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Kdramas With Less Than 6 Episodes

25 Fantastic Kdramas You Can Watch In One Day Or Less!

Sometimes, you just need a quick Kdrama fix to get you through the day.

Luckily, there are plenty of short Kdramas out there that can provide that same rush of emotion and excitement in a shorter amount of time. 

From quirky romantic comedies to intense thrillers, these short Kdramas are the perfect way to get your Kdrama fix when you’re short on time. 

So, grab your snacks and settle in for a day of binge-watching these must-watch short Kdramas.

Here are some amazing short Korean dramas you can finish in a day: 

1. Long Time No See – 5 episodes

Long time no see kdrama Cover

In this captivating Kdrama, Chi Soo and Gi Tae, the main protagonists concealing their authentic identities, gradually dismantle the barriers surrounding their hearts, ultimately discovering love within each other.

But, their intertwined destinies swiftly intervene, propelling them through a rollercoaster of unforeseen events and unexpected revelations.

Brace yourself for a riveting tale woven with concealed truths, tumultuous feelings, and daring choices.

2. The Hymn of Death – 6 episodes

The Hymn of Death Kdrama

Set in 1920s Korea, this enthralling historical drama traces the lives of two aspiring artists whose paths cross unexpectedly.

Yun Sim-Seok, the first Korean Opera singer, bewitches the talented drama writer Kim U-Jin with her soulful performance, igniting a spark of inspiration and admiration. 

As they both share a passion for music and drama, their hearts start to gravitate towards each other.

This mini-series – with only six episodes – delivers a poignant reminder of life’s fragility and the significance of cherishing every moment, even amidst tragedy. Trust me; this drama will absolutely captivate your heart.

3. Soundtrack – 4 episodes

Soundtrack Kdrama

When two artistic powerhouses attempt to coexist under the same roof for a brief two-week period, conflicts are bound to arise, and hidden truths will come to light. 

Fate intervenes in this friends to lovers kdrama, and their decision to share a living space for just 14 days triggers a series of events that will profoundly impact their relationship. 

But, that’s not the end of it – to Eun Soo’s surprise, Sun Woo has been nursing a deep-seated romantic affection for her for years, which he has kept hidden until now.

4. Ma Boy 3 episodes

Ma Boy kdrama

Jang Geu Rim is a gifted young woman with aspirations of becoming a renowned pop singer. In pursuit of her musical dreams and yearning for the attention of Tae Joon, her secret crush, she enrolls in an Arts High School. 

But, Geu Rim’s life takes an unexpected turn when she befriends Irene, the school’s most popular girl. As their bond deepens, Geu Rim realizes that there’s more to Irene than meets the eye – in reality, Irene is a boy. 

The plot of this short Kdrama thickens as Geu Rim navigates this newfound revelation, juggling her artistic ambitions, budding romance with Tae Joon, and the intricacies of her relationship with Irene. 

5. Shall We Link – 6 episodes

Shall We Link Kdrama

A Vietnamese exchange student’s life in Korea takes an intriguing turn when she finds herself at the center of a complex love triangle, torn between two potential suitors. 

If you’re looking for an enthralling romantic Kdrama, this mini-Kdrama offers a unique and captivating perspective, and it’s a perfect escape if you want a short but sweet Kdrama. 

While it may not be as widely recognized as some of the lengthier Kdramas, it undoubtedly warrants your undivided attention – and the best part? It won’t consume your entire weekend. 

6. You Drive Me Crazy – 4 episodes

You Drive Me Crazy Kdrama

After eight years of close friendship, Kim Rae-Wan and Han Eun-Sung’s relationship takes an unexpected turn when a night of heavy drinking leads to them sleeping together. 

As they transition from friends to lovers, the plot delves into their experiences as they navigate their newfound emotions for one another.

This satisfying Kdrama doesn’t disappoint, as it delivers all the elements of romance, drama, and excitement that fans crave in Korean dramas. 

7. First Love Again – 6 episodes

First Love Again Kdrama

In this BL Kdrama, Yeon Seok, a celebrated author, has a secret: he’s a reincarnated soul in search of his past love, who’s now reincarnated in a male form.

As destiny would have it, they reconnect at work, and their love is rekindled. This Kdrama is the perfect bite-sized option for those in search of a quick, yet emotionally satisfying watch. 

