A Wedding, A Confession, & A Revelation In “Marry My Husband” Episode 11

The way I see it, Episode 11 of Marry My Husband is simply our leads basking and enjoying their domestic bliss. 

After a false start at the beginning of the episode where he told her he couldn’t continue while they were kissing, we eventually got more kisses lounging around and even a date. 

Now she knows that they met in the past and that has only brought them closer.

As for Su Min, things are also kicking off on her side because she’s finally achieved her dream of getting married to Min Hwan, but she’s slowly realizing that Ji Won might have played her. 

Her mother-in-law is insufferable, her tantrum-throwing husband is lazy, and there’s the fact that she’s unemployed and trapped in a situation where she has to keep spending money to keep up appearances – It’s clearly getting to her.

Eventually, they do get married, but that day is very chaotic because the bullies she conscripted to make Ji Won’s life a living hell in high school decided to pay her a visit, and they made a very big scene there. 

To top it off, she had this conversation with Ji Won right before the wedding where the other woman told her that she had successfully picked up her trash.

This is the moment we have all been waiting for, but since this is merely Episode 11 and there are five more episodes to go, we can’t get our hopes high yet because there’s a very big guarantee that everything is going to fall apart soon.

Either way, I loved this episode because finally what Ji Won had set out to do at the beginning was finally gaining root and sprouting its branches, so that was very nice to see. 

And, just as I said earlier, I really love that Ji Won and Ji Hyuk got to spend a lot of time together in this episode.

From the beginning of this drama, I’ve noticed that the male lead tries to help her in her revenge, but his efforts always come across as rather useless in the grand scheme of things. 

I feel this is the scriptwriter’s effort to ensure we don’t forget him because Ji Won is already very capable of manipulating both Su Min and Min Hwan, and his attempts just seem like him trying to be relevant.

What is rankling me at the moment, however, is what happened in the final minutes or so where we find out that Joo Ran, their manager, now has stomach cancer, so while a lot of Ji Won’s lots has shifted to other characters, this particular one needs to go somewhere, and her manager is the unlucky person.

One of my favorite things about Marry My Husband so far is the fact that we’ve gotten three good visual couples in just this drama, and it is the most beautiful thing ever. 

While the other two haven’t sailed, there is the potential, and I’m definitely rooting for all of them.

Have you watched this week’s episode? What did you think? I used to follow this drama; is it still as interesting as it was when it started? Let me know in the comment section.”

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