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10 New & Swoony Romantic Chinese Dramas To Watch This Valentine

There’s no better time to indulge in the beauty of love than Valentine’s, and in this post, I’ve listed some 2024 Chinese dramas that will definitely scratch that itch.

And needless to say, these dramas are all super romantic, the top of the top, and you are going to be absolutely hooked from start to finish.

1. Amidst a Snowstorm of Love

Snowstorms always bring love, and in this drama, Lin Yi Yang, a former snooker genius, meets Yin Guo, a nine-ball player during a snowstorm, and their lives change forever.

2. Sword And Fairy

For Yue Jin Zhao and Yue Qi, getting back their lost memories is the most important thing, and while they’re on their way, they slowly fall in love and discover an attraction that places them directly in the line of fire.

3. My Boss

I love an office romance a little more than the average person, so this legal workplace romantic Chinese drama was everything my heart needed. If you want something to watch this Valentine’s, this is it.

Cheng Yao and Qian Heng are roommates who also have a working relationship, and without spoiling anything, you definitely need to check this out because their push-and-pull “will they, won’t they” chemistry was amazing.

4. Sweet Trap

This one is for the food lovers who like their dishes/dramas served with a sprinkle of sweet, competitive, and heartwarming romance.

If you like your espionage saucy and humorous, you’re going to absolutely love Sweet Trap because Jiang Jie’s antics often had me in stitches.

5. Different Princess

Are portal romances out of style? I don’t think so, and this lovely drama perfect for Valentine’s Day is my biggest proof.

Here, Writer Hua Qing Ge finds herself in her own novel’s world and unexpectedly falls in love with a character named Ji Chu.

6. My Special Girl

AI engineer Gu Jiu Li meets Hao Jing, an aspiring singer who is an intern at his company, and soon enough, they fall in love.

This drama is wholesome in every way, and trust me when I say if you watch this sweet drama, you are going to feel so warm inside.

7. All Of Her

The enemies-to-lovers trope is one that won’t ever go out of fashion, and in this drama that might sound bizarre, Yan Zhen and her husband’s twin’s love-hate relationship was epic.

8. Have A Crush On You

The meet-cute between Lin Yu Meng and CEO Ji Ling Su was everything I needed to know that this 2024 romantic Chinese drama would be amazing – and I wasn’t disappointed.

9. Taking Love As A Contract

To protect her grandmother’s house, an aspiring actress pretends to fall in love with a wealthy heir, but she soon finds herself in love with him for real.

Isn’t this the perfect setup? You guys, Xia Tian and Cheng Xuan’s chemistry was off the roof, and I just know you’ll enjoy this if you want to watch a new Chinese drama this Valentine’s.

10. Indulgence

This time around, two childhood friends separated by a tragic event reunite as foster siblings, and despite the many family feuds, they start to find a rhythm and even fall in love.

What are you watching this Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments section.

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Happy watching and happy Valentine’s!

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