49 Super Short Korean dramas To Add To Your Watchlist ASAP

Time is precious, and so is quality entertainment. 

If you want to get the feels, chills, and thrills in half the time, I honestly cannot recommend these short dramas more. 

Every drama on this list delivers despite being less than 16 episodes, and I genuinely feel that you’ll enjoy them!

I’m talking about stellar character development, amazing cinematography, and a storyline that will absolutely keep you hooked for hours.

So, sit back, get into a comfy position, and get ready to say goodbye to those boring weekends – you’ll be binge-watching allll dayyyy longgg. 

Here are the best short Korean dramas if you’re craving a quick and fulfilled escape:

1. Rumour – 8 Episodes

Rumour Kdrama

Rumor is an interesting slice-of-life Kdrama that exposes the dark reality of office bullying and the devastating impact it has on the protagonist’s life, while highlighting the harsh and relentless nature of the corporate world and one woman’s struggle to survive amidst the bureaucratic turmoil.

2. One Ordinary Day – 8 Episodes

One Ordinary Day Kdrama

In this thriller Korean drama, college student Hyun Soo becomes the prime suspect in a woman’s murder, leading him to team up with Shin Joong Han, a determined lawyer, as they navigate the search for truth and fight against injustice within the legal system. 

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3. Legally, Dad – 6 Episodes

Legally Dad Kdrama

In this short Kdrama, Yoo Sang and Ah Young form a contractual agreement for him to become the legal father of their adopted child, but as time passes, their fabricated family unexpectedly becomes a source of the affection and care he longs for.

4. The Silent Sea – 8 Episodes

The Silent Sea Kdrama

In a dystopian future plagued by resource scarcity, Yoon Jae and his team embark on a perilous mission to the moon, aiming to recover crucial samples from a lunar space station while confronting the haunting memory of a past tragedy involving Ji An’s sister. 

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to watch this amazing and short Kdrama, I have one word for you: Gong Yoo. That’s all. 

5. Squid Game – 9 Episodes

Squid Game kdrama

Seong Gi Hun, a down-on-his-luck chauffeur, enters a dangerous game for a massive cash prize, risking his life and facing intense challenges in this short and gripping series. 

6. Kissable Lips – 8 Episodes

Kissable Lips Kdrama

One day, Jun Ho, a dying vampire, meets Min Hyun, a pure-blooded human, and as Jun Ho strives to become human by consuming pure blood, he must confront past traumas, safeguard Min Hyun, and navigate difficult choices when another vampire enters the scene. 

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7. The Killer’s Shopping List – 8 Episodes

Despite failing the exam multiple times, Ahn Dae Sung finds support from his mother and girlfriend as he prepares for another attempt, but his life takes a dramatic turn when a murder near his workplace drags him and his mother into the mystery, with his girlfriend leading the investigation. 

8. The Happy Loner – 2 Episodes

Na Ji Young’s world is upended when she meets Byeok Soo, her complete opposite, and this leads to a transformative journey of embracing new possibilities, healing from the past, and discovering the power of love and forgiveness in this beautiful romantic melodrama that’s less than 16 episodes long.

9. Vampire Flower – 6 Episodes

Vampire Flower Kdrama

Perfect for fans of Twilight, Vampire Flower is a captivating fantasy Korean romance drama based on a popular novel, which follows the journey of a vampire and a high school student searching for a rare flower in the land of vampires.

10. Nevertheless – 10 Episodes

Nevertheless Kdrama

Park Jae Eon, a charming player who avoids commitment, finds his beliefs about love and trust tested when he encounters Yoo Na Bi, a woman with a past trauma that has made her wary of romance, leading to a transformative journey for both.

If you like your romance Kdramas steamy and sweet, then you’re going to absolutely love this short college Kdrama – I know I did. 

11. Dear My Name – 6 episodes

Dear My Name Kdrama

This short Korean drama explores the concept of the red string of fate, where Ji Woo carries the mark of her soulmate’s name on her body but struggles to find them, prompting a contemplation on the desirability of being destined for another versus finding one’s own path to love.