In just a few episodes, this captivating drama will have you feeling all the feels and leave you feeling wholly fulfilled.

Don’t miss out on this beautifully crafted story – it’s the perfect addition to your weekend watchlist, and it’s perfect if you want a short break. 

8. Twenty Years Old – 4 episodes

Twenty Years Old Kdrama

In a stroke of serendipity, Lee Ki Kwang and Kim Hye Rim cross paths again in their twenties and instantly fall in love, just as the exhilarating rush often felt during this vibrant phase of life. 

However, their blossoming romance must remain hidden from the public eye due to Lee Ki Kwang’s status as a renowned idol.

9. Choco Bank – 6 episodes

Choco Bank Kdrama

Kim Eun Haeng received his name from his father, who hoped for his son to have a prosperous future symbolized by the Korean word “Eun Haeng,” meaning “bank.” 

This drama revolves around the journey of a recent graduate and a novice in the business world as they navigate the challenges of entering their chosen careers. 

Don’t be fooled by its length – this fast-paced Kdrama delivers an emotional punch and provides a gratifying sense of closure by its conclusion. Get ready for a quick but impactful watch that will leave you feeling fulfilled. 

10. Positive Physique 6 episodes

Positive Physique Kdrama

With limited funds but an unyielding determination, Hwan Dong, a graduating student, is resolute to turn his immaculately written script into a remarkable drama.

In his quest to make it happen, he reaches out to his ex-girlfriend, now a well-known personality, and persuades her to join the cast. 

And despite their complicated past, their partnership proves to be fruitful, and they produce a captivating drama that wins the hearts of many.

This is another amazing Kdrama with an engaging storyline and a short runtime that you absolutely do not want to miss.

11. Falling for Do Jeon – 6 episodes

Falling For Do Jeon Kdrama

Do Jeon is a carefree individual who embraces various roles, even that of a clown.

It is during one of his entertaining performances that he crosses paths with Ban Ha Na, an aspiring entrepreneur in the food truck industry. 

United by a shared purpose, they join forces to rescue the beloved ‘One Plus’ club from imminent closure.

As they navigate the challenges together, their bond deepens, and the club becomes a testament to their extraordinary love story.

12. Love Class – 6 episodes

Love-Class-Kdrama Cover

As a Mass Communication student, Cha Ji Woo had a crush on Bae Yoo Na. But everything changes when he’s paired with Lee Ro Ah.

The show follows his journey of self-discovery and the twists and turns that come with it. For those in the mood for an easy-to-watch Kdrama that’s thought-provoking and introspective, this is a must-watch.

13. Vampire Flower – 6 episodes

Vampire Flower Kdrama

Vampire Flower tells the story of a vampire and a high school student searching for a rare flower in the land of vampires.

Based on a popular Korean novel, fans of Twilight are sure to find similarities in this captivating series.

And, with its charming and refreshing storyline, this Kdrama is sure to leave you feeling inspired and engaged, and it’s perfect for a lazy day.

14. How To Hate You – 6 episodes

How to Hate You Kdrama

Mi Ri was faced with a tough choice during college – her best friend’s partner or their friendship. Despite knowing that her feelings were not right, Mi Ri couldn’t help falling for him.

She now faces the challenge of making a decision that will affect her relationships with both her best friend and her love interest.

15. My Runway – 6 episodes

My Runway Kdrama

In this lively binge-able Kdrama about transmigration reminiscent of Secret Garden, aspiring model Seo Yun and accomplished businessman Jin Wook experience a mind-boggling body swap.

Their lives are thrown into disarray as they struggle to adapt to their newfound identities. 

While juggling their personal and professional challenges, they must also uncover the secrets behind their unexpected swap and devise a plan to revert to their original selves before time runs out.

16. The Happy Loner – 2 episodes

Na Ji Young’s life takes a new turn when she meets Byeok Soo, a person who’s her total opposite. This melodramatic love story tells the tale of embracing change and healing from the past.

As they go through life’s ups and downs together, Na Ji Young and Byeok Soo realize the power of opening their hearts to love and forgiveness.

17. Mermaid Prince – 6 episodes

Mermaid Prince Kdrama

Jo Ara, a disillusioned young woman, takes center stage in this heartfelt coming-of-age drama.

Her belief in love is tested when she encounters Woo Hyuk and Yoon Gun, two individuals who pursue her with unwavering determination and genuine sincerity.

