15 Best Romantic Chinese College Dramas You Can’t Miss In 2023

College romance Chinese dramas have a special place in my heart, and if you’ve watched even one, then you probably know why.

If a drama with campus adventures, first love, and heartwarming tender moments sounds like your cup of tea, the romantic college Chinese dramas on this list will keep you hooked for hours.

In this post, I’ve listed the most endearing Chinese college romance dramas you won’t want to miss. 

I’m a sucker for heartwarming stories, and the college dramas on this list absolutely, absolutely deliver on everything from passion, to youthful discovery, to love. 

Here are 15 college romance Chinese dramas that will keep you glued for hours: 

1. Lighter And Princess

Li Xun, a skilled programmer with a detached demeanor who doesn’t know anything about love, views life as a giant computer program, and he’s uneasy without control. 

Zhu Yun, a conscientious newcomer to college, meets Li Xun, and she’s torn between seeing him as a troublemaker or someone intriguing. 

Despite initial clashes, they grow closer, and just as romance blooms, a major event challenges their bond and their affection faces a critical trial.

This is one of the best and romantic college Chinese dramas that will definitely leave you with a smile for hours. 

2. The Love Equations

Zhou Xiao, a lively literature student, adores detective novels, and she’s captivated by mysteries, always craving the next revelation. 

Surprisingly, she falls for Zhao Fan Zhou, a serious and reserved forensic science major, known for his unwavering dedication to his studies.

Their unexpected connection really was the sweetest thing, and this heartwarming college romance Cdrama was sweet in all the ways that count. 

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3. Unrequited Love

University friends Huai Nan and Luo Zhi click instantly, but an ex’s message stirs trouble. 

Luo Zhi’s secret crush on him since childhood adds complexity, and her one-sided love for over a decade mixes admiration, jealousy, and resentment. 

Both excel in studies, but as they grow closer, challenges test their bond. 

4. Make My Heart Smile

In this college Cdrama, young college students come together, forging friendships, and falling in love as they grow and chase their dreams, all thanks to the support of their companions.

This romantic Chinese drama is set in a college and it left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling – you’ll love it!

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5. Proud of Love

Shen Xi, a cheerful dance major, and her caring boyfriend Lin Yu Tang experience a surprising soul swap with moody engineering student He Zhi Zhou through a mysterious mirror. 

Shen Xi ends up in He Zhi Zhou’s body, leading to unexpected challenges and changes in their lives. 

The fate of Shen Xi’s relationship with Lin Yu Tang remains uncertain, and I liked the way the story developed in this Cdrama. 

6. You Are Desire

After her parents’ divorce, Lin Yu Jing moves to a new city with her dad and ends up sitting with ill-tempered Shen Juan at school. 

And, despite anxiety over a blended family, Lin is welcomed warmly by her stepmom and stepbrother. 

She quickly makes friends at her new school and brings positive changes to Shen Juan, who was held back. 

Her mom forces her back home, but a year later, she reconnects with Shen Juan at university. 

Together with classmates, they help him overcome trauma, and Lin also discovers her own path in life.

7. First Love

Lu Wan Wan, a sophomore at Tsingyao University School of Medicine, got into a scandal with fellow student Ren Chu after a night of drinking. 

To stop the gossip, they devised a plan, and through this, they learned to appreciate each other’s strengths and grew fond of one another. 

With Ren Chu’s support, Lu Wan Wan gained confidence and worked hard to excel in her studies. 

Over time, they both positively influenced each other, becoming improved versions of themselves.

This is another fantastic college romance Chinese drama with a fake relationship that I feel is perfect if you’re looking for a feel-good watch. 

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8. Love of Summer Night

Determined freshman Su Nuan Xia wants to fulfill her dad’s wish by rebuilding the basketball team at Qingmeng University and beating rival team Shenhua. 

So, she assembles a unique group of players and persuades school heartthrob Jun Ye, training him until he falls for her. 

Together, they pursue their basketball dreams, despite Jun Ye’s inner struggles, with the support of their teammates.

9. Shining Like You

Lu Qi Yi, a dedicated student, fakes an admission to the Southern University of Arts without her parents’ knowledge. 

Once a top student, she feels out of place and struggles to adapt to the art academy. 

Fortunately, two handsome students, Fang Yan and Du Ang, take an interest in her.

Fang Yan, initially distant, grows fond of her energetic spirit, and the love triangle in this Cdrama set in a college almost ended me – loved every bit of it!

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10. Stand By Me

High school pals Lu Qiao, Zhong Bai, and Ren Yi Fan enter university together. 

Lu Qiao’s crush on a classmate strains his bond with Zhong Bai (who likes him) and Ren Yi Fan, who tries to help them reconcile.

11. Blowing In The Wind

Lin Feng, a passionate university student, joins forces with Xia Di, a former club member, to revive their mountaineering dreams. 

Their shared past, rooted in a pivotal incident, fuels a tale of love, growth, and moving forward in life.

There’s a whole lot to love about this romantic college BL Chinese drama, but I feel the characters were so textured and rounded, and the plot was stellar. 

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12. Almost Famous 

Cheng Ming aspires to be a top entertainer but faces parental disapproval and academic pressure. 

Through hard work, she earned a spot at China’s top arts academy, and there, she met popular pop idol You Zhi Qi. 

A misunderstanding leads to a scandal, risking You Zhi Qi’s career, and the agency suggests blaming Cheng Ming, but he hesitates.

At this point, it seemed he had started developing feelings for her, and this dilemma could jeopardize his own career.

13. Hi Flower

Lu Ru Hua, a resourceful student at Haicheng University, goes to great lengths to make money, even doing odd jobs like delivering food and acquiring university essentials. 

She’s driven by her family’s debts and her twin brother’s medical bills. 

Her life takes a turn when she meets Wen Chu, a wealthy artist at the university. 

Despite a rocky start, they eventually fall in love, and their relationship faces challenges as they navigate university life and discover the complexities of youth. 

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14. My Honey

A shy college student, Su Zi Ying, who fears close contact, unexpectedly meets Ye Jun Cheng, a junior who doesn’t grasp her struggle. 

They forge an improbable bond that gradually grows into a deeper connection. 

Zi Ying must confront her fear to accept Jun Cheng with his imperfections, or let her phobia control her.

I absolutely loved this college romance Chinese drama, and it was so romantically dizzying watching Zi Ying find her rhythm. 

15. The Best Of You In My Mind

Lin Xi Chi, a veterinary student, is outwardly bright and cheerful but secretly insecure. 

Her childhood friend, Xu Fang, who’s super tall, studies national defense and has liked her since school.

Despite his quick temper, he’s always gentle with her, and after Xi Chi loses a bet, they grow closer. 

One night, Xi Chi gets drunk, revealing suppressed emotions and changing their friendship dynamics.

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And, that’s a wrap!

I’ve just listed 15 amazing romantic Chinese dramas set in college that I genuinely feel will tug at your heartstrings. 

These college romance Chinese dramas will absolutely brighten your day and they’re the perfect things to watch whenever you want something that’s both light and deep.

Please check out the related posts below for some more recommendations, and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Happy watching!

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