13 Romantic Korean Dramas About Living Together Under One Roof

Love, laughter, chaos, and a shared living space — these elements stirred together are just the right recipe for a perfect Kdrama about cohabitation.  

And, whether it’s two strangers forced to live together (accidental roommates) or childhood friends reuniting under one roof (whoops!), one thing you can always be sure of is that you’ll be thoroughly entertained. 

This is one of my favorite tropes, and if you fancy romantic Kdramas about roommates finding love in unexpected places and you’re in the mood for a Kdrama where they live together under one roof, then you’re going to love the recommendations in this post. 

In this post, I’ve put together 13 Korean dramas with this same trope that will give you all the feels and more.

Here are 13 Korean dramas where the leads live together and fall in love: 

1. Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing on You Kdrama

In a thrilling twist of fate, South Korean heiress Yoon Se Ri finds herself crash-landing in North Korea after a paragliding accident.

There, she crosses paths with the charismatic North Korean army officer, Ri Jung Hyuk. Against all odds and amidst the tension between their nations, a beautiful love story begins to unfold. 

To avoid detection in the little North Korean village, the two concoct a fake engagement ruse and start living together.

And as Yoon Se Ri and Ri Jung Hyuk navigate the complexities of their newfound connection, their hearts gradually intertwine in an irresistible dance of affection and attraction.

2. Goblin

Goblin Kdrama

Kim Shin, a once invincible general in Goryeo’s military, met a tragic demise. However, fate had other plans as he gained immortality.

Exhausted by an eternal existence while seeing the mortality of others, Kim Shin embarked on a 900-year quest for his destined bride. 

Then, a fateful encounter with Ji Eun Tak, a resilient high school student, changed everything.

Despite her ability to communicate with spirits and endure hardships, Ji Eun Tak’s optimistic spirit remains unyielding. She boldly declares herself as the Goblin’s bride, capable of releasing him from his immortality. 

Eventually, she’s ousted from her house by her wicked aunt and she seeks refuge in Kim Shin’s house where she ends up rooming with Kim Shin and the Grim Reaper, and there were some very,  very, very funny incidents.

I honestly couldn’t recommend this drama more, as it’s one of my favourites and I sing its praises every chance I get.

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3. Because This Is My First Life

Nam Se Hee, a content bachelor in his early thirties, has consciously opted out of the marriage scene, and while he owns a home, the weight of his mortgage looms large. 

On the other hand, Yoon Ji Ho, a single woman of the same age, yearns for the stability of homeownership that eludes her.

Financial hardships have driven her away from the dating scene. Against the odds, Yoon Ji Ho finds herself sharing Nam Se Hee’s abode, forging an unexpected bond as housemates.

This is another beautiful Kdrama about reluctant roommates and fake dating that will speak to your heart if you’re a lover of romance.

If you’re in the mood for a Kdrama about house-sharing with adorable leads and a charming storyline, this is the perfect Kdrama for you. 

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4. You Are Beautiful 

You Are Beautiful Kdrama

In a whirlwind of events, the management company of idol group A.N.JELL faces a vocal predicament as Tae Kyung’s voice suffers. Determined to find a solution, they decide to recruit a new member.

But, fate plays its hand when the chosen candidate, Mi Nam, must undergo corrective eye surgery in the United States just before signing the contract. 

Quick thinking ensues as Mi Nam’s agent devises a plan: Mi Nyu, his twin sister, will step in and assume her brother’s identity.

Having grown up together in an orphanage, Mi Nyu, originally destined for a life as a nun, selflessly agrees to this ruse, driven by the desire not to hinder her brother’s shot at fame and the opportunity it brings to search for their mother.

Min Nyu then moves into the house and joins the group in Mi Nm’s stead, and when I say it was chaotic, just know that this is putting it lightly.

She quite literally wrecked Tae Kyung’s room in her first week and vomited in another group member’s mouth in the next. You’re going to love this one for sure!

5. Playful Kiss

Oh Ha Ni, a lovable but accident-prone high school student, has a massive crush on the impeccable Baek Seung Jo. But, Seung Jo remains indifferent to her affections and even outrightly dismisses her love. 

When a twist of fate causes Ha Ni’s house to crumble, she and her father seek refuge in the home of a dear family friend.

As destiny weaves its magic, Seung Jo turned out to be the eldest son of their newfound hosts. 

While Seung Jo wasn’t happy when he realized his predicament – having to share living quarters with the preternaturally bubbly Ha Ni – their love story was only just beginning and they were already in for a rough ride.

If you’re in the mood for a romantic high school Kdrama where the leads live together, then you’ll enjoy this one. 

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6. Oh! Master

Oh Joo In, the beloved rom-com queen, sets her sights on reclaiming her cherished family abode.

With lightning speed, she snatches it up the moment it hits the market, but fate intercedes as Han Bi Soo, the acclaimed crime-thriller maestro who has rejected Joo In countless times, was already occupying the house. 

Han Bi Soo, a man of quirks, meticulously sanitizes his surroundings and obsesses over precise angles.