Caught in a whirlwind of emotions, Jo Ara embarks on a journey of self-discovery, gaining profound insights into the intricacies of relationships and the significance of embracing vulnerability.

This captivating series reminds us of the transformative power of keeping an open heart in the face of life’s uncertainties.

18. How Are You Bread? – 5 episodes

How Are You Bread Kdrama

Han Do Woo’s extraordinary pastry-making talents have earned him acclaim for turning people’s dreams into delectable realities.

Noh Mi Rae, a determined show writer, stops at nothing to convince Chef Do Woo to join her variety show production. 

But, as she spends more time with the charming chef, Noh Mi Rae finds herself unexpectedly falling for him.

This delightful Kdrama serves up a perfect blend of sweetness and brevity, making it the ideal choice for a cozy night in, complete with your favorite snacks and a snug blanket!

19. My Romantic Some Recipe – 6 episodes)

My Romantic Some Recipe Kdrama

After experiencing unrequited love, Ahn Mi Nyeo sought solace in alcohol and woke up the next morning to a pleasant surprise – a handsome stranger in her house.

This charming individual, seemingly straight out of an advertisement, generously offered his help in winning over her crush. 

Little do they know that their time together would lead to an unexpected twist in their relationship, taking them on a journey filled with surprises and newfound emotions.

This is another perfect pick if you’re in the mood for a short romantic Kdrama that will have you all in your feels. 

20. Everything and Nothing – 4 episodes

Everything and Nothing Kdrama

Min Jae and Seo Yoon, both 17 years old, are facing the profound questions of identity and purpose amidst the complexities of growing up with divorced parents. 

This poignant narrative delves into their individual journeys as they confront their inner struggles and embark on a path of self-discovery.

Witness their remarkable personal growth and development as they navigate the challenges that come with adolescence and the search for meaning in life.

21. Legally, Dad – 6 episodes

Legally Dad Kdrama

In this captivating Kdrama about fake relationships, we delve into the story of Yoo Sang and Ah Young, who enter into a contractual agreement to establish a legal father-child relationship for their adopted child, driven by their shared desire for a family. 

And, as their journey unfolds, the initially fabricated family unexpectedly becomes a source of the love and connection Yoo Sang longs for.

I loved the heartfelt transformation as they discovered the true meaning of family and experience the unexpected joys that come with their unanticipated bond.

22. Another Parting – 5 episodes

Another parting Kdrama

In this delightful short Kdrama Ha Na on a journey of hope and self-discovery in this inspiring sci-fi web series.

After encountering a stranger named Young Mo during a dark time in her life, Ha Na’s perspective on living changes. 

Through Young Mo’s guidance, Ha Na finds the courage to confront her inner demons and begin the healing process.

This touching drama showcases the transformative power of human connection and the importance of seeking help when struggling with mental health.

23. Convenience Store Fling – 6 episodes

Convenience Store Fling Kdrama

Looking for a light-hearted web-drama that will leave you feeling uplifted?

Joo Ah, an employee at a convenience store, encounters a cast of charming characters with distinct personalities during her shifts, and this is the main backdrop of this drama.

This interactive one-day Kdrama  is a heartwarming and delightful series that is guaranteed to brighten your day and leave you with a smile on your face.

24. Blue of Winter – 5 episodes

Blue Of Winter kdrama Cover

This short BL sports Kdrama focuses on a group of boys bonded by their love for Judo. As they compete in various matches, they reunite with Hyeon Woo, an old acquaintance. 

The more they spend time together, the closer their relationship grows, and romantic feelings begin to blossom between Do Jin, Ji Seok, and Hyeon Woo.

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25. Dear My Name – 6 episodes

Dear My Name Kdrama

This amazing Kdrama explores the idea of the red string of fate, where one’s soulmate is identified by their name inscribed on the other’s body.

Ji Woo has received this mark but hasn’t found her soulmate yet, despite her efforts. The narrative poses the question of whether it’s better to be destined to another person or to discover one’s path to love.

I hope this list of the best short kdramas you can finish in a day has given you some new shows to add to your watchlist. 

With so many great dramas out there, it can be hard to know where to start – but hopefully, this article has helped you narrow down your choices. So, grab your favorite kdrama-watching partner and get ready for a day of binge-watching that you won’t soon forget!

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