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Best psychological thriller kdrama

15 Psychological Thriller Kdramas That Will Mess With Your Mind

If you live for character-driven Korean dramas, then you’re going to want to get seated for this post – the recs I’m about to drop are over-the-top amazing, and they’re so brilliant, you might cry. 

There’s something to be said about twisted minds, but it’s even worse when you can feel your own mind getting slowly twisted. 

I’m talking about dark psychological Kdramas with mind-bending plot twists and shocking revelations that had me absolutely reeling. 

All this sound good? Great!

Get ready to scream, cry, shout, and be shook, because the dramas on this list aren’t pulling any punches. 

Here are 15 dark psychological thriller Kdramas that will keep you glued to your seat:

1. Strangers From Hell

Yoon Jong Woo leaves the countryside for a new job in Seoul thanks to his friend Jae Ho.

Seeking affordable accommodation, he discovers Eden Gosiwon—a budget-friendly hostel with shared facilities. 

Though unimpressed by the place and its eccentric residents, like the charismatic dentist Seo Moon Jo next door, Jong Woo chooses to endure it for six months until he can afford a better place. 

However, as strange occurrences unfold within the apartment, fear begins to consume Jong Woo, leaving him apprehensive about the very residents he shares the building with.

You know that feeling when a strand of hair gets stuck in your collar? Guys, this psychological thriller made me uncomfortable in so many different ways. 

2. Somebody

Sum is a talented developer working on the revolutionary app “Somebody.” Despite her communication challenges, she finds solace in her friendship with Mok Won and Ki Eun.

Ki Eun, Sum’s detective friend, becomes entangled in a murder investigation where the app “Somebody” plays a crucial role. 

Enter Yoon O, a captivating architectural designer who captures Sum and her friends’ attention. Yet, beneath his alluring exterior, Yoon O harbors secrets.

As Ki Eun digs deeper into the murder case, with Mok Won by their side, the plot thickens, and the truth awaits discovery. 

This is another brilliant psychological Korean drama that absolutely had me spellbound. If you’re in the mood for a Kdrama that makes you feel like there’s something on the periphery, then you’re going to enjoy this one.

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3. Mouse

It might be cliché, but most Korean dramas about serial killers fall into this category, and Mouse isn’t an exception.

From the very first episode, a question was put to debate: How can we detect psychopaths from birth, and when we do, what do we do about the baby? 

Look, without spoiling it, if you like Kdramas that make you question humanity and give you genuine jump-scares, Mouse might just be a perfect watch for you.

4. Save Me

Sang Mi and her family make a fresh start in Muji-gun after her father’s business setback, and with no familiar faces in sight, fate introduces her to four extraordinary young men: Han Sang Hwan, Seok Dong Cheol, Woo Jung Hoon, and Choi Man Hee. 

But when Sang Mi’s family encounters challenges, they cross paths with Spiritual Father Baek Jung Ki, who extends a helping hand through Goosunwon.

Little do they know; this seemingly benign gesture leads them down a treacherous path as they become entangled in a pseudo-religious cult. 

Now, it’s up to the determined quartet to rescue Sang Mi and her family from the clutches of danger.

Dark, moody, and atmospheric, this psychological Kdrama definitely gave me so many things to think about. 

5. Beyond Evil

In a city rattled by a serial killer, two extraordinary men step forward with unwavering resolve: Lee Dong Sik, a once-gifted detective now relegated to mundane duties, and the newly arrived Detective Han Joo Won, whose prestigious background hides a mysterious secret. 

As a series of brutal murders unfolds, mirroring chilling cases from the past, Dong Sik and Joo Won form an unstoppable partnership to bring the vicious culprit to justice.

Their relentless pursuit takes them beyond the surface, challenging the trustworthiness of everyone involved, even themselves.

Beyond Evil is one of those dramas that doesn’t need an introduction, and if you’re still on the fence about whether or not to watch it, I’ll advise you to start watching immediately – you won’t regret it.

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6. Hellbound

Hellbound Kdrama

Mysterious beings materialize, delivering damning decrees and sentencing souls to the depths of hell, and chaos ensues as these supernatural events unfold, allowing The New Truth, a powerful religious group, to rise in prominence. 

But a select few can’t shake their suspicions and embark on a daring investigation into the group’s enigmatic involvement.

As they delve deeper into the secrets that shroud these inexplicable occurrences, they uncovered a web of intrigue that literally had me glued to my seat. 