Enslaved by the comfort of his designated writing space, he finds himself unable to create elsewhere.

A unique arrangement is born: Bi Soo strikes a deal with Joo In, gaining exclusive 24/7 access to his writing sanctuary. The condition? Addressing her as “master.”

7. The Secret Romantic Guesthouse 

Yoon Dan Oh, once a privileged daughter, now runs Ihwawon Inn as the family’s sole provider. The inn welcomes scholars aspiring to pass the civil service exams.

Among them are Kang San, Kim Si Yeol, and Jeong Yoo Ha, all hiding deep secrets.

Together with Yoon Dan Oh, they unite to find Lee Seol, who disappeared thirteen years ago, while living under the same roof. 

Lots and lots and lots of eye-candy in this Kdrama, so be warned if you don’t like too many sweeteners.

But, for real, this new historical Kdrama that was only released this year is one of the most marvelous pieces in recent times and I couldn’t help the nostalgic feeling that clogged my throat all through.

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8. Doom At Your Service

Tak Dong Kyung works hard after her parents’ passing. As a web novel editor, her life stabilizes, until a glioblastoma diagnosis shatters it all. Desperate, she unintentionally summons Myeol Mang, Doom himself.

Myeol Mang offers to fulfill her wishes. In her final hope, she strikes a risky 100-day contract with him, determined to live on her own terms.

In this fantasy Kdrama, Myeol Mang, who is a Doom, sort of breaks one entire section of her house’s wall and uses his powers to connect their houses.

So, if she stands in her entry area, she’s looking directly into his sitting room. Sweet or what? This is another solid cohabitation Kdrama that might make you cry. 

9. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Moon Gang Tae and Ko Moon Young were really THE couple, and they still are. Connected from childhood, they eventually meet again in adulthood, and it was just the cutest thing.

Moon Young hires Sang Tae – Gang Tae’s autistic brother – as her illustrator and they end up moving into her house (which is more or less a haunted castle).

From calming her when she had panic attacks, to the rather serious fights between Moon Young and Sang Tae, and to simple home dinners, everything about this drama was pure perfection. 

10. My Roommate Is A Gumiho

My Roommate is a Gumiho Kdrama

Shin Woo Yeo, a handsome and intelligent writer, is actually a 999-year-old nine-tailed fox.

When Lee Dam’s drunken friend lands on Woo Yeo’s car, chaos ensues. In the commotion, Woo Yeo’s vital bead is accidentally swallowed by Lee Dam.

To avoid losing his chance at becoming human, Woo Yeo suggests they live together until a solution is found. Lee Dam, who has never had a boyfriend, now shares a home with Shin Woo Yeo. 

This Kdrama is adapted from a webtoon called “My Roommate Is a Gumiho” created by Na (나), and I can tell you for a fact that it’s as sweet as people say.

While they don’t live together for too long, that period of cohabitation was everything.

Jang Ki Yong is probably the most poised and deeply emotive male lead I’ve seen, but watching him crumble in this Kdrama was fantastic. 

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11. Personal Taste

Through a series of comical events, Jeon Jin Ho’s sexuality is mistaken when applying to be Park Gae In’s roommate in order to learn the structure of her houses – which is the subject of his architectural project – but love blossoms between them.

Meanwhile, Gae In, despite her history of betrayal, remains trusting and open-hearted. Little does she know that Jin Ho’s affections extend beyond friendship. 

I absolutely loved this drama and I honestly think anyone will as well. While it’s quite older than the others on this list, it’s really just as good as them.

If you’re in the mood for a Kdrama where the leads live together and then discover love in the process. 

12. Welcome To Waikiki

In the bustling Itaewon, three friends – Dong Goo, Joon Ki, and Doo Shik – open a guest house called “Waikiki.” With no experience, they aim to earn money for their film.

Also living with them are Dong Goo’s sister Seo Jin, single mother Yoon Ah and her mysterious baby, and Dong Goo’s ex-girlfriend Soo Ah. 

Euchalacha Waikiki is one of the funniest Kdramas of all time that literally made me laugh until I was short of breath a couple of times.

Sweetest thing is that the romance is baked into the plot in this very sweet way.

All three boys have their pairings in their girls, and if you want a funny and romantic Kdrama to watch, please give this one a chance. 

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13. Rooftop Prince

In this time-travel Korean drama, Crown Prince Yi Gak is transported from the Joseon Dynasty to modern-day Seoul.

There, he meets Hong Se Na, who resembles his deceased wife and decides to solve the centuries-old mystery surrounding her death.

Assuming the identity of a young man at the company where Se Na works, he aims to stay close to her. 

This captivating Kdrama unfolds in this amazing house with a set of talented cast that made the entire show so entertaining. 

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And, that’s a wrap!

If this tope is your jam, the Kdramas on this list are a fun place to start and I can tell you for a fact that they’re all really good.

So, grab a cozy blanket, prepare for an emotional rollercoaster, and get ready to find your next obsession.

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