10 Anticipated 2024 tvN Kdramas We All Need To Watch

I know I talked about how 2023 FED me a whole lot of new Kdramas and each month brought new characters for me to fall in love with.

You guys, it seems the fun is only getting started, because tvN has now released a list of Kdramas that will tentatively be released this year.

There’s everything from historical romance to epics to melodrama and the odd thriller, but I’m sat for whatever they’re bringing. 

I know that keeping up with new drama releases can be a hassle, so don’t feel rushed and simply make sure to get to it on your own time. 

1. Mom’s Friend’s Son

This romantic comedy is about a woman trying to redo her life and her history with her mom’s friend’s son, who happens to be a successful architect and her potential love interest since they’ve always been in each other’s lives. 

There are a couple of reasons I’m very excited about this 2024 tvN drama, but top of them is the leads: Jung Hae In who plays Choi Seung Hyo and Jung So Min who plays Baek Seok Ryu. 

The last time I saw So Min’s beautiful face and flawless acting was in Alchemy of Souls, a fantasy drama, and we all know she’s good; while I saw Hae In in the 2022 Disney drama Connect, so I have a good feeling about this one. 

2. Thank You

It seems we will also get an office investigative drama set in a corrupt construction company’s audit office. 

This drama is supposed to show us the teamwork between a cold team leader and his affectionate team members, played by Shin Ha Kyun as Shin Cha Il.

Anything that takes place in the workplace gets a huge, enthusiastic Okay from me, so I can’t wait to watch this one as well. 

3. Captivating The King

Starring Jo Jong Suk as Lee In and Shin Sae Kyung as Kang Hee Soo, this tvN 2024 Kdrama is slated to be released in January and I know it’s going to be epic.

From the blurb, it’s clear that we’re getting romance, revenge, action, and a good bit of family drama, and I feel I’ll enjoy this bittersweet historical drama a little too much.

4. Carry Sun Jae and Run

Im Sol, who is a super, mega fan, miraculously travels back in time to prevent her favourite idol, Ryu Seon Jae, who’s 19 in the past from a tragic fate. 

Im Sol is played by Kim Hye Yoon who you might recognise from her roles in Snowdrop and Extraordinary You

Thankfully, Byeon Woo Seok (villain from Strong Girl Nam Soon and lovely boy from 20th Century Girl) takes on the role of Sun Jae and I’m hoping against all hope that he gets a happy ending – it’s way overdue and since both were cast in Record of Youth, I feel the chemistry might be on point. 

5. Queen of Tears

This 2024 tvN romance Korean drama stars Kim Soo Hyun (It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, My Love From The Sky, One Ordinary Day) as the male lead and you guys don’t know how this news makes me ridiculously happy because Soo Hyun is one of my biggest biases.

For the female lead, we have Kim Ji Won who was amazing in My Liberation Notes but even more fantastic in her role as Tan Ya in the first and second seasons of Arthdal Chronicles, so I know this will be good.

This drama follows Hyun Woo (Soo Hyun), a legal director, and Hong Hae In, a chaebol heiress, who are married but despite challenges, they still try to show up for each other.

6. Parole Officer Lee Han Shin

Lee Han Shin is a parole officer with the power to determine inmates’ release on parole, and the drama unfolds as he carries out justice in his own way.

Han Shin is played by Go Soo who I watched and loved in the 2017 Korean movie The Fortress, but he’s probably best known for his role in Missing

As for the female lead, we all know Kwon Yu Ri carries her own weight when it comes to dramas, and while I’m a little ashamed to admit it, I saw her for the first time in Bossam: Steal The Fate, and since then, it’s been binge fest after binge fest. 

7. Won Kyung

This is another one of my most anticipated tvN historical Kdramas of 2024 and that’s because just as they usually do, tvN has created this story that’s simply captivating. 

We’ve gotten countless adaptations of various Joseon, Silla, Goryeo, and Goguryeo rulers (mostly men) and yet there are very few that focus on the people who pulled the strings in the background (mostly women).

So, needless to say, this drama which focuses on the life of the woman who was married to Lee Bang Won/King Taejong during the tumultuous period when power shifted hands is indeed a breath of fresh air and I know I’ll love it. 

She’s played by Cha Joo Young who played the role of the most menacing, most disliked character in The Real Has Come, Jang Se Jin, and if you remember her, you probably also remember that she has this very fierce expression and I’m sure she’ll win hearts with this drama. 

Lee Bang Won or King Tae Jong is played by Lee Hyun Wook who is simply gorgeousness personified and was a lead in Song of the Bandits and Mine

8. Graduation

I love a good May-december romance and this one with leads who have an age gap in real life and the drama sounds so amazing. 

The basic plot of this drama is that Lee Joon Ho returns to his academy as an instructor and he’s motivated by his first love for teacher Seo Hye Jin, who would probably reciprocate those feelings. 

The actors who play both roles – Jung Ryeo Won (May It Please The Court, Wok of Love, and Diary of a Prosecutor) and Wi Ha Joon (The Worst of Evil, Gyeonseong Creature, Little Women, and Bad and Crazy) – are fantastic actors and I’m so pumped. 

9. Wedding Impossible

Wedding Impossible is a romance drama about a fake marriage proposal from chaebol heir Koo Chan Yeol Moon Sang Min) to actress Oh Da Jung (Oh Da Jung).

I feel like we didn’t get nearly enough fake romance dramas last year (the theme was time travel, it seems), so this is a breath of fresh air and I love it already. 

10. Jeong Nyeon

Set in 1956 post-war Korea, a Mokpo girl named Jeong Nyeon dreams of joining a women’s traditional theatre company to become a big star and get rich.

Kim Tae Ri (Revenant, Twenty-Five Twenty-One, and Mr Sunshine) takes the titular role and if you’ve watched even one of the above, you know that she isn’t an actor that can be played because she’s just that good. 

What do you think? How many of these amazing 2024 tvN Kdramas will you watch once they get released? Let me know in the comments below!

And, don’t forget to check the related posts for even more content that would keep you glued for hours. 

Happy watching!

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