11 Funny Kdramas Guaranteed to Make Your Sides Ache from Laughing

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and these funny Kdramas are just what the doctor ordered.

From zany romantic comedies to wacky workplace antics, these shows are the perfect shows to escape from reality and a chance to unwind with a hearty dose of laughter. 

With their lovable characters and clever humor, these Kdramas will have you grinning like a Cheshire cat in no time.

So, put aside your worries and immerse yourself in the world of hilarious Kdramas that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Here are 11 light and funny Kdramas to watch right now if you need a good laugh:

1. Mr. Queen

In the bustling world of South Korean politics, talented chef Jang Bong Hwan has soared to new heights, cooking for the nation’s top politicians in the prestigious Blue House.

But fate takes an unexpected turn when a serious accident transports him back in time, placing him in the youthful body of Queen Kim So Yong. 

As the reigning monarch, King Cheol Jong, exists merely in name, Queen Kim So Yong finds herself caught in a power struggle orchestrated by the cunning Queen Sun Won and her ambitious brother, Kim Jwa Geun.

Through it all, she will uncover shocking secrets about her seemingly gentle and meek husband. 

This historical drama legit had me in stitches several times, and I will always recommend it to anyone who wants a healthy dose of humor and politics that’s just the right amount of thrilling.

Watching Bong Hwan navigate Joseon politics was really the most entertaining thing. 

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2. True Beauty

True Beauty Kdrama

Lim Ju Gyeong is a talented girl who becomes a beauty sensation thanks to her makeup skills learned from YouTube tutorials.

She may look like a goddess with her flawless makeup, but revealing her true face is her worst nightmare. 

Enter Lee Su Ho, the only person who has seen her without makeup. Handsome and seemingly cold, Su Ho carries a hidden past and a caring heart. As their paths intertwine, they grow, share secrets, and discover love. 

True Beauty is one of those high school Kdramas that tackle heavy issues (in this case, insecurity, grief, loss, and lost friendship) in a light way that still manages to squeeze a laugh out of you from time to time.

If you’re in the mood for a comedy & romantic Kdrama, definitely give this one a try. 

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3. Welcome To Waikiki

This hilarious and lively comedy-drama revolves around three young men and their unpredictable adventures.

Dong Goo is a perpetually unlucky dreamer aspiring to be a filmmaker, Joon Ki is a quirky actor who entertains for a living, and Doo Shik is a laid-back writer with no particular ambitions. 

Together, they open the “Waikiki” guest house in Itaewon, catering to international visitors. With their cluelessness about running a business, chaos ensues.

Also living in the house are Dong Goo’s efficient sister Seo Jin, single mother Yoon Ah with her enigmatic baby, and Dong Goo’s ex-girlfriend, Soo Ah.

A list of the funniest romantic comedy Korean drama with cute guys would literally be decidedly incomplete without mentioning Welcome To Waikiki.

As I’m sitting here writing this article, I’m thinking about some scenes in this Kdrama that literally had me gasping for air with how ridiculously funny they were. 

4. The Master’s Sun

Master's Sun Kdrama

This supernatural Korean drama really does prove that a mixture of genres isn’t always a bad thing.

Gong Shil and Joong Woon really delivered some amazingly comedic scenes and a swoon-worthy romance that still makes my blood zing. 

Here’s the story: Joo Joong Won, the wealthy and miserly CEO of Kingdom, meets Tae Gong Shil, a haunted young woman who can see ghosts.

And as they join forces to confront the chilling presence of spirits, their lives intertwine in ways they never imagined.

Together, they unravel the mysteries of a haunting kidnapping incident from Joong Won’s past.

Amid the terror and sorrow, a beautiful love story unfolds, as their hearts unknowingly find solace and affection in each other’s embrace.

5. My Love From The Star

My Love From The Star is an enchanting fantasy Kdrama that weaves together romance and sci-fi elements with a unique brand of comedy that only the amazing Kim Soo Hyun and the ethereal Jun Ji Hyun can deliver – and deliver they did. 

This Kdrama follows Do Min Joon, an extraterrestrial being with extraordinary physical abilities, who arrived on Earth four centuries ago.

As he nears the end of his time on our planet, fate brings him face-to-face with Cheon Song Yi, Korea’s beloved Hallyu star who is now scorned due to the suicide of her colleague. 

Sparks fly as their worlds collide, and a captivating love story unfolds against the backdrop of fame, destiny, and the mysteries of the universe.

Min Joon and Song Yi were literally the IT couple and I simply loved how much chemistry they had.

The bonus was Song Yi who I strongly feel could have successfully carried a career in comedy because she was just downright funny. 