12. Splash Splash Love – 2 Episodes

Splash Splash Love Kdrama

Splash Splash Love is a short historical Kdrama about a young girl who time-travels to the past during a magical rainstorm and ends up finding love and luck with King Sejong. 

13. Sweet Home – 10 Episodes

Sweet Home Kdrama

In a fight for survival against a wave of strange occurrences and the threat of transformation into monsters, solitary Cha Hyun moves to a new apartment following the death of his family. 

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14. You Drive Me Crazy – 4 Episodes

You Drive Me Crazy Kdrama

Kim Rae-Wan and Han Eun-Sung’s longstanding friendship takes a romantic turn after a night of heavy drinking, and the story develops as they navigate their newfound feelings in this short but captivating Kdrama.

15. My Name – 8 Episodes

This bite-sized, action-packed, revenge-themed Kdrama follows Yoon Ji Woo, a compelling female lead, who seeks revenge for her father’s murder by going undercover as a police officer.

She is guided by crime boss Choi Moo Jin and she soon ends up partnering with detective Jeon Pil Do in a high-stakes game of loyalty, tension, and bloodshed.

16. Long Time No See – 5 Episodes

Long time no see kdrama Cover

Chi Soo and Gi Tae, two characters concealing their true identities, navigate a journey of love and face unexpected challenges, unveiling secrets and making daring choices along the way.

17. Tracer – 8 Episodes

Tracer Kdrama

In this fast-paced thriller Kdrama Hwang Dong Joo leads a team focused on uncovering hidden money and holding criminals accountable.

Soon, they’re facing numerous obstacles and internal corruption within the department heads, and the plot twists and turns in less than ten episodes had me glued to my seat. 

18. Trap – 7 Episodes

Trap Kdrama

When tragedy strikes Kang Woo Hyun’s seemingly perfect life, a trip with his family turns his world upside down, leading him to seek the help of Detective Go Dong Kook as buried secrets and imminent danger unfold. 

19. Adult Trainee – 7 Episodes

Adult Trainees Kdrama

With a raw and realistic portrayal of 18-year-olds, Adult Trainee delves into taboo topics, delivering a short but impactful coming-of-age Korean drama that captures the love, worries, and anxieties of its characters. 

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20. Everything and Nothing – 4 Episodes

Everything and Nothing Kdrama

This poignant story follows 17-year-olds Min Jae and Seo Yoon as they navigate their identities, purpose, and the challenges of having divorced parents, highlighting their personal growth and development through struggles and self-reflection.

21. Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding – 8 Episodes

Nobleman Ryu's Wedding Kdrama

In a convoluted turn of events, Ryo Ho Seon discovers his beautiful bride is actually a man, Choi Ki Wan, but they are forced to maintain their secret marriage to avoid public humiliation, leading to complicated situations when the original bride, Choi Hwa Jin, unexpectedly returns.

22. Ma Boy – 3 Episodes

Ma Boy kdrama

Jang Geu Rim, a talented girl aspiring to be a pop singer, enrolls in an Arts High School to catch the eye of her crush, Tae Joon, but her life takes an unexpected twist when she befriends Irene, who turns out to be a boy. 

23. Peach of Time – 10 Episodes

Peach of Time Kdrama

When Peach travels from Thailand to Korea to visit his friend Yun Oh, he becomes entangled in their complicated family dynamics, particularly between Yun Oh and his strained relationship with his mother, Sung Suk.

Soon, Peach starts navigating unexpected feelings in this moving and immersive short BL Korean drama. 

24. My Runway – 6 Episodes

My Runway Kdrama

Aspiring model Seo Yun and successful businessman Jin Wook experience a body swap, leading to chaos in their personal and professional lives, as they strive to unravel the mystery and return to their own bodies before it’s too late in this intriguing and striking short drama.