7. Tunnel

Park Gwang Ho is an exceptional and passionate detective in 1986, but everything takes a mind-bending turn when he finds himself hurtling through a time portal, landing in present-day Seoul. 

Enter his new partner, the brilliantly eccentric yet highly skilled detective Kim Sun Jae. Together, this dynamic duo navigates the challenges of solving cases in two different eras. 

Adding to their arsenal is the invaluable expertise of psychology professor Shin Jae Yi, who aids their investigations with her profound insights. 

8. Liar Game

Contestants compete for a 10 billion won prize in a game show where cheating is the key, and among them are genius swindler Ha Woo Jin and naive college student Nam Da Jung. 

This is the very first Kdrama that comes to mind when I think about the psychological disintegration of characters when they are forced to confront their fears and inner demons. 

9. Voice

Detective extraordinaire, Moo Jin Hyuk, haunted by guilt over his wife’s tragic demise, teams up with the skilled voice profiler, Kang Kwon Joo, who is driven by the loss of her own father. 

Together, they embark on a relentless pursuit of justice, determined to solve a series of heinous crimes.

Their shared mission: to track down the elusive serial killer responsible for the devastating loss of their loved ones. 

This is another intense psychological Korean drama where the leads unravel a cache of dark secrets and hunt down the ruthless culprit, while seeking closure and redemption for their shattered families.

10. Less Than Evil

This crime drama delves into the intricate psychological games played between a passionate yet tormented detective and an enigmatic genius woman who possesses an unusual connection to mortality. 

Inspired by the acclaimed British TV series “Luther”, this remake delivers a unique blend of suspense and human complexity, and I just have a good feeling you’ll enjoy it. 

11. Crime Puzzle

Crime puzzle

In the spine-chilling adaptation of the webtoon “Crime Puzzle” by Meen, Yoo Hee, a budding criminal profiler, investigates her father’s murder. 

And, when renowned forensic psychology professor and former flame Han Seung Min confesses to the crime, Yoo Hee suspects a hidden motive. 

With time running out and a dangerous prison backdrop, Yoo Hee must solve the puzzle before it’s too late. 

12. My Dangerous Wife

Shim Jae Kyung, a smart and wealthy woman, has enjoyed a happy married life with her husband Kim Yoon Chul for six years, but when she becomes involved in a mysterious kidnapping case, their marriage is put to the test. 

Kim Yoon Chul, a popular chef, starts feeling bored and dissatisfied with their ordinary life together.

Meanwhile, Jin Sun Mi, an employee at Yoon Chul’s restaurant, has a special relationship with him and will go to great lengths to fulfill her desires. 

My Dangerous Wife is another underrated thriller drama that I wish was more in the mainstream.

For one, this drama kept me guessing at every point, and I was wrong no matter how many times I tried – for a drama buff like myself, this is a big thing. 

13. A Superior Day

Firefighter Lee Ho Cheol’s life takes a thrilling turn when a stranger informs him that his neighbor, Kwon Shi Woo, is a suspected serial killer. What he doesn’t know, though, is that the stranger is a contract killer. 

Now caught in a dangerous dilemma, Ho Cheol must navigate between these two opposing forces.

Based on the novel “Superior Day” by Team Getname, this gripping psychological thriller Korean drama adaptation will keep you hooked until the very end.

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14. The Game Towards Zero

Kim Tae Pyung has a unique ability to see the moments leading up to a person’s death through their eyes.

He capitalizes on this gift by selling the information to wealthy individuals, but everything changes when he encounters Seo Joon Young, a detective whose impending death remains unknown to him. 

Fearing the implications, he tries to steer clear of her, but fate intervenes when he becomes entangled in a kidnapping case.

Despite his infallible predictions, Tae Pyung chooses to assist the police in locating the victim’s body, unraveling a captivating mystery along the way.

15. Trap

Trap Kdrama

Kang Woo Hyun, a respected news anchor, has a seemingly perfect life until a tragic event occurs during a family trip.

Enter Go Dong Kook, a veteran detective who takes on the case and begins his investigation. 

This is another dark psychological thriller that gave me the chills – I know you’ll love it. 

And, that’s a wrap!

Every drama on this list is amazing, and if you’re looking for a new Kdrama to binge-watch, these are really amazing options. 

Please check out the related posts below for more dramas.

Happy watching!

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