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6. A Business Proposal

Shin Ha Ri (Kim Se Jeong) agrees to replace her friend on a blind date, expecting a rejection, the plan takes an unexpected turn when her date turns out to be Kang Tae Moo (Ahn Hyo Seop), her CEO at Go Food. 

Unaware of her true identity, Tae-moo, pressured by his grandfather, proposes marriage to avoid more blind dates. Ha Ri, desperate for money, accepts and assumes a fake identity to impress Tae Moo’s grandfather.

Despite the initial deception, their relationship blossoms until Tae-moo discovers Ha Ri’s true self and he tells her they should continue their relationship. 

Chaotic? Absolutely. The entire earth was literally rooting for Tae Moo and Ha Ri while the show aired and with good reason.

Watching them run around each other and the simply comedic situations the leads got into time and time again had me smiling all through – it’s that good!

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7. Dali And The Cocky Prince

Moo Hak, once a young peddler in the market, now thrives as the ambitious managing director of the renowned Dondon F and B restaurant chain.

Though money-driven and lacking refinement, he possesses an unwavering determination to succeed.

On the other hand, Da Li, the cultured daughter of a prestigious family, school abroad but when tragedy strikes and her father passes away, she’s forced to return and manage the art gallery, and this move effectively plunges her into bad financial debt. 

In an unexpected twist, Moo Hak becomes her creditor, initiating a unique bond between them. 

After watching this Kdrama, I absolutely fell in love with Park Gyu Young (who played Da Li) and her relationship with Moo Hak (played by Kim Min Jae) was really the sweetest thing ever.

This fantastic duo with very contrasting personalities blessed us with some frankly comedic scenes that were so hilarious.

Right from the beginning, their mix-up sort of set things in action, and if you want a romantic comedy Kdrama to watch, you’re going to enjoy this one. 

8. The Fiery Priest

Kim Hae Il, a Catholic priest known for his sharp tongue and occasional rudeness. Alongside him is Koo Dae Young, a talkative and somewhat timid detective.

Completing the trio is Park Kyung Sun, an intelligent and stunning prosecutor driven by ambition and exceptional skills. 

As fate would have it, they unite forces to unravel a murder mystery entangling a senior Catholic priest. With their distinct personalities and expertise, this unlikely team bands together to bring justice to the case, proving that collaboration can overcome any obstacle, even in the most challenging circumstances.

This is another funny Korean thriller drama that proves a mix of genres might just work.

If you’re in the mood for an action thriller with an unlikely team who manage to get into hilarious situations over and over again, then you’re going to enjoy this one. 

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9. So Not Worth It

This sitcom-style Korean drama delivered everything from the laughs to the feels and I honestly cannot recommend it more.

Set in a bustling college dormitory in Seoul and with a very talented cast of students from across the globe, friendships blossom, love sparks, and they get up to all sorts of adventure. 

10. I Picked Up A Star On The Road

In the whimsical world of Lee Yeon Seo, a contract worker, her daydreams take an unexpected turn when she accidentally enacts her revenge fantasy on the renowned Hallyu star, Kang Joon Hyuk.

Panicked, she believes she’s caused his demise but dreads being labeled a murderer. 

To protect herself, she brings him home and plans to dispose of the body.

However, Joon Hyuk awakens and mistakenly assumes he’s been captured by a deranged psychopath. In a desperate move, Yeon Seo keeps him hostage to prevent him from exposing her to the authorities. 

This is another utterly chaotic webdrama with a running theme of a slight mishap ballooning into something entirely unmanageable. I loved this for the romance, and it was also genuinely funny. 

11. Mad For Each Other

Mad For Each Other Kdrama

Mad For Each Other is another Kdrama that stunned me right off the bat with how genuinely funny the leads were.

Their complex path of love, hurt, and healing while dealing with their burdensome past was sad, but the few comedic scenes definitely made the entire affair less heartbreaking. 

The male lead, No Hwi Oh, is a dedicated detective in the Gangnam Police Station’s violent crimes division who believes he has life under control, but a sudden twist plunges him into a whirlwind of uncontrollable anger, transforming him into someone he barely recognizes.

Meanwhile, Lee Min Kyung finds herself trapped in a web of delusions and compulsions, her once-ordinary life shattered by a traumatic incident.

Unable to trust others, she exists within her self-imposed prison, inadvertently provoking anger in those around her due to her haunting illusions.

Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery and redemption, learning to heal the wounds of the past and finding solace in each other’s embrace.

And that’s a wrap on my roundup of the best funny Kdramas to watch if you want something fun right now! 

So, whenever you need a good laugh, turn to these funny K-dramas and let the infectious humor sweep you off your feet. Get ready to giggle, snort, and laugh until your cheeks ache. 

If you want more recommendations, check out the related posts below – I’m sure you’ll find something you like. 

Happy watching!

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