12 Must-See Romantic Chinese Dramas About Cohabitation To Watch RN

In all my years of watching romantic Chinese dramas, cohabitation and living together are by far one of the sweetest themes I’ve come across.

The pure chaos of a shared living space coupled with characters who are often super different from each other, there’s a whole lot of fun to be had.

In this post, I’ve put together my all-time favorite romantic Chinese dramas about cohabitation where the male and female leads live together.

These cohabitation romantic Chinese dramas will absolutely have you grinning from ear to ear, and you’re going to laugh at hilarious mishaps while swooning at the heart-melting moments. 

Here are 12 romantic Chinese dramas about cohabitation (living together) you need to watch: 

1. Perfect And Casual 

Yun Shu and Si Nian, despite their rocky first encounter, were surprised to discover he was her university lecturer. 

They later decided on a contractual marriage after some chance meetings; with Yun Shu getting the house in return for fooling Si Nian’s Grandpa.

Eventually, they started living together and from accidental mishaps to this and that, it really was the most fantastic thing watching their love blossom.

This is the perfect drama to watch if you’re in the mood for a romantic Chinese drama where they live together and slowly fall in love. 

2. Fairyland Lovers

This romantic cohabitation-themed Chinese drama follows a mysterious spirit doctor called Bai Qi who is travelling the world to cure obsessed spirits. 

Bai Qi’s unique job harnesses Taoyuan’s power to heal these spirits tainted by desires, allowing them to reclaim normal lives. 

A mix-up leads to Bai Qi and human girl Lin Xia, his old friend, sharing a home, and their intertwined lives unlock a millennia-old sealed memory. 

This is definitely an intriguing journey of spirits, friendship, and ancient secrets, and you’ll be hooked from the first episode.

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3. A Love Journal

Ning Sui and Gu Shen, once high school pals, reluctantly entered a contract marriage due to parental pressure. 

While sharing a home, they unexpectedly grew fond of one another. 

However, they were taken aback to discover they were business rivals in disguise, and soon their love and affection followed.

4. Cute Bodyguard 

Cute Bodyguard is all about the unexpected romance between Gu Rong, a troublemaking rich kid, and Su Jing Jing, a sweet-looking but strong girl. 

When a twist of fate makes her his bodyguard, sparks fly, and love definitely blooms in their newfound connection.

Soon enough they’re living together, and I really can’t stress enough how the romance in this romantic Cdrama about cohabitation was romanc-ing. 

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5. Love You Day And Month

Ming Xiao Xiao, a sweet and simple cleaning girl, crosses paths with the stern and cunning president, Huo Yun Ting, due to a mix-up. 

An unexpected kiss sparks an unlikely friendship, and when Huo Yun Ting requires a personal caretaker, they end up living together. 

Despite initial misunderstandings and obstacles, their short time together is filled with sweet moments. 

Slowly, they evolve into a loving couple who perfectly balance each other, despite Huo Yun Ting’s complicated family history.

6. Please Feel At Ease Mr Ling

Gu An Xin finds a guy named Ling Yue after an accident, and turns out, he’s a smart executive caught up in a messy company battle. 

Even though he seemed clueless at first, he’s actually super sharp, and now, with these two total opposites sharing a home, you best believe it’s going to be super interesting. 

This is yet another spectacular Chinese drama about cohabitation that had me laughing, crying, and rooting for love simultaneously. 

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7. Midsummer Is Full Of Love

Luo Tian Ran, a fiercely independent and self-assured young woman, aspires to make it big in the music industry. 

But, her plans take an unexpected turn when she has to move out of her house due to her friends’ interference. 

Fate steps in, leading her to cross paths with Jin Ze Yi, a pop superstar who initially appears as a spoiled brat but secretly harbors a childlike and needy side. 

Forced to share a home temporarily, their clashing personalities suggest they’ll never get along. 

Yet, as time passes, Luo Tian Ran and Jin Ze Yi definitely fall for each other’s charms, and love blooms.

8. Intense Love

This romantic Chinese drama about cohabitation and living together follows Actress Su Jin Bei, known for her stunning beauty and rising fame. 

Despite her popularity, she faces controversies and remains single. 

On the other hand, Zhou Shi Yun, a brilliant doctor, is wealthy and intelligent but somewhat indifferent.

While women pursue him, he remains unfazed, and what’s intriguing is that it’s Su Jin Bei who takes the lead in their love story, defying the typical CEO-falls-for-woman trope. 

Their shared refusal of arranged marriages leads them to realize that their love is meant to be, and I adored how unconventional and romantic the entire affair was. 

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9. My Mowgli Boy

Mo Ge Li, a jungle boy raised by Grandpa Lin, befriends Ling Xi, a career woman who introduces him to city life by accident. 

Ling Xi plans to send him back, but work keeps him there, and as they share a home, they form a special bond. 

With Ling Xi’s guidance, Mo Ge Li adapts to city life and brings nature closer to them and those around them. 

My Mowgli Boy is a sweet tale of unexpected romance and growth in an urban setting, and you’ll absolutely love the way the story develops. 

10. Mr Fox and Miss Rose

A gem explorer named Gao Zhen He tumbles off a cliff, discovers a primitive tribe, and is saved by their leader, Xing Yue, who is immediately smitten and wants him. 

To get the tribe’s rare gems, he pretends to marry her, but after he snags the gems, he dashes back to the city. 

Now, Xing Yue’s on his tail, chasing both him and her precious gems, sparking a rollercoaster of adventures.

11. I Hear You

Bei Er Duo, a regular girl with dreams of becoming a voice actress in Japan, faces pressure from her mother to marry wealthy. 

This leads to a string of frustrating blind dates, and to fund her studies and help her friend Tang Li, she joins a reality show. 

There, she meets Ye Shu Wei, a talented violin maker from an artistic family who is on the show due to a bet but secretly seeks the person who answered his audition question. 

As they navigate the challenges of the show, they find themselves in a charming romance.

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12. My Amazing Boyfriend

Xue Ling Qiao, a centuries-old mutant, awakens after an accident with actress Tian Jing Zhi. 

Despite his enigmatic history, he moves in with her, and while she pretends indifference to his powers, she secretly tries to oust him. 

Surprisingly, their clashes lead to a warming bond, unveiling not only romance but also an old conspiracy.

This is another fantastic romantic Chinese drama with cohabitation that’s equally unconventional and endearing – you don’t want to miss it.

And, that’s a wrap!

I’ve just listed 12 of my favorite living together Chinese dramas where the leads occupy the same living space and I don’t doubt that you’ll enjoy it. 

Please check out the related posts below if you want some more interesting recommendations and let me know what you think in the comments.

Happy watching!

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