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25. Pachinko – 8 Episodes

Pachinko Kdrama

Spanning four generations, Pachinko is an immersive tale based on a novel of an immigrant family’s journey as they strive to live, love, and thrive, with Kim Sun-Ja’s love story in early 20th century Busan and Baek Solomon’s mission to succeed in 1989 New York weaved together in a captivating narrative. 

26. Lily Fever – 9 Episodes

Lily Fever Kdrama

In this delightful comedy, Kyung Ju searches for her lost passport and ends up at her friend’s house, where she encounters an unexpected guest, Se Rang, leading to a heartwarming story of their developing relationship that will leave you smiling. 

Kim Rae-Wan and Han Eun-Sung’s longstanding friendship takes a romantic turn after a night of heavy drinking, and the story develops as they navigate their newfound feelings in this short but captivating Kdrama.

27. One Fine Week – 10 Episodes

One Fine Week Kdrama

Byul’s dream of a career in the entertainment industry takes a turn when she experiences the glamorous and dark sides of celebrity life while spending time with Jung Woo.

This ultimately leads her to appreciate the simple joys of everyday life through her part-time job at a cafe with Ari and Ji Han. 

28. Blue of Winter – 5 episodes

Blue Of Winter kdrama Cover

Blue of Winter centers around a group of boys bonded by their passion for Judo, as they encounter familiar faces, including Hyeon Woo, during competitions, and gradually develop romantic feelings, strengthening the bond between Do Jin, Ji Seok, and Hyeon Woo.

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29. Strangers from Hell – 10 Episodes

Yoon Jong Woo reluctantly settles into the cheap Eden Gosiwon hostel, enduring the strangeness of his neighbors while saving up for a better home, only to uncover a series of disturbing incidents that make him fear the very people he shares the building with.

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30. Search – 10 Episodes

Search Kdrama

Conscripted sergeant Yong Dong Jin, aided by his loyal dogs, finds himself entangled in a perplexing web of murder and mystery just before his discharge, gradually unraveling the shocking truth that the perpetrator may not be of human origin.

I’ve mentioned it before, and it won’t hurt to mention it again: If you want short but impactful, thrilling, and chilling, Search is a perfect addition to your watchlist.

31. Grid – 10 Episodes

Grid Kdrama

In a world protected by the grid, Kim Sae Ha becomes involved in a murder case and crosses paths with the killer, leading Detective Jung Sae Byeok to unravel the mystery.

But as she digs deeper, she realizes there is more to the story and her understanding of the Grid might be incomplete. 

32. Glitch – 10 Episodes

Glitch Kdrama

Determined to find her missing boyfriend, Hong Ji Hyo embarks on a relentless search, seeking answers from Heo Bo Ra, a prominent Twitch streamer and UFO enthusiast, leading to a thrilling and suspenseful storyline in this gripping Kdrama. 

33. You Raise Me Up – 8 Episodes

You Raise Me Up Kdrama

Do Yong Shik reunites with his first love Lee Ru Da, who is now his urologist, in this delightful comedy-drama filled with humorous and heartfelt moments, making it a must-watch for fans of Yoon Shi Yoon and anyone seeking an enjoyable and binge-worthy Korean drama. 

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34. A Model Family – 10 Episodes

A Model Family Kdrama

When a family is pushed into bankruptcy and confronts a ruthless drug ring, they must unite to protect their lives and confront the imminent threat posed by the organization. 

35. The Hymn of Death – 6 Episodes

The Hymn of Death Kdrama

Set in 1920s Korea, this short, captivating, and poignant historical drama brings together Yun Sim-Seok, the first Korean Opera singer, and Kim U-Jin, a talented drama writer, as their shared passion for the arts leads to a blossoming connection.

36. Soundtrack – 4 Episodes

Soundtrack Kdrama

With two friends living under the same roof for two weeks, tensions rise and secrets unravel, setting off a chain of events that tests their relationship and reveals Sun Woo’s hidden feelings for Eun Soo.

