12 Interesting Chinese Dramas About Immortals To Watch Now

Once you watch one, (no, really) one fantasy Chinese drama featuring immortals, you’ll be hooked – this isn’t even a joke. 

So, if you’re looking for even more recommendations to keep yourself busy, I’ve got right the thing (this post is packed to the brim with sweet, sweet recommendations you don’t want to miss).

And for newbies, this is a safe place – I can tell you for a fact that any of the Chinese dramas on this list are perfect if you’re in the mood for something different. 

For this post, I’ve listed 12 of my favorite Chinese dramas about immortals, and some of these include fantasy Chinese dramas about Gods and Goddesses who are immortal – they’re all so good!

I also need to mention that the bulk of the dramas in this post are either wuxia or xianxia dramas, but if you’ve gotten this far, then you probably already know that. 

Here are 12 amazing Chinese dramas about immortals that will keep you glued to your screen: 

1. Dear Mr. Heavenly Fox

At Broken Moon Mountain, a cultivator named Qi Yuan Bao meets a cute fox fairy named Chang Sha. 

When Chang Sha tries to get a special fruit, it accidentally goes into Qi Yuan Bao’s body. 

This makes them connect in a special way, and as they hang out more, they start to feel a special bond that soon becomes love.

This is easily one of my favorite Cdrama featuring an immortal, and it was so lovely watching their love blossom as they dealt with each other. 

2. Love Between Fairy and Devil

Dongfang Qing Cang, an emotionless monster, killed his father for terrible power and led 100,000 Moon Tribe soldiers to wreak havoc. 

The first God of War sacrificed herself to seal them in Haotian Tower.

Now, Orchid, a weak fairy, faces the Moon Supreme, triggering events that may change the world’s fate. 

This Chinese drama is adapted from Cang Lan Jue by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang, and it’s arguably one of the most popular fantasy Chinese dramas about Gods and Goddesses, and believe me when I say it’s beyond thrilling. 

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3. The Eternal Love

Mo Lian Cheng, the 8th prince, marries Qu Tan Er, who loves his brother Mo Yi Huai. 

Qu Tan Er then tries to commit suicide but ends up with the soul of modern real estate agent Xiao Tan. 

Soon, they realize that their souls switch when they fall unconscious or lie about their true feelings. 

Mo Lian Cheng gets suspicious due to Qu Tan Er’s history and different personalities. 

But, he eventually falls in love with Xiao Tan, who tries to return to her modern world but faces different challenges.

4. Lost Love In Times

Feng Qing Chen, a sorceress in Mingyi Tower, meets Yuan Ling, a caring prince from Western Wei. 

Despite hiding her feelings, she’s impressed by his abilities, and they soon fall in love. 

And, trouble arises on their wedding day with a rebellion led by Yuan Zhan, but Qing Chen uses her magic to reset the world and stop the fighting.

Lost Love In Times is also another spectacularly interesting Chinese drama featuring immortals that made me think about life and love quite a number of times – it’s that good!

5. Till The End Of The Moon

In a world ruled by demons, cultivator elders send Li Su Su back in time to stop the rise of the future demon lord, Tantai Jin.

Disguised as a mortal, she’s married to him but aims to destroy him to prevent his future atrocities. 

Yet, witnessing his past complicates her mission, and their budding romance kicks off the drama in this must-watch beautiful drama about Gods and Goddesses. 

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6. Beauty of Resilience

In a place called Wei Kingdom, people want to be immortal, but it’s not easy. 

Wei Zhi is a girl seen as having bad luck, but she’s brave, and so she went to a special ceremony to see if she could be immortal.

Something cool happened, and she and her group got sent to a school called Egret Academy. 

She then finds out that in the past, a girl from the Wei Family had become famous there for maybe having special blood, and the teacher Yan Yue is from the heavens and looking for someone special too, like the Phoenix.

Soon, he starts getting interested in Wei Zhi, even though he can’t get involved with humans, and I really don’t have to tell you how sweet this beautiful drama was. 

7. Song of the Moon

Liu Shao is a young person who meets a strange man, and she gives away her future to be happy for three days. 

She used to live an easy life as a rich person, but then she gets caught up in a fight between immortals and demons. 

This makes her love life with Lu Li, a mysterious immortal, complicated, and what follows after is an almost bittersweet romance between these two that will leave you thinking. 

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8. Ancient Love Poetry

This is a story about the strong bond and tough times between two of the four main Gods, Bai Jue and Shang Gu.

Shang Gu is the only real immortal with super strong energy, and for many lives, they led the top four immortals of the olden times. 

These immortals are like super strong beings that people see as gods, and lots of people ask them for help a lot.

When regular folks have problems, they pray to the Gods, but the Gods have no one to turn to with their own prayers. 

Ancient Love Poetry is another effortlessly fantastic Chinese drama about Gods that kept me glued to my screen for hours – I can’t recommend it more.

9. The Destiny of White Snake

Zi Xuan, a powerful being, and Bai Yao Yao, an immortal white snake spirit, fell in love unexpectedly.

But, they faced challenges when a demon catcher, Fa Hai, tried to separate them. 

To save her mortal lover, Yao Yao unleashed chaos and Zi Xuan sacrificed himself. 

After a thousand years, Yao Yao finds Zi Xuan reborn as Xu Xian, and she’s determined to make their love story different this time. 

This Chinese drama is based on the Chinese legend Legend of the White Snake, and I have a good, good feeling you’ll enjoy it.

10. The Legends

Lu Zhao Yao tries to take her predecessor’s sword but is attacked by immortal sects and dies, and she wrongly thinks Li Chen Lan, her ally, is connected to it. 

Later, Li Chen Lan leads a sect, and Zhao Yao, now a spirit, possesses a disciple’s body to get revenge on him. 

Instead, she becomes his student and falls in love, but Jiang Wu wants power and likes the disciple’s body.

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11. Good and Evil 

Chun Yao, an exiled demon king, and Princess Han Sheng, an unlucky princess, discover stories from various spirits and monsters recorded in a mysterious book. 

Chun Yao, now ruling the Hundred Spirits Lake after being banished from heaven, meets Princess Han Sheng, who carries a book meant only for spirits. 

Despite his arrogance, Chun Yao teams up with her to unravel the book’s tales of love.

If you’re in the mood for something to spice up your watchlist and you favor Xianxia dramas, then this interesting Chinese drama with immortals might just be the right thing for you.  

12. Immortal Samsara

Yan Dan and her twin sister Zhi Xi are descendants of an ancient tribe. 

Yan Dan, who has amazing medicinal knowledge, fell in love with Lord Ying Yuan, and it took her 900 years to move on. 

Yu Mo enters her life and encourages her to do good things. 

They team up with Tang Zhou, who is Lord Ying Yuan’s current form, to find ancient artefacts and uncover a mysterious secret.

And, that’s a wrap!

The Chinese dramas on this list are a good place to start if you want to watch something about immortals or Gods and Goddesses. 

If you want some more good recommendations for interesting Chinese dramas that will keep you up all night, then please check out the related posts below. 

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Happy watching!

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