15 Romantic College Korean Dramas You Should Watch ASAP

College is a whirlwind of experiences, a time of forging lifelong bonds, and often, where the heart finds its most poignant melodies – in the most heart-touching way. 

There’s something undeniably special about the love stories that bloom in this setting, and the college Korean dramas in this post capture them in all their heartwarming, swoony glory

In this post, I’ve listed the absolute best romantic college Korean dramas that will leave you with a smile plastered to your face.

And, best of all: these dramas are super realistic, and there’s no way you won’t feel all the feels once you watch them as the leads find themselves. 

Here are 15 romantic college Korean dramas that will make you believe in love: 

1. Dear M.

When an anonymous post by “M” suddenly stirs up Seoyeon University’s peaceful campus, a group of students band together to solve the mystery. 

Leading the way is Ma Joo Ah, a second-year Business Administration student, along with her close friend Cha Min Ho from Computer Science, and their classmates Seo Ji Min and Park Ha Neul. 

As they dive into the investigation, friendships evolve and romances spark, making their quest even more intriguing. 

The big question is: can they uncover the true identity of “M,” or will it remain a mystery forever? 

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2. Cheese In The Trap

Hong Seol, a determined student from a struggling family, goes back to college after a year off. 

And she soon clashes with Yoo Jung, a popular and talented senior with a mysterious side. 

Seol believes he’s behind her recent troubles, but now he’s unexpectedly friendly which confuses her.

This is one of the best romantic college Korean dramas you should check out if you’re in the mood for a heartwarming watch filled with surprising turns.

3. Semantic Error

Chu Sang Woo, a strict computer science student, is assigned a group project for liberal arts. 

When his unknown group members leave him to do all the work, he decides to present it under his name. 

This inadvertently harms Jang Jae Young, a popular design major, jeopardizing his plans to study abroad. 

And as they end up working together, a unique connection forms between them in this romantic BL drama. 

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4. At A Distance, Spring Is Green

This college Korean drama is a coming-of-age tale about university students in their twenties, focusing on Yeo Joon, a first-year student. 

Despite his privileged background and good looks, Yeo Joon hides his inner struggles. 

He then forms an unexpected friendship with Nam Soo Hyun, a fellow student with a contrasting personality, while collaborating on a project together.

If you’re in the mood for a Korean drama set in college which sheds light on the real-life challenges faced by young adults in university, you won’t want to miss this. 

5. Cheer Up

Do Hae Yi, a hardworking student at Yeonhee University, prioritizes earning money due to her family’s financial struggles. 

But, when she reluctantly joins the 50-year-old cheering squad, Theia, for financial reasons, she discovers the joys of campus life.

She even forms connections with fellow members, including alumnus Bae Young Woong, who supports the squad both financially and emotionally.

6. Youth Of May

Hee Tae, a top student at Seoul National University College of Medicine, partners with his activist friend Kyung Soo to run a secret clinic for students evading the government. 

To help a wounded protester, Hee Tae agrees to attend an arranged meeting with a potential spouse. 

There, he meets Myung Hee, a nurse aiming to study in Germany.

Despite their initial motives, Hee Tae and Myung Hee fall in love, and their lives become entangled in the passionate fight for democracy in Gwangju in May 1980.

This is another spectacular must-watch youthful romance in a Korean college drama that everyone needs to watch.  

7. You Make Me Dance

Song Shi On, a university student studying contemporary dance, is kicked out of his family home after a big fight, leaving him emotionally hurt. 

He then decides to pursue his dreams and moves into a rooftop apartment with Jin Hong Seok, a debt collector who gave up on his pianist aspirations. 

Their growing connection is challenged by CEO Cha Soo Ryeon’s affection for Shi On and senior student Jung Hun’s jealousy, potentially jeopardizing their budding romance.

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8. Do You Like Brahms?

Do You Like Brahms Kdrama

Song Ah chooses music over her family’s wishes and joins her old university for it. 

Being older than her classmates by seven years feels tough, but she finds comfort in Joon Young’s piano playing. 

Joon Young, a talented pianist, loves Jung Kyung but decides to keep his distance and meets Song Ah instead.

This romantic Korean drama is focused on university students and it primarily takes place on a student campus – you’ll love it and everything it stands for!

9. Rookie Cops

This is a coming-of-age tale about two students at the Korean National Police University. 

They face the ups and downs of youth while striving to become police officers. 

Along the way, they learn about unity across generations and also discover love amidst their campus journey, as they chase their dreams in the world of law enforcement.

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10. So Not Worth It

In a colorful Seoul college dorm with students from all over, new friends, love stories, and exciting experiences happen. 

Se Wan manages the dorm, Jamie’s a new student from America, Sam’s the son of a tteokbokki chain boss raised in Australia, Minnie loves Korean dramas, and Hyun Min, a Korean student, commutes 5 hours a day because he can’t stay in the dorm.

This heartwarming drama really is one of the most realistic and genuine representations of college life in a Korean drama, and I loved every bit of it.

And, it’s super funny as well, so you just know that you’re going to be absolutely cackling at some scenes. 

11. Love Class

Love-Class-Kdrama Cover

Cha Ji Woo, a gentle and short Mass Communication student, is smitten with his classmate, Bae Yu Na, who’s afraid of men due to a stalker. 

Despite being a kind-hearted protector, Yu Na doesn’t see Ji Woo as a man. 

When a class project forces students to pair up as couples, Yu Na teams up with a female classmate, leaving Ji Woo with confident senior Lee Ro Ah. 

As they work together, Ji Woo starts to question his feelings for Yu Na and wonders if he might develop affection for Ro Ah.

12. Twenty-Twenty

Da Hee, a university freshman, struggles with her mom’s high demands and strict rules. 

She hopes for freedom but finds it hard to be herself while meeting others’ expectations. 

Then she meets Hyun Jin, a classmate dreaming of being a music producer despite family troubles and they bond over shared pain, but outside pressures might pull them apart.

Loved this romantic college Korean drama for so many things; top of which is how relatable the plot line was, the way every character was endearing, and how the romance felt like a warm hug. 

13. How To Hate You

How to Hate You Kdrama

The drama is about Oh Mi Ri, a college freshman, and her journey in love and friendship at school. 

And, this sweet, romantic Kdrama about university life explores her dating experiences and the challenges she faces in these relationships.

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14. Dating Class

This web series follows six university students navigating the challenges of dating for the first time. 

It’s inspired by a real university course called ‘An Introduction to Dating’. 

And, I just know you’ll be delighted with the way the character slowly learns important lessons about relationships as they go through this journey together.

15. Dok Go Bin Is Updating

Dok Go Bin Is Updating is a humorous tale about the friendship between kind but socially unaware college student Ha Deok Ho and AI robot Dok Go Bin, who was meant to be a technological marvel but was mysteriously labeled “Incomplete.” 

Their journey involves encounters with popular social media sensation Jin Yoo Ra, Ha Deok Ho’s crush, and student council president Yang Na Ri, while Dr. Kim, the brilliant creator of Dok Go Bin, aims to transform his life through this AI project.

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And there you have it – a list of some of the most heartwarming college Korean dramas that you should give a try one of these days.

I hope you found a few that tug at your heartstrings, just like they did for me, and I can tell you for a fact that the dramas on this list are super sweet. 

For more Kdrama magic, check out the related posts below – they’re just as good!

And remember, your thoughts are always welcome down in the comments. 

Until next time, happy watching!

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