced with a dilemma that involves their loved ones and their ambitions.

4. Trolley

Nam Joong-Do and Kim Hye-Joo are a loving couple with a hidden past.

Nam Joong-Do is a passionate member of the National Assembly, determined to change the world for the better. Meanwhile, his wife Kim Hye-Joo runs a cozy book repair shop and craves a quiet life away from the limelight. 

Despite her husband’s public role, Kim Hye-Joo has always kept a low profile, but when a case brings her secret to light, the couple must navigate the public eye while keeping their love and trust intact.

Sound like Pandora? Yes, it does. With a dangerous secret looming above the female lead’s head and the added problem of her blurry past, this Kdrama that’s like Pandora will have you hanging on the edge of your seat.

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5. The Villainess

Sook-Hee is a highly skilled female assassin who has been trained to kill from a young age in Yanbian, China.

She becomes a sleeper agent for South Korea’s intelligence agency with the promise of freedom after a decade of service. 

Despite longing for a different life, her past catches up with her when two men from her past unexpectedly resurface, threatening to reveal her dark secrets.

Just like Taera from Pandora, Sook Hee was also trained from a young age to be a killer. The difference is that Tae Ra was abducted and forced into this way of life when she was already a teen and she got out soon – long story.

I won’t lie, I watched this Korean Movie because of a YouTube short I saw that was like a compilation of the action scenes and I wasn’t disappointed. 

If you’re in the mood for a Kdrama featuring a set of strong (very, very strong) female characters, then you’re going to enjoy the two pieces – The Villainess and Pandora

6. My Name

Yoon Ji Woo wants to take revenge for her father’s death and so she infiltrates the police force with the help of crime boss Choi Moo Jin.

She partners with strict rule follower Jeon Pil Do while their leader Cha Gi Ho vows to take down Choi Moo Jin. 

Meanwhile, Choi Moo Jin’s most loyal subordinate, Jung Tae Joo, and former member Do Gang Jae also play a role in this crime drama filled with revenge and secrets.

This is another absolutely beautiful short Kdrama featuring a strong female lead who moonlights as an assassin.

Just like Pandora, the female lead in this drama can fight (like fighhhttttt), and there’s a whole underbelly of corruption and crime in her past. 

While these Kdramas share similar themes with Pandora: Beneath The Paradise, I can tell you for a fact that they have their own merits and they’re all thrilling and addictive. 

I hope this list helps you discover your next favorite show. 

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section, and visit the related posts below for more Kdrama recommendations and insights. Happy watching!

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