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If you’re on the hunt for heart-pounding, pulse-racing, can’t-look-away action, the Chinese movies in this post are just the thing. 

I mean, these movies don’t just deliver action – they dropkick, spin-kick, and high-kick their way into a league of their own – and you’ll absolutely feel as if you’re in the middle of the action.

In this post, I’ve rounded up 14 high-octane Chinese action movies that will have you cheering and gasping in equal measure. 

Here are 14 electrifying Chinese action movies to add to your watchlist: 

1. The Captain

In May 2018, there was an airplane flying over Tibet, and suddenly, the window in the front of the plane broke, and one of the pilots got pulled out of the plane. 

Many people on the plane passed out because of the high altitude, but the other pilot, Captain Liu, stayed really calm, and he was able to land the plane safely and save more than 100 people. 

This true story was turned into an exciting Chinese action movie that will absolutely make you feel like you’re up in the sky with them, as it’s based on what really happened on a Sichuan Airlines flight.

2. The Witness

Lu Xiao Xing is a new police officer who leaves her post one night to find her rebellious singer brother. 

They argue in the car, and she crashes it, making her blind and killing her brother. 

After three years, she’s blind and wants to be a cop again, but her senior refuses, and distressed, she faces a strange situation when she calls a taxi during a series of women disappearing in the city.

The female lead in this action Chinese film was strong, bold, and everything I absolutely love in a leading lady, and the action scenes legit had me screaming. 

3. Vanguard

Qin, a British-based accountant, is forced by a terrorist to finance his projects, but when he tips off the police and the terrorist is killed, the terrorist’s son Omar survives and wants the money. 

Qin is then kidnapped, but the Vanguard agents manage to rescue him, and he starts making moves to protect his daughter in Africa (which they do after a lot of challenges).

They then plan a trade, but a battle ensues, and after Qin surrenders, they go to Dubai, stop an arms deal, and a drone plan fails. 

4. Mr Six

Mr. Six is from the old Mafia group that believes in honor and fights, and his son, Bobby, is from the new generation and is into fast cars and clubs. 

When Bobby gets into trouble with some rich bullies, Mr. Six helps him out, while he tries to fix their relationship even though he’s not feeling well. 

But when the bullies’ powerful family hurts Bobby badly, Mr. Six gets his old friends together for a final fight to get revenge. 

This interesting Chinese action film starring director Feng Xiaogang, is about family, toughness, and emotions, and it’s one of the best out there. 

5. Reign of Assassins

Drizzle, a skilled assassin, takes sacred remains from the Dark Stone gang, and she meets Monk Wisdom who teaches her better ways. 

They part when he dies, while Drizzle changes identity and marries Ah-sheng, who is actually Renfeng. 

Dark Stone finds her, but she resists, and with Renfeng’s help, they defeat the gang, and they start planning a joyful future together.

6. Home Sweet Home

This Chinese action movie follows a happy family of four whose lives are going well until a mysterious visitor comes to live in their basement. 

After that, strange things start happening, and their lives get really mixed up.

This is another absolutely bonkers action movie that will leave you screaming and on the edge of your seat – don’t miss it!

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7. Cloudy Mountain

Because of changes in the Earth, building a tunnel causes lots of natural disasters that threaten the area. 

A dad and his son, Lao Hong and Xiao Hong, try to stop the disasters and save 160,000 people. 

In order to survive and stay safe, they put themselves through unimaginable risks, and I really can’t highlight enough exactly how amazing this action Chinese movie was.   

8. Lust, Caution

In 1938, student Wong Chia Chi joins a patriotic club in Hong Kong to assassinate Japanese agent Mr. Yee, but she fails to kill him even though she masked her identity. 

In 1942 Shanghai, Chia Chi, now in a secret group, becomes Yee’s mistress, and she gets a chance to kill him but he escapes. 

Many resistance members are caught and sentenced to death, and Chia Chi is among them. 

Eventually, Yee’s wife realises that all may not be as good as she thought, while Yee battles his newfound genuine feelings.

9. Guilty of Mind

Guilty of Mind is one of the best Chinese suspense crime movie, and I can tell you for a fact that you’re going to be absolutely blown. 

This action Chinese movie follows a smart crime investigator named Fang Mu who helps the police solve strange serial killings on a college campus. 

He teams up with Police Captain Tai Wei to solve the murders, but they end up getting caught in a clever game of minds.

10. The Bravest

In this movie, a group of brave firefighters face a bunch of fires caused by a chemical plant explosion and they rush to save people in danger and put their own lives at risk. 

This movie is based on a real event called the Dalian 7·16 Fire, and It’s all inspired by a long report by Balgi called The Deepest Water is Tears.

The firefighters are like heroes defending the country and people’s things with their own lives, and they delivered some solid action scenes that made me so tense. 

11. Animal World

Zheng Kaisi is short on money so he joins a game on a ship to win cash. 

In the game, players use cards and stars in rock-paper-scissors matches. 

Kaisi is smart, so he teams up with his friends and beats a cheater, helps others, and even changes for the better. 

He also learns a secret about someone who troubled him, and I just know you’ll really enjoy this action Chinese movie if you want to add some flavor to your watchlist. 

12. 5 Minutes To Tomorrow

This romantic suspenseful Chinese movie follows Ruo Lan and Ah Liang who meet at a pool. 

Ah Liang fixes clocks and is shy, while Ruo Lan’s twin sister Ru Mei is an actress. 

Ruo Lan and Ah Liang fall in love, and because Ruo Lan and Ru Mei look the same, they sometimes switch places for fun.

13. Hide And Seek

In Hide and Seek, Wallace plays a guy who loves cleanliness and has a good job.

His brother disappears, so he checks his brother’s place and finds a strange symbol. 

Then, he sees the symbol at his own home too, so he tries to figure out what it means before he goes crazy and his own secrets come out.

This is another very interesting Chinese action movie that you need to watch if you’re craving a movie night packed with entertainment. 

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14. Schemes In Antiques

Xu Yuan, a lazy but skilled expert in old things, comes from a family that betrayed their country in the past. 

Ms. Kido from Japan visits China to give back a stolen Buddha statue head and asks for a Xu family member to help. 

Xu Yuan agrees, not knowing he’s stepping into a big mystery about ancient treasures.

These are some of my favourite action Chinese films that I feel everyone needs to watch at least once. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and check out the related posts if you want some more amazing recommendations.

Happy watching!

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