19 Binge-Worthy Chinese Dramas On Netflix To Kick Off Your Viewing Spree

Calling all drama enthusiasts and avid binge-watchers! 

Netflix has become a goldmine for fans of Chinese dramas, offering a mesmerizing lineup that will definitely keep you hooked from the very first episode. 

And, if you’ve been wondering whether Netflix has interesting Chinese dramas, the answer is a big, resounding YES. If you love Cdramas, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the fantastic dramas on Netflix. 

From epic tales of power and politics to heart-stirring romances set against picturesque backdrops, this streaming giant is one of the best platforms to watch Cdrama that has curated an irresistible collection. 

In this post, I’ll be sifting through the massive selection of Chinese dramas available on Netflix that will whisk you away on an unforgettable viewing journey.

Here are the most delightful Chinese dramas you can stream on Netflix right now: 

1. Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden cdrama

Shan Cai, an ordinary girl struggling to make ends meet, enters the country’s most prestigious school, where she encounters F4 – a group of wealthy, incredibly handsome boys: Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo. 

Sparks fly as Shan Cai clashes with the arrogant Dao Ming Si, but amidst pranks and challenges, Hua Ze Lei appears like a guardian angel.

Gradually, the boys start appreciating Shan Cai’s unwavering spirit, akin to an indomitable weed. 

As their friendship blossoms, Shan Cai discovers the boys’ hidden goodness, setting the stage for love to bloom.

2. The Untamed 

Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji, talented disciples from revered clans, unearth a hidden secret during training.

Determined to vanquish the imminent threat, they embark on a perilous mission. Tragedy strikes as Wei Wu Xian meets his demise.

Sixteen years later, a sacrificial ritual resurrects Wei Wu Xian, who dons a mask and assumes a new identity. Reunited with Lan Wang Ji, they join forces to uncover the truth, solve present mysteries, and unravel past events. 

This amazing fantasy Chinese drama is based on Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, a novel written by Xiang Tong Xiu.

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3. Accidentally In Love

Accidentally in love cdrama

Chen Qing Qing, determined to forge her own path in love, evades an arranged marriage by fleeing on her wedding day.

Enrolling in her parents’ alma mater, she hopes to uncover the truth behind their mysterious deaths. 

Disguised and blending in with her classmates, she discovers her deskmate is none other than the renowned singer, Si Tu Feng, with whom she shares a history of clashes. 

To her surprise, her deskmate is none other than the famous singer, Si Tu Feng, with whom she has clashed before.

Their initial encounters are filled with quarrels and turmoil. However, beneath the surface, a deeper connection emerges. 

4. Love O2O

Love 020 cdrama

Xiao Nai, the revered gaming prodigy, excels in academics, sports, and even heads a game company. 

As the campus heartthrob, he encounters Bei Wei Wei, a stunning computer science major whose unrivaled expertise and dominance in an online multiplayer game utterly captivate him.

Driven by love, Xiao Nai must employ his skills both offline and in the virtual realm to win the heart of the charming yet nerdy Wei Wei. 

5. Eternal Love

Bai Qian, the youngest daughter of the Fox King and a Nine-tailed Fox herself, embarks on a journey to Kunlun Mountain to train under the God of War, Mo Yuan. Amidst a war, Mo Yuan sacrifices his life to seal a powerful demon lord.

After seventy thousand years, Bai Qian’s path takes an unexpected turn. Attempting to sacrifice herself to re-seal the demon lord, she is cast into the mortal realm, losing her memories and divine powers. 

In her isolated existence on a remote mountain, she encounters Crown Prince Ye Hua of the Nine Heavens, who bears a striking resemblance to Mo Yuan and is her former fiancé.

Unbeknownst to each other’s true identities, their love begins to blossom, entangled in a tribulation of meeting in three different lives and three distinct worlds.

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6. Love Between Fairy And Devil

Dongfang Qing Cang, driven by the pursuit of ultimate power, transforms into an emotionless monster.

Seizing the Moon Supreme position, he commands a devastating army. Shuiyuntian, Cangyan Sea, and Yunmeng Lake face grave peril.

To thwart him, the first God of War sacrifices her primordial spirit, sealing his forces and confining his body to Haotian Tower.

Yet, if his spirit revives and he breaks free, disaster looms. The vanished Goddess of Xishan alone holds the key to prevention.

After 30,000 years, a disturbance in the Haotian Matrix draws Orchid, a low-ranking fairy, into Haotian Tower.

Face-to-face with the Moon Supreme, their encounter ignites a chain of events, risking the world’s fate once more.

7. Word Of Honor

Seeking liberation from the assassin group, The Window of Heaven, Zhou Zi Shu employs a departure technique that limits his life to three years.

Concealing his identity, he embraces a carefree existence, roaming as a drunken wanderer in the martial arts realm.

After three months, fate intertwines Zhou Zi Shu’s path with the enigmatic Wen Ke Xing, who sees through his disguise.

Together, they become embroiled in a conspiracy surrounding the coveted Glazed Armor, a legendary key to an arsenal of immense power.

As their bond strengthens, they delve deeper into the secrets that lie ahead.

This is one of the must-watch Chinese historical dramas available on Netflix that you absolutely should not miss. You’re going to love it, trust me!

8. The Princess Wei Young

Amidst the tragic fall of the Northern Wei Dynasty, Princess Feng Xin Er miraculously survives as an orphan, and fate leads her into enemy territory, where she assumes the persona of Li Wei Young, the Prime Minister’s daughter. 

Enduring countless hardships, she emerges stronger, fueled by her wisdom and unwavering sense of justice.

Witness the remarkable transformation of a resilient woman who rises to power, her journey intertwined with a captivating romance that blooms amidst adversity.

9. Once Upon A Time In Lingjian Mountain

Established in 4233, the Spirit Blade Sect has garnered acclaim as one of the five great sects, fostering generations of martial arts prodigies.

Now, as the nine continents face a dire crisis, Wang Lu joins this prestigious sect under the guidance of the ageless beauty, Wang Wu. 

Despite their constant bickering, this unlikely duo navigates a path towards becoming the most formidable sages, their fiery spirits and unwavering determination propelling them forward.

Get ready to witness the clash of personalities and the pursuit of ultimate power in this captivating tale.

10. Who Rules The World

In a world of martial arts and political turmoil, Hei Feng Xi’s allure and elegance meet Bai Feng Xi’s majestic and unrestrained spirit.

As their exceptional skills and intellect collide, love blossoms amidst the bloodshed of a decade-long conflict.

Concealing their true identities, they navigate a treacherous landscape, constantly outwitting their foes.

Amid political unrest, betrayal, and intense power struggles for the imperial throne, they join forces to seek justice and restore calm in a time of mounting uncertainty. 

This is another absolutely bonkers Cdrama on Netflix that everybody should watch at least once.

Full of passion, strategy, and destiny, I honestly couldn’t recommend this more. 

11. Legend Of The White Snake

Unbeknownst to humans, immortal spirits have silently roamed the mortal world throughout history. Legends to the unaware, their paths finally intersect.

When a cunning human provokes an ancient snake spirit, she assumes human form to expose his deceit. 

Bai Su Zhen is determined to reveal the truth, sparking a fiery rivalry with Xu Xuan. Yet, what began as a contest soon ignites an intense love.

As they face opposition from all sides, Bai Su Zhen and Xu Xuan’s love withstands countless trials, tested time and again. 

12. Use For My Talent

Gu Ren Qi’s upbringing left him with a guarded nature and mysophobia, while Shi Shuang Jiao’s once-happy family was shattered by tragedy, leaving her disheveled.

Fate brings them together when Shi Shuang Jiao joins Gu Ren Qi’s cleaning company. 

As they spend time together, their bond grows stronger. United by their shared experiences, they embark on a healing journey, finding solace and strength in each other’s presence. 

With their wounds gradually mending, love and understanding blossom, bringing light into their lives once more.

Witness the power of connection as two souls mend and find happiness anew.

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13. Handsome Siblings

In a world of martial arts and hidden identities, twin brothers are destined to face each other in a battle fueled by revenge. However, fate has a different plan.

Jiang Xiao Yu, raised by villains, and Hua Wu Que, under the care of a princess seeking vengeance, unexpectedly form a strong bond and friendship. 

Together, they set out on a thrilling journey to conquer the martial arts realm and uncover their true selves.

But as they unite against a common enemy, Jiang Bie He and his son Jiang Yu Lang, the stakes are raised and the fate of the martial arts world hangs in the balance. 

14. Well-Intended Love

In a race against time, a leukemia-stricken actress seeks help from an unexpected source.

Xia Lin, a struggling actress, enters into a hush-hush marriage with Ling Yi Zhou, a powerful CEO, to secure a bone marrow transplant and save her career. 

Amidst the chaos of secrets and misconceptions, their journey unveils a blossoming romance built on trust and understanding.

Together, they navigate through challenges, proving that love can conquer all. 

Get ready for a heartwarming tale of resilience and unexpected connections that will leave you rooting for their happily ever after in this amazing Cdrama that you can watch on Netflix right now.

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15. Here To Heart

In the realm of eternal love, their hearts remain intertwined despite a heart-wrenching breakup. Time may have passed, but the wounds of their separation still ache.

New relationships offer no solace, as their souls long for each other’s embrace. Who will take the courageous step to rekindle their once-invincible bond? Love, like a battle, can be won with a single kiss, a gentle smile, or a heartfelt confession. 

Yet, he shatters her hopes by announcing his marriage to another. Is it love or a vengeful game? A decade ago, she vanished without a trace, leaving him in anguish.

Is he seeking revenge for the pain he endured? Perhaps, this supposedly everlasting love is no match for the resentment that has grown over time

16. Memories Of Love

Based on the delightful novel by Qing Shan Luo Tuo, this delightful Chinese drama beautifully unfolds the tale of a young couple whose love reignites after a decade apart. 

Lu Fei is a Prince Charming who brought to life by Wallace and whose path unexpectedly intertwines with the spirited rebel, Xin Chen, played by the talented Jiang Shuying. 

Despite their initial clashes, an undeniable attraction draws them closer, leading to a profound love. Sadly, they part ways, but fate has a surprise in store.

Years later, Lu Fei abandons his flourishing overseas empire to seek Xin Chen, reigniting the true essence of their love.

17. The Rational Life

Shen Ruo Xin is a vibrant career woman in her 30s skillfully balancing the challenges life throws her way.

From maneuvering office politics rife with nepotism and sabotage, to gracefully navigating familial pressure to settle down, she handles it all with flair. 

Suitors come knocking, but she sees through their self-serving intentions.

As a trusted confidante and mentor to her best friend and juniors, her plate is full. Yet, amidst the chaos, love blossoms unexpectedly.

18. Ashes Of Love

In the enchanting world of the Flower Realm, tragedy and destiny intertwine. Zi Fen, the Flower Deity, departs after giving birth to her daughter, Jin Mi. Sensing a perilous love trial in Jin Mi’s future, Zi Fen administers the ‘Unfeeling Pill’ to shield her from romantic emotions. 

Instructing the leaders to conceal Jin Mi’s identity, she’s confined within the watery confines of the Flower Realm. Millennia pass, and Jin Mi, an innocent and curious sprite, yearns to venture beyond her floral home.

When Xu Feng, the Fire Deity, crash-lands in the Flower Realm, Jin Mi tends to his wounds, insisting on joining him on his departure.

This begins Jin Mi’s exhilarating odyssey, encountering celestial beings and mischievous creatures alike, all while embarking on her ultimate test of love.

19. Unrequited Love

In the vibrant world of university, two extraordinary students, Huai Nan and Luo Zhi, forge an instant connection. However, complications arise when an unexpected message from Huai Nan’s ex throws a wrench into their budding relationship.

To add to the mix, Huai Nan stumbles upon Luo Zhi’s long-held secret crush on him, harbored since their younger days.

For over a decade, Luo Zhi has lived in the throes of unrequited love, starring in a self-created monodrama.

Her emotions towards Huai Nan are a complex blend of admiration for his excellence, mingled with jealousy and resentment.

As Luo Zhi shadows Huai Nan’s footsteps, she also secures a place in the prestigious university.

Their one-sided love story takes an exhilarating turn as they grow closer, but reality deals its blows, subjecting them to numerous trials. 

In this digital age where streaming platforms offer endless choices, the allure of Chinese dramas on Netflix shines bright. 

These series provide a refreshing and unique viewing experience, immersing viewers in the rich tapestry of Chinese culture and storytelling.

With their intricate plots, relatable characters, and emotional depth, the best Chinese dramas on Netflix have the power to leave a lasting impact. 

So, indulge yourself in these captivating shows and let them transport you to a world filled with passion, intrigue, and heartfelt moments.

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