10 Cute Boss & Employee Romance Chinese Dramas To Watch Now

This boss and employee trope is another super popular romantic trope that always manages to make me weak in the knees. 

There’s something so magical about a couple where they work together and one party is the other’s boss.

In this post, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite boss and employee Chinese dramas that are simply amazing to watch. 

1. My Girlfriend Is An Alien

Chai Xiao Qi, an alien with quirky superpowers, lands on Earth and meets the overbearing boss Fang Leng, who suffers from a unique form of amnesia. 

Their cross-star love story starts in the most funny way and soon, romance blooms between them even as they try to find their best balance.

2. Lucky’s First Love

This drama shows the ups and downs of first love and workplace romances through the lens of three couples. 

The main leads are Xing Yun, an independent young woman, and Xia Ke, her determined and headstrong boss. 

Their bickering gradually transformed into a sweet romance and I couldn’t help but ship them from the very beginning.  

3. Cute Programmer

Lu Li falls in love with genius programmer Jiang Yi Cheng and disguises herself as a man to join his company. 

The two end up becoming a contract couple for a year, and this leads to him finally reciprocating her feelings.

4. Sweet Dreams

Ling Ling Qi, an employee at Bei Ma Hotel, accidentally enters her colleague Bo Hai’s dreams after a technology experiment goes awry. 

This sets the stage for a fairy tale romance as Ling Ling Qi helps Bo Hai overcome his childhood trauma in both the dream world and real life.

5. The Fox’s Summer

Gu Cheng Ze, the CEO of Gu Mall Corporation, meets fashion designer Li Yan Shu, who happens to be his adopted brother’s ex-girlfriend.

And, the plot thickens when Mrs. Gu tries to separate Li Yan Shu and her grandson, but this only makes their love stronger. 

6. Well-Dominated Love

Nie Xing Chen, a perfect secretary, becomes the assistant to Yan Jing Zhi, an arrogant CEO with mild obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

Soon enough, their professional and romantic lives get entangled and they find themselves slowly falling in love even though she’s his employee. 

7. Capture Lover

Ding Jun Jie, the deputy general manager of a cosmetics company, and Ying Jia Ming, the son of the chairman, initially have a tit-for-tat relationship. 

But, as they grew to know each other, their dynamic shifted and they fell in love – we don’t get a lot of Chinese BL dramas, so this boss and employee Cdrama was all the more sweeter. 

8. Assistant of Superstar

Wang Yu Xi, a popular superstar who is somewhat illiterate, hires Wei Chi Yao as his tutor. 

As they work together, they work through their personal struggles and troubles with their growing relationship.

9. If Voice Has Memory

Yu Lu Xi, an aspiring voice actress, discovers that her boss Lin Nan is a renowned voice actor. 

Soon enough, their mentor-mentee relationship evolves into a heartfelt connection and you’re absolutely going to love every bit of this boss-and-employee romance. 

10. Skip A Beat

Qiao Jing, who is a strong and independent woman, becomes the personal assistant to the demanding CEO Gu Yi. 

But soon, their professional relationship takes a romantic turn as Gu Yi’s complex personality is revealed and now, Qiao Jing must confront her complicated feelings and past motivations.

What do you think about this article? What’s your favorite boss and employee Chinese drama of all time? Let me know in the comments below.

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Happy watching!

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