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37. Shall We Link – 6 Episodes

Shall We Link Kdrama

A Vietnamese exchange student faces a love triangle while adjusting to life in Korea in this refreshing story that won’t consume your entire weekend. 

38. First Love Again – 6 Episodes

First Love Again Kdrama

Yeon Seok, a renowned novelist who is actually a reincarnated man, reunites with his past lover, now in a man’s body, as colleagues in a publishing company, and their emotional journey draws them back together in this short and emotionally fulfilling Asian BL Kdrama.

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39. Twenty Years Old – 4 Episodes

Twenty Years Old Kdrama

Lee Ki Kwang, a famous idol, and Kim Hye Rim serendipitously reunite in their 20s, experiencing an immediate love connection that must be concealed due to Ki Kwang’s celebrity status.

40. Choco Bank – 6 Episodes

Choco Bank Kdrama

Kim Eun Haeng, named after “Bank” in Korean, navigates the challenges of starting his career alongside a fellow rookie in this amazing Kdrama that delivers a satisfying sense of closure despite its shorter length. 

41. Positive Physique – 6 Episodes

Positive Physique Kdrama

Hwan Dong, a determined graduating student with limited funding, enlists his popular ex-girlfriend’s help to bring his script to life, and despite their complicated relationship, their collaboration results in a spectacular performance.

42. Falling for Do Jeon – 6 Episodes

Falling For Do Jeon Kdrama

Do Jeon, a happy-go-lucky man and versatile performer, meets Ban Ha Na, a newcomer in the food truck industry, and as they join forces to save the threatened “One Plus” club, their relationship blossoms, intertwining with their shared mission.

43. Love Class – 6 Episodes

Love-Class-Kdrama Cover

Cha Ji Woo, a Mass Communication student, develops feelings for his classmate Bae Yoo Na but has a change of heart when he is paired with Lee Ro Ah, and what follows after is a journey of self-discovery like no other. 

44. How To Hate You – 6 Episodes

How to Hate You Kdrama

Mi Ri faces a challenging moral dilemma in college when she falls in love with her best friend’s partner, forcing her to make a difficult decision that would affect her relationships with both of them.

45. Mermaid Prince – 6 Episodes

Mermaid Prince Kdrama

In this short, compelling coming-of-age Korean drama, Jo Ara, a young woman skeptical about love, undergoes a transformative journey when she encounters Woo Hyuk and Yoon Gun, two persistent and sincere suitors, prompting her to reevaluate her beliefs and embrace the complexities of relationships.

46. How Are You Bread? – 5 Episodes

How Are You Bread Kdrama

Han Do Woo, a renowned pastry chef with the ability to bring dreams to life through his creations, catches the attention of show writer Noh Mi Rae.

She then becomes smitten with him as she relentlessly tries to convince him to join her variety show in this short and sweet Kdrama perfect for a cozy night in.

47. My Romantic Some Recipe – 6 Episodes

My Romantic Some Recipe Kdrama

Heartbroken, Ahn Mi Nyeo found solace in alcohol and woke up to a charming stranger in her home, who offered to help her win her crush’s heart, but their connection evolved in unforeseen ways. 

48. Another Parting – 5 Episodes

Another parting Kdrama

In this science fiction web-drama, Ha Na, a woman grappling with suicidal thoughts, meets Young Mo, a mysterious person who intervenes to prevent her from ending her life and becomes instrumental in her journey towards emotional healing and recovery.

49. Convenience Store Fling – 6 Episodes

Convenience Store Fling Kdrama

This interactive web drama follows Joo Ah, a convenience store employee who encounters men with distinct personalities during her shifts, offering a heartwarming and delightful story that is guaranteed to brighten your day and leave you with a smile.

So, there you have it, folks—a list of my very favorite short and well-crafted Korean dramas that you really do not want to miss. 

If you’ve been looking for something quick to tide you over during the week if you love your weekend dramas, then this is it. I just know you’ll love them!

Please check out the related posts below for more recommendations and do let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Happy watching